This is a list of the Mega man fan games and rom hacks that I have played on stream, along with a link to them and some thoughts I had.


Fan Games

Mega Man Christmas Carol 1 & 2

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Note: These games run badly. I had lots of issues with lag.

If you like Mega Man boss fights but want none of the pesky platforming stages, these two games are for you. They are both pretty sort, with only 4 non-Wily bosses each and therefore really need to be played together to get the same length you would from a normal Mega Man game. Both games have pretty interesting bosses and weapons, as well as plenty of difficulty settings and achievements. 


Street Fighter X Mega Man

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Note: This game runs badly. I had lots of issues with lag.

Being sponsored on a Capcom website, this is the closest game on this list to an official Mega Man game. Other that that what is there to say about it? It is hard. It is silly. It has secrets and unlockables. In short... it is a fan game. I feel I would appreciate this game much more if I was actually a fan of Street Fighter.


Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

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One my favorite fan games I have played so far. With 11 revamped classic Robot Masters, hidden easter eggs, and an unlockable boss rush of ALL the bosses in the game, it has tons to offer. It has also has a unique 'Rush button" that allows you to have a Rush ability equipped and fire your buster without accidentally summoning Rush before you mean to.

The main issue a lot of people have with this game is just the sheer length of it. Each of the almost twenty stages are two to three times longer than your average Mega Man stage, with multiple branching routes. All of which you need to explore if you want to collect everything. This is negated a bit by the games checkpoint system. Basicly there are two types of checkpoints, the normal ones that act the same as any other Mega Man game, and semipermanent ones that will last as long as you don't leave the stage. These help, but the game still feels incredibly long.


Mega Man Unlimited

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This a wonderful game with an amazing level of polish. It just feels straight out like an official Mega Man game. It is very difficult and punishing, but it never feels unfair, with the vast majority of deaths feeling like you were the one who messed up. You'll have a great sense of achievement when you beat this game. There is quite a bit of content to be had. Endless mode, an extra stage (complete with robot master and weapon), multiple difficulties, endurance attack mode and challenges.

But by far the most interesting bit of content is the unlockable character. I will not wirte about it because I fee it would spoil a bit of the fun, but I will say that he plays very diffirently and is a nice twist on the classic Mega Man gameplay.


Rockman 7 Famicom

An 8 bit version of Mega Man 7.  Its amazingly well done and besides a few changes it pretty faithful to the original. And not only that.... its faithful to how the original NES Mega Man titles play and feel. The only minor diffirence is the lack of Rush Search. Becuase of this a few of the collectible powerup locations are slightly changed.

There is also a mod to play as Roll. Its the same gameplay-wise... but you  are Roll. She changes into her costumes from Powered Up. You can find here.


Rockman 8 Famicom

While the 8 bit version of Mega Man 7 is about on par with the difficulty of the original, Rockman 8 Famicom does not. Its hard. Really hard. All the bosses have had thier flinching animations removed which, to me, is a big part how the original was balanced. Other than that its a pretty solid game.


Mega Man Eternal

I wanted this game to be good... and it could be. It shows lot of potential and has some neat design ideas. I particularly like the love it shows the Mega Man Killers and Tune Woman's stage/boss fight. With what I like out of the way lets talk about the bad. This game is hard... and not in a good way. The jumping feels wonky, its common to glitch into walls and or instant death spikes, and basic enemies have entirely too much health. All in all I advise you just skip this game. Also I hear the creator is a massive asshole.


Super Danny Powered Up

The main idea here is that instead of just getting a weapon when you down a Robot Master you become them and get their attributes. This means you run faster as Quick Man, jump higher as Cut Man, and you can swim as Bubble Man. The only issue I had with this game was the somewhat inconsistent difficulty. Some levels are extremely hard and others being downright easy. Overall... this game is silly, this game is fun, this game is AWESOME.


Super Danny 2

This is both an upgrade and downgrade of the original Super Danny. On the plus side it: Each Robot Master morph is more unique and useful, which each form having a different bustershot in addition to their special abilities. The level design for the standard eight stages and Wily stages is really well done and fair while still forcing you to make the best use of all your different abilities. Now on to what I hate: While there are a few minor things that bug me (the lack of a swimming ability and no collectible powerups/costumes) there is one MASSIVELY shit thing about this game... the special 'Darkchip' stage. It is so excruciatingly hard, that I spent hours and hours and hours (and hours... ect...) on it and only managed to finally beat it because RNG was kind to me.


Day in the Limelight

If you liked the Super Danny games, you like the Limelight games, and vice versa. You play as the 6 Robot Master's from the original Mega Man game, each with their own match up versus a Mega Man 2 master. Fire Man vs Air Man,  Cut Man vs Wood Man, ect. The fact that you are locked to each character for a particular stage allowed them to make the stages themselves pretty unique, each requiring you to use the special trait of the Master to get to the end. The end boss is neat, requiring the special traits of all 6 playable masters to beat, but my favorite boss battle by far is the against both Bubble Man and Flash Man. It was tough, but fun.


Day in the Limelight 2

Like Limelight 1, but better. Things to collect, the ability to switch to robot masters you have beaten a stage with, and an awesomely cool/over powered extra ability. Not much to say here really. If you like the first game and the Super Danny games, you like this as well.


Mega Man: Rock Force

Note: This mini review is based on the old version and will likely be updated to represent the game as it is now.

A pretty fun, if rather straight forward, fan game. It has few very fun and unique weapons like the Crypt Cloak and the Charade Clone, but the rest are pretty basic. The idea of the bosses fusing together to make new bosses, and stages, reminiscent of extra stages of Mega Man 3 was fun and challenging. There are only two really nitpicky things I have to say about this game. The first is the fact that the 'Rock Force' are little more than a group of glorified Eddies. It would have been much more fun and interesting if they impacted the gameplay more somehow. The second problem I have with this game is the fact that the last boss is just too dang easy. It is little more than a slightly buffed up Proto Man fight. All in all... its not perfect, but its a fun game. Try it out.


Mega Man8-Bit Death Match

If you like arena shooters and also like Mega Man this is the game for you.Tons of weapons, tons of charater skins, tons of levels. Its pretty great. My one major gripe is that the diffirent chatacters are just skins. Nothing really diffirent about them gameplay-wise.

I'll likely come back and add more on to this review once I get a chance to actually do some PVP instead just playing againsty bots.


Quint's Revenge

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Note: This review is based on a beta version of the game (v. 1.0.29). I'll update it if an update is ever released.

Note: This game is known to have issues with detecting some controllers. I reconmmend using JoyToKey.

This is one of my all time favorite fan games. Its like a fusion of the NES and GB Mega Man games with a sprinkle of Mega Man X. You play as Quint, Mega Man from an alternate future, introduced in Mega Man II for the gameboy. He plays quite differently from classic Mega Man... he can duck (squat really), dash and you don't get knocked off ladders when you take damage. While not the most difficult of games it still has challenging bits. It takes the robot masters from Mega Man II, but gives of them reworked weapons and patterns.

That said... technically the game, while fully playable, is till in beta. It softlocks when you double KO a boss, enemies move though screen transitions at times, and some people have issues with the game desplaying the wrong color scheme. Be aware of its issues and save often on casual playthoughs.

There is also a small mod to the game that you can install that replaces all the music with remixed tracks. You can find it in the description section of this video.



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Note: Due to its nature as a browser game, JoyToKey is highly recommended.

This is a neat Mega Man inspired browser game. It has some unique features, like Rolling Man's stage and an amazing way of killing the final boss. The music is nice and the art is great, with some fantastic looking sprite work. One of the more interesting things is the movement. Rokko has a Mega Man X-like dash that hinders your jump height. It is something that needs to be taken into account when doing some of the more tricky platforming sections. There is nothing else much to say here. Other than being a bit short, it is a great game.


Star Man Upgraded

This game is an interesting idea, but is bad in so many ways that it is pretty much unenjoyable.

You play as Star Man, just as he was in Mega Man 5. This means your only method of attack is to summon and then throw a Star Shield. While the movement and jumping itself feels nice and consistent the main issue is your method of attack. Your 'shield' is a shield in name only. It will not damage anything that it hits while it is still circling you. You can only summon it while on the ground, and you can only throw it while in the air. While this could be a neat and new way to play a platformer, but it ends up being nothing but frustratingly hard.

Other annoying things:

  • Permanent game overs. Beat it in one set of lives or start over.
  • Stupidly hard level design. Blind jumps, mandatory damage boosting, ect.
  • Conveyor belts that change direction with no warning, often above pits or spikes.
  • Tons and tons small flying enemies that swarm you. Because of how your attack works, you are unable to defend yourself.
  • You only get an upgrade for beating a boss if you first collect a gem in the stage.

There are a few very minor things I do like about the game. The music is nice, the bosses are faithful to thier Game Boy conuterparts and if you get the right gem you get to toggle gravity on or off.

But its just not enough. The bad outwieghs the good. I'd say skip this game.


Mega Man Revolution

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Note: This game is expected to have a revamped release sometime in 2016. This review is likely to rewritten when and if that happens.

What is there to say about this game... Not much. While not a bad game persay, everything feels slightly off. The music while ok doesn't feel like it belongs in a Mega Man game. The original sprites and pixel art are all a bit subpar, imo. A lot of the level design makes little to no sense and is overall pretty easy. Most of the master weapons are boring and unimaginative. While there are a lot of collectable weapons, half of them are pretty much useless, one of which you only get in the end of the final level.

There are a few neat things. Instead of an normal stage select you have a map of the world and you select various locations around the world as your levels. Wild Sprint is a neat 'weapon' that makes you run faster and gives you i-frames. You can play as both Mega Man and Bass, so the game has a bit of replay value.

Overall this is a bit of a mediocre game. Worth playing only if you have nothing better.


Mega Man 4+

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Note: No native controller support. JoyToKey is recommended.

This one is interesting. It is basicly one third Mega Man 4 & one third Mega Man IV with the rest being original stage design.

The most intriguing feature of this game is how obtaining weapons has been changed. In this game you do not get the 'full version' of a robot master's weapon when you defeat them. Instead you get a version of the weapon that is weaker in some way (no charge, less range, ect.). In order to power it up you must re-enter the stage and find a capsule that will lead you to a more powerful version of that boss. Beat him and you get upgraded. These upgraded versions tend to be even better than the original Mega Man 4 incarnations and are generally worth it. Just be warned... the level sections leading up to these fights can be stupidly hard.

Other notable things are:

  • Ran Cossack (from the Bob and George web comic) is a stupidly easy midstage boss in every robot master stage.
  • 8 collectable letters that unlock a powerful new buster weapon
  • Enemies can drop etanks.
  • The life and etank cap is maxed at 5 of each.
  • The game shows some Game Boy Mega Man love with the inclusion of Ballade. (Save a tank for the stage after boss rush, he is stupid hard.)

Over all this game is enjoyable. Some parts are a bit to difficult in my opinion, but are still doable.


Rom Hacks

The Riddler's Escape from Arkham

Pretty much nothing to say here. Just a reskin of Mega Man 3. Game soft locks right before the final Wily fights.


Rockman 2: Gray Zone

Other than the fact that the creator managed to make the turret/wall boss even more annoying this is a pretty decent hack. Nice graphics, music, and fun levels. Not much to say about it really.


Rockman 4: Minus Infinity

Other than the final boss this game is amazing. It is so well made that it is hard to believe it is a hack and not a stand alone game. With totally reworked bosses and weapons, great level design, and an Metroid style stage for the boss rush it is a great re-imagining of Mega Man 4. Now on to why I hate the end of the game. Despite the fact that pretty much the rest of the game is pretty tame and more or less the same style-wise to a official Mega Man game, the last Wily fight is a giant bullet hell. If the game didn't give me an E-tank after each death I am not sure I would have been able to finish it.


Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom

An super simple hack of the original Mega Man. Its super easy and has extra lives placed in easily exploitable locations. Game crashed after clone boss fight.


Rockman No Constancy

A nice and challenging hack with redone levels, change weapons, and good music / graphics. Its pretty straight forward but good. The only issue I had with the game was the change to how Metal Blade controls. They are reverse... so instead of right + up for shoot in that direction it is back + left. It makes it pretty much worthless while on the move.


Rockman 3: Claw

Probably the best of what I have come to consider the 'Standardized Rom Hack' (basic AI changes, slight weapon tweaks, color pallet changes, music from other video games, and new weakness chain / level layouts.) While this hack does nothing spectacularly unique, it is extremely well balanced. Not too hard, not too easy. Just check it out.


Rockman L

This game is weird and inconsistent. Some edits / changes a few edits are well done (the sprites, Robot Master AI), some edits are boring / practically unchanged (final boss), and some of the levels are are just straight up unplayable w/o going to pretty much ever other stage first. (Melt Mans stage.) I advise avoiding this one.


Mega Man Ultra

Review coming soon.


Deus Ex Machina

Review coming soon.