Fan Games and Rom Hacks

02 February, 2015

This is a list of the Mega man fan games and rom hacks that I have played on stream, along with a link to them and some thoughts I had.


Fan Games

Mega Man Christmas Carol 1 & 2

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Note: These games run badly. I had lots of issues with lag.

If you like Mega Man boss fights but want none of the pesky platforming stages, these two games are for you. They are both pretty sort, with only 4 non-Wily bosses each and therefore really need to be played together to get the same length you would from a normal Mega Man game. Both games have pretty interesting bosses and weapons, as well as plenty of difficulty settings and achievements. 


Street Fighter X Mega Man

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Note: This game runs badly. I had lots of issues with lag.

Being sponsored on a Capcom website, this is the closest game on this list to an official Mega Man game. Other that that what is there to say about it? It is hard. It is silly. It has secrets and unlockables. In short... it is a fan game. I feel I would appreciate this game much more if I was actually a fan of Street Fighter.


Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

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One my favorite fan games I have played so far. With 11 revamped classic Robot Masters, hidden easter eggs, and an unlockable boss rush of ALL the bosses in the game, it has tons to offer. It has also has a unique 'Rush button" that allows you to have a Rush ability equipped and fire your buster without accidentally summoning Rush before you mean to.

The main issue a lot of people have with this game is just the sheer length of it. Each of the almost twenty stages are two to three times longer than your average Mega Man stage, with multiple branching routes. All of which you need to explore if you want to collect everything. This is negated a bit by the games checkpoint system. Basicly there are two types of checkpoints, the normal ones that act the same as any other Mega Man game, and semipermanent ones that will last as long as you don't leave the stage. These help, but the game still feels incredibly long.


Mega Man Unlimited

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This a wonderful game with an amazing level of polish. It just feels straight out like an official Mega Man game. It is very difficult and punishing, but it never feels unfair, with the vast majority of deaths feeling like you were the one who messed up. You'll have a great sense of achievement when you beat this game. There is quite a bit of content to be had. Endless mode, an extra stage (complete with robot master and weapon), multiple difficulties, endurance attack mode and challenges.

But by far the most interesting bit of content is the unlockable character. I will not wirte about it because I fee it would spoil a bit of the fun, but I will say that he plays very diffirently and is a nice twist on the classic Mega Man gameplay.


Rockman 7 Famicom

An 8 bit version of Mega Man 7.  Its amazingly well done and besides a few changes it pretty faithful to the original. And not only that.... its faithful to how the original NES Mega Man titles play and feel. The only minor diffirence is the lack of Rush Search. Becuase of this a few of the collectible powerup locations are slightly changed.

There is also a mod to play as Roll. Its the same gameplay-wise... but you  are Roll. She changes into her costumes from Powered Up. You can find here.


Rockman 8 Famicom

While the 8 bit version of Mega Man 7 is about on par with the difficulty of the original, Rockman 8 Famicom does not. Its hard. Really hard. All the bosses have had thier flinching animations removed which, to me, is a big part how the original was balanced. Other than that its a pretty solid game.


Mega Man Eternal

I wanted this game to be good... and it could be. It shows lot of potential and has some neat design ideas. I particularly like the love it shows the Mega Man Killers and Tune Woman's stage/boss fight. With what I like out of the way lets talk about the bad. This game is hard... and not in a good way. The jumping feels wonky, its common to glitch into walls and or instant death spikes, and basic enemies have entirely too much health. All in all I advise you just skip this game. Also I hear the creator is a massive asshole.


Super Danny Powered Up

The main idea here is that instead of just getting a weapon when you down a Robot Master you become them and get their attributes. This means you run faster as Quick Man, jump higher as Cut Man, and you can swim as Bubble Man. The only issue I had with this game was the somewhat inconsistent difficulty. Some levels are extremely hard and others being downright easy. Overall... this game is silly, this game is fun, this game is AWESOME.


Super Danny 2

This is both an upgrade and downgrade of the original Super Danny. On the plus side it: Each Robot Master morph is more unique and useful, which each form having a different bustershot in addition to their special abilities. The level design for the standard eight stages and Wily stages is really well done and fair while still forcing you to make the best use of all your different abilities. Now on to what I hate: While there are a few minor things that bug me (the lack of a swimming ability and no collectible powerups/costumes) there is one MASSIVELY shit thing about this game... the special 'Darkchip' stage. It is so excruciatingly hard, that I spent hours and hours and hours (and hours... ect...) on it and only managed to finally beat it because RNG was kind to me.


Day in the Limelight

If you liked the Super Danny games, you like the Limelight games, and vice versa. You play as the 6 Robot Master's from the original Mega Man game, each with their own match up versus a Mega Man 2 master. Fire Man vs Air Man,  Cut Man vs Wood Man, ect. The fact that you are locked to each character for a particular stage allowed them to make the stages themselves pretty unique, each requiring you to use the special trait of the Master to get to the end. The end boss is neat, requiring the special traits of all 6 playable masters to beat, but my favorite boss battle by far is the against both Bubble Man and Flash Man. It was tough, but fun.


Day in the Limelight 2

Like Limelight 1, but better. Things to collect, the ability to switch to robot masters you have beaten a stage with, and an awesomely cool/over powered extra ability. Not much to say here really. If you like the first game and the Super Danny games, you like this as well.


Mega Man: Rock Force

Note: This mini review is based on the old version and will likely be updated to represent the game as it is now.

A pretty fun, if rather straight forward, fan game. It has few very fun and unique weapons like the Crypt Cloak and the Charade Clone, but the rest are pretty basic. The idea of the bosses fusing together to make new bosses, and stages, reminiscent of extra stages of Mega Man 3 was fun and challenging. There are only two really nitpicky things I have to say about this game. The first is the fact that the 'Rock Force' are little more than a group of glorified Eddies. It would have been much more fun and interesting if they impacted the gameplay more somehow. The second problem I have with this game is the fact that the last boss is just too dang easy. It is little more than a slightly buffed up Proto Man fight. All in all... its not perfect, but its a fun game. Try it out.


Mega Man8-Bit Death Match

If you like arena shooters and also like Mega Man this is the game for you.Tons of weapons, tons of charater skins, tons of levels. Its pretty great. My one major gripe is that the diffirent chatacters are just skins. Nothing really diffirent about them gameplay-wise.

I'll likely come back and add more on to this review once I get a chance to actually do some PVP instead just playing againsty bots.


Quint's Revenge

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Note: This review is based on a beta version of the game (v. 1.0.29). I'll update it if an update is ever released.

Note: This game is known to have issues with detecting some controllers. I reconmmend using JoyToKey.

This is one of my all time favorite fan games. Its like a fusion of the NES and GB Mega Man games with a sprinkle of Mega Man X. You play as Quint, Mega Man from an alternate future, introduced in Mega Man II for the gameboy. He plays quite differently from classic Mega Man... he can duck (squat really), dash and you don't get knocked off ladders when you take damage. While not the most difficult of games it still has challenging bits. It takes the robot masters from Mega Man II, but gives of them reworked weapons and patterns.

That said... technically the game, while fully playable, is till in beta. It softlocks when you double KO a boss, enemies move though screen transitions at times, and some people have issues with the game desplaying the wrong color scheme. Be aware of its issues and save often on casual playthoughs.

There is also a small mod to the game that you can install that replaces all the music with remixed tracks. You can find it in the description section of this video.



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Note: Due to its nature as a browser game, JoyToKey is highly recommended.

This is a neat Mega Man inspired browser game. It has some unique features, like Rolling Man's stage and an amazing way of killing the final boss. The music is nice and the art is great, with some fantastic looking sprite work. One of the more interesting things is the movement. Rokko has a Mega Man X-like dash that hinders your jump height. It is something that needs to be taken into account when doing some of the more tricky platforming sections. There is nothing else much to say here. Other than being a bit short, it is a great game.


Star Man Upgraded

This game is an interesting idea, but is bad in so many ways that it is pretty much unenjoyable.

You play as Star Man, just as he was in Mega Man 5. This means your only method of attack is to summon and then throw a Star Shield. While the movement and jumping itself feels nice and consistent the main issue is your method of attack. Your 'shield' is a shield in name only. It will not damage anything that it hits while it is still circling you. You can only summon it while on the ground, and you can only throw it while in the air. While this could be a neat and new way to play a platformer, but it ends up being nothing but frustratingly hard.

Other annoying things:

  • Permanent game overs. Beat it in one set of lives or start over.
  • Stupidly hard level design. Blind jumps, mandatory damage boosting, ect.
  • Conveyor belts that change direction with no warning, often above pits or spikes.
  • Tons and tons small flying enemies that swarm you. Because of how your attack works, you are unable to defend yourself.
  • You only get an upgrade for beating a boss if you first collect a gem in the stage.

There are a few very minor things I do like about the game. The music is nice, the bosses are faithful to thier Game Boy conuterparts and if you get the right gem you get to toggle gravity on or off.

But its just not enough. The bad outwieghs the good. I'd say skip this game.


Mega Man Revolution

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Note: This game is expected to have a revamped release sometime in 2016. This review is likely to rewritten when and if that happens.

What is there to say about this game... Not much. While not a bad game persay, everything feels slightly off. The music while ok doesn't feel like it belongs in a Mega Man game. The original sprites and pixel art are all a bit subpar, imo. A lot of the level design makes little to no sense and is overall pretty easy. Most of the master weapons are boring and unimaginative. While there are a lot of collectable weapons, half of them are pretty much useless, one of which you only get in the end of the final level.

There are a few neat things. Instead of an normal stage select you have a map of the world and you select various locations around the world as your levels. Wild Sprint is a neat 'weapon' that makes you run faster and gives you i-frames. You can play as both Mega Man and Bass, so the game has a bit of replay value.

Overall this is a bit of a mediocre game. Worth playing only if you have nothing better.


Mega Man 4+

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Note: No native controller support. JoyToKey is recommended.

This one is interesting. It is basicly one third Mega Man 4 & one third Mega Man IV with the rest being original stage design.

The most intriguing feature of this game is how obtaining weapons has been changed. In this game you do not get the 'full version' of a robot master's weapon when you defeat them. Instead you get a version of the weapon that is weaker in some way (no charge, less range, ect.). In order to power it up you must re-enter the stage and find a capsule that will lead you to a more powerful version of that boss. Beat him and you get upgraded. These upgraded versions tend to be even better than the original Mega Man 4 incarnations and are generally worth it. Just be warned... the level sections leading up to these fights can be stupidly hard.

Other notable things are:

  • Ran Cossack (from the Bob and George web comic) is a stupidly easy midstage boss in every robot master stage.
  • 8 collectable letters that unlock a powerful new buster weapon
  • Enemies can drop etanks.
  • The life and etank cap is maxed at 5 of each.
  • The game shows some Game Boy Mega Man love with the inclusion of Ballade. (Save a tank for the stage after boss rush, he is stupid hard.)

Over all this game is enjoyable. Some parts are a bit to difficult in my opinion, but are still doable.


Rom Hacks

The Riddler's Escape from Arkham

Pretty much nothing to say here. Just a reskin of Mega Man 3. Game soft locks right before the final Wily fights.


Rockman 2: Gray Zone

Other than the fact that the creator managed to make the turret/wall boss even more annoying this is a pretty decent hack. Nice graphics, music, and fun levels. Not much to say about it really.


Rockman 4: Minus Infinity

Other than the final boss this game is amazing. It is so well made that it is hard to believe it is a hack and not a stand alone game. With totally reworked bosses and weapons, great level design, and an Metroid style stage for the boss rush it is a great re-imagining of Mega Man 4. Now on to why I hate the end of the game. Despite the fact that pretty much the rest of the game is pretty tame and more or less the same style-wise to a official Mega Man game, the last Wily fight is a giant bullet hell. If the game didn't give me an E-tank after each death I am not sure I would have been able to finish it.


Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom

An super simple hack of the original Mega Man. Its super easy and has extra lives placed in easily exploitable locations. Game crashed after clone boss fight.


Rockman No Constancy

A nice and challenging hack with redone levels, change weapons, and good music / graphics. Its pretty straight forward but good. The only issue I had with the game was the change to how Metal Blade controls. They are reverse... so instead of right + up for shoot in that direction it is back + left. It makes it pretty much worthless while on the move.


Rockman 3: Claw

Probably the best of what I have come to consider the 'Standardized Rom Hack' (basic AI changes, slight weapon tweaks, color pallet changes, music from other video games, and new weakness chain / level layouts.) While this hack does nothing spectacularly unique, it is extremely well balanced. Not too hard, not too easy. Just check it out.


Rockman L

This game is weird and inconsistent. Some edits / changes a few edits are well done (the sprites, Robot Master AI), some edits are boring / practically unchanged (final boss), and some of the levels are are just straight up unplayable w/o going to pretty much ever other stage first. (Melt Mans stage.) I advise avoiding this one.


Mega Man Ultra

Review coming soon.


Deus Ex Machina

Review coming soon.

Quote archive

27 November, 2014

0000 "Dang it. That stupid trolly fuck. Fuck!" [Mega Man 8]

0001 "You fucking retarded robot. You just did it like... 30 fucking times at the bottom of that hole... so why do you just... Aaagh." [Mega Man X]

0002 "Blue Retard" [Mega Man X2]
0003 "Son of a burr fuck!" [Mega Man X2]
0004 "Fucking fuck fuck fuck!!" [Mega Man X2]
0005 "Welp. There goes the mech." [Mega Man X2]
0006 "This guy hits so hard!" [Mega Man X2]
0007 "Fucking fuck you game, fuck!!" [Mega Man X2]
0008 "Oh... that's spikes. Hi spikes." [Mega Man X2]
0009 "Fucking die you piece of shit I swear to god" [Mega Man X2]
0010 "Who needs to dodge when you can just tank that shit." [Mega Man X2]

0011 "When did I say 'Milk Bags'?" [Mega Man X2]
0012 "What do you mean 'What happened to 12'? There is no quote 12" [Mega Man X3]
0013 "I'm gonna beat a fucking level tonight" [Mega Man X3]
0014 "Son of a bitch I was so close!" [Mega Man X3]
0015 "It only took 52 deaths but I killed a damn boss in this fucking game" [Mega Man X3]
0016 "Time for a cron dog." [Mega Man X3]

0017 "Man, doing this boss without getting inside of him is a pain in the ass!" [Mega Man X3]
0018 "FUCK.....FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" [Mega Man X3]
0019 "Zero can eat a dick." [Mega Man X3]

0020 "Fucking blast, right to the face!" [Mega Man X3]
0021 "Jump off the wall. Like a normal person. Wait..." [Mega Man X3]
0022 "Whatchamafuckits" [Mega Man X3]
0023 "Yaaay... Nooooo!" [Golden Sun]

0024 "No fuck you and your birds" [Mega Man 2]
0025 "I want it. I want it real bad!" [Mega Man 2]
0026 "And now I'm fucked until the next set of lives... fuck!" [Mega Man 2]
0027 "I HIT THE BUTTON!!......I swear to god I hit the fucking button." [Mega Man 2]
0028 "This is the stupidest fuck... son of a bitch!" [Mega Man 2]
0029 "I'd rather have a sumo wrestler in cleats tap dance on my balls than play this fucking game." [Mega Man 2]
0030 "Goddamnit, Retro. Retro, get in the damn hole." [Golden Sun]

0031 "Time to get serious by taking a fucking uppercut to the asshole." [Mega Man X4]
0032 "Come back orbs I miss you... Kill me!" [Mega Man X4]
0033 "Please give it to me!" [Mega Man X4]
0034 "I ditched that mech like fucking Yoshi." [Mega Man X4]
0035 "Shouldn't be that hard to, just... death plunge my way through it." [Golden Sun]

0036 "Guys I hit the boss. I call this game beaten." [Mega Man X4]
0037 "Death number two thousand four hundred twenty six... that is on izduhwizz" [Mega Man X4]
0038 "What did I say last time? That I had to pay attention and stop being a moron? Why can't I take my own advice?" [Mega Man X4]
0039 "YAY BOOMERANGS! They're my favorite thing ever!" [Mega Man X4]

0040 "Fucking McFuckfuckfuck" [Mega Man X5]
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0042 "This stage is just full of clusterfucks that should never have been in a game." [Mega Man X5]
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0044 "This would be so much easier if I just didn't suck" [Mega Man X5]
0045 "Hamster bacon, mmm..." [Mega Man X5]
0046 "Mega Man jump in the mech not the lava....c'mon!" [Mega Man X5]

0047 "I can be lazy." [Mega Man X5]

0048 "What? Fuck!" [Mega Man X6]
0049 "Grab on to the wall X. It's not that fucking hard." [Mega Man X6]
0050 "I need to find ways to die more efficiently." [Mega Man X6]

0051 "I'm an idiot is the moral of the story." [Mega Man X6]
0052 "What's the most efficient way for me to die? Oh, jump on that guy" [Mega Man X6]

0053 "...and Felix and his friends were lost in the gears forever. The end." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]
0054 "(in a very casual voice) I think I killed your sister. Or... I think the other party killed your sister." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0055 "Fucking dammit! Son of a bitch I'm fucking garbage." [Mega Man 6]
0056 "I need to redo the whole level. Because I am a piece of shit." [Mega Man 6]
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0060 "NO! Bullshit! Bull-bull-bull-bullshiiiit!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0061 "Fuck you! Dammit....double fuck you." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0062 "God damnit Lagknight." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0063 "I just can't get underneath him. I tried real hard." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0064 "Shiiit! Zapped me in the ass..." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0065 "I did it guys! I jumped." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0066 "Hi death. I like to die. It's kinda my thing." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0067 "Let me take a piss, and then I'll beat this." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0068 "NOOOO!...oh okay." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0069 "Somebody do me a favor... check if the bot is still alive?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

0070 "Walk into the claw. That's the optimal strategy for death." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0071 "Cure yourself? That's not nice. You're supposed to just let me beat the living shit of you." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0072 "Oh, another snakefuck, wonderful." [Mega Man III]
0073 "Okay, time to farm baby penguins" [Mega Man III]
0074 "Noooo.....yaaaay. Invincibility frames save the day!" [Mega Man III]

0075 "I know holes when I see them. Except when I don't." [Mega Man IV]
0076 "I should have figured that was going to be quoted." [Mega Man IV]
0077 "Why won't you jump you fucking retarded piece of shit....god dammit!" [Mega Man IV]
0078 "Oh my god I fuckin' suck, I fuckin' suck, I fuckin' suck. I suck so much at this game." [Mega Man IV]
0079 "Wow. Good thing I am a robot, or being sucked out into space like that would really suck." [Mega Man IV]
0080 "baba babubu." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0081 "Fucking son of a FUCK!" [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0082 " I should have run a death counter on this." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0083 "Meele sings on demand." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0084 "When I don't want something you don't force it down my throat." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0085 "People going nuts in the quotes!" [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0086 "Okay, we're going to do this right here... Shit!" [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0087 "Hnghh... Get. On. The. Damn. Dinosaur." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0088 "There's a lot of quoteception quotes." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0089 "Ugh... No comment on that, or I'll be quoted." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0090 "That's- just - aghhhhh..." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0091 "Keep the chat kid-friendly. FUCK!" [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
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0095 "The things I do for you Rogerboii." [Super Mario Advace 2: Super Mario World]
0096 "Too ambitious... *dies from spikes* ...Too retarded." [Mega Man V]
0097 "Fuck you owl! Fuck you royally!" [Mega Man V]
0098 "Super pissed...that's like worse than pissed." [Mega Man V]
0099 "I'm going to take great pleasure in murdering you." [Mega Man V]
0100 "But really, am I gonna say anything outrageous?" - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0101 "Fucking Fuck McFuckerson!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0102 "Don't worry. Monkeys are naturally 800 degrees." - SpadrerCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0103 "Ok you can...But I still don't believe you." - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0104 "You're a weird tire hoarder." [Donkey Kong Country]
0105 "That was a beaver massacre. C-C-C-COMBO!!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0106 "EVERY. BANANA." - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0107 "No I'm not okay. That monkey violated me." [Donkey Kong Country]
0108 My mouth tastes like fruit." - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0109 "How can I even see if I'm not Jaden Smith?" - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0110 "Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM!!" [Donkey Kong Country]
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0114 "Is that glue, or is that chapstick? " - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0115 "If a game has a jump button, I'm pretty bad at it." [Donkey Kong Country]
0116 "I am king neckbeard!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0117 "That's a SpaderCrest death if I ever saw one. That's a SpaderCrest death if I ever saw one. That's a SpaderCrest death if I ever saw one." etc etc [Donkey Kong Country]
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0122 "Baby Mario, I am AFTER your ass..." [Mario Kart: Double Dash]

0123 "I was raped five times with a yarn ball....." [Mega Man 3]
0124 "Fuck you, penguin fuck." [Mega Man 3]
0125 "Farming penguins is dangerous work." [Mega Man 3]
0126 "Now, it's time for Needle Man to violate me again!" [Mega Man 3]
0127 "Fuck you retarded dog!" [Mega Man 3]
0128 "Son of a fucking fucker!" [Mega Man 3]
0129 "And by God, he is willing to crawl up Mega Man's ass to do it!" [Mega Man 3]
0130 "I just used an E-Tank at full life." [Mega Man 3]

0131 "You can finally stalk other people without binoculars." [Tetris DS]
0132 "I think keys would've been better to shove up your ass, not open up doors." [Rooms DS]

0133 "GET THE FUCK OF MEEEH!! UUUHH IM SOO BAAAAaaaad!!! yousonofabitchrobot!" [Mega Man 3]
0134 "Wuss mode activated!" [Mega Man 3]
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0136 "So bad, so bad. I'm so-so-so-so-so bad. Did I tell you guys I'm bad? You could say so bad." [Mega Man 3]
0137 *Gets free coins by accident.* "Heh, whoops." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0138 "Okay we have Chill Penguin, Flying Bird Guy....this was the fire stag guy right?" [Mega Man Xtreme]
0139 "Yay, I'm (now) Mario." [Mega Man Xtreme]
0140 "What kind of robot dies to a bubble?" [Mega Man Xtreme]
0141 "Get off me you purple fucks!" [Mega Man Xtreme]
0142 *angry, mostly incoherent muttering* [Mega Man Xtreme]
0143 "I fucked up all the fuckin' things you can fuck up in this level." [Mega Man Xtreme]
0144 "Oh yeah! Hi blocks. I remember blocks." [Mega Man Xtreme]

0145 "You're great? That's good! I don't give a fuck about all of your crap, any of it." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0146 "I can hear myself and I hate my ears." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0147 "Yay for me being a piece of shit, YAY!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0148 "I'm sorry I was so excited I got the Blue Helmet that I violated the entire world." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0149 " ....and this is how many times I died because I can't fucking remember anything for more then like 10 seconds." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0150 "Obviously I'm a koala-cat." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0151 "R-I-G-H-T! Not up, right! Fuck you game!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0152 "GAME FUCKING STOP IT. FUCKING WORK!!!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0153 "This game is made out of spectacular, 100 percent, awesome fun." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0154 "...and we died a total of a whole fuck ton." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]

0155 "Fuck, I suck a lot." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0156 *Drops controller and inhales sharply.* "I can't wait for them to, like, bypass eachother because I'm gonna fucking glitch throughout the fucking flip-out like, can, character's gonna, just fucking spontaneously, become incorporeal and die. I can't slide down while it's next to me because my fucking, the barest, like, tiniest bit of molecules at the end of my fucking pinky toe's gonna scrape that magical blue water and I'm gonna explode. FUCK this game!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0157 "...and the World's Shittiest Player Award goes to....." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0158 "If something exists, I hate it." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0159 "Fuck you...and fuck you...and fuck you in particular....fuck!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0160 "I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Die you fucking piece of shit bat!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0161 "Everyone in chat right now had better tell me I'm dumb right NOW!" [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0162 "You have to anticipate my dumbness." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]

0163 "You're confusing me. I have a small brain." [Mega Man Xtreme 2]
0164 "No! Don't fuck it up...." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0165 "I know I can kill his sidekick, but it's hard to do when you're being raped in the face with an icicle." [Mega Man & Bass]
0166 "Calm the fuck down Donkey Kong." [Mega Man & Bass]
0167 "I found something over there it involved death and a rhino maybe." [Mega Man & Bass]
0168 "GOD I FUCKING SUCK SO BAD!!" [Mega Man & Bass]
0169 "I think that may be the first time I died to a frog." [Mega Man & Bass]
0170 "YES YES YES! OH MY GOD YES!!......yeeees..." [Mega Man & Bass]
0171 "Damn right I wanna save." [Mega Man & Bass]
0172 "Get down on the freaking ladder, you moron." [Mega Man & Bass]

0173 "Fuck you Eddie." [Mega Man & Bass]
0174 "Why do I suck all of a sudden? ....well I sucked all of this time, but..." [Mega Man & Bass]
0175 "Fuck you, you ClownMan wannabe!" [Mega Man & Bass]
0176 "Fucking dog, I'm going to take you out back and shoot you if you don't give me something useful." [Mega Man & Bass]
0177 "NO!! GOD SON OF A.....*screams*" [Mega Man & Bass]
0178 "These bats have strange properties." [Mega Man & Bass]

0179 "Just let me shoot this rhino in the ass. " [Mega Man & Bass]
0180 "Fucking bastard! Stop existing!" [Mega Man & Bass]

0181 "I am Mojoric, predictor of birds." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0182 "Fucking fuck you, you stupid fucking turtle!" [Mega Man Zero]
0183 "I suck beyond all reasoning!" [Mega Man Zero]
0184 "If you try to comprehend how much I suck at this game, you'll probably just make your head hurt." [Mega Man Zero]
0185 "What, why the fuck would you make a camel robot!?!" [Mega Man Zero]
0186 "Oh yeah those are bombs, I should probably not touch those....bombs are bad mmmkay? they hurt!" [Mega Man Zero]
0187 "Stand there and take a burst to the face." [Mega Man Zero]
0188 "Dash straight into a body slam." [Mega Man Zero]
0189 "I have my own brand of crappiness. I like to catch missiles with my face. That's my specialty." [Mega Man Zero]
0190 "Fucking fuck you, you Fucking fucker!" [Mega Man Zero]
0191 "I am King Moron." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0192 "The sword can go fuck itself." [Mega Man Zero]
0193 "The moral of the story is....I'm a freaking moron." [Mega Man Zero]

0194 "That was the best jump guys. BEST. JUMP. EVER." [Mega Man]
0195 "How did that even touch me? I call shenanigans." [Mega Man]
0196 "Fireball fuckery." [Mega Man]
0197 "Time for me to fuck this up." [Mega Man]
0198 "Why did I jump there? Why did I jump there? Why did I jump there?" [Mega Man]
0199 "Why are you so retarded with the magnet beam? Why am I so retarded with the magnet beam?" [Mega Man]
0200 "What the fuck?... Super what the fuck?!... I hate you game." [Mega Man]
0201 "Yay quote 200." [Mega Man]
0202 "Why have I turned on the suck?" [Mega Man]
0203 ".....and the most mature viewer award goes to Ule, definitely." [Mega Man]
0204 "Get off of me you fucking hoppy bastard!" Fuck you!" [Mega Man]
0205 "He's a fucking hoppy bastard." [Mega Man]
0206 "Is there anything else other than Super Arm that's good against "What's His Face"? This guy I'm fighting right now, with a name?" [Mega Man]
0207 "So many quotes tonight, you guys are going nuts." [Mega Man]
0208 "I did it! I'm the best! Fear me!" [Mega Man 4]
0209 "DIE YOU FUCKING HIPPO!" [Mega Man 4]
0210 "You fucking little Saturn wanna-be!" [Mega Man 4]
0211 "WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING JUMP!!!!!" [Mega Man 4]
0212 "I swear guys, I'm not a killer whale." [Mega Man 4]
0213 "Keep your eyeballs to yourself, you damn snail!" [Mega Man 4]
0214 "You wait for his torso to wiggle/flash." [Mega Man 4]
0215 "Why don't you throw your bullshit and STOP HOPPING ON MY FUCKING FACE!" [Mega Man 5]
0216 "You're gonna give it to me you little bouncy-ball fuck." [Mega Man 5]
0217 "Get off my ass, asshole." [Mega Man 5]
0218 "Of course he rides my ass!" [Mega Man 5]
0219 *Dives right into the pit* "That was pro-level shit right there guys." [Mega Man 5]

0220 "Jump into the missile. Optimal strats." [Mega Man Zero 2]

0221 "Where the hell are my socks?" [Mega Man Zero 2]
0222 "Caterpie! We're in Viridian Forest aren't we?" [Mega Man Zero 2]
0223 "God I fakken suck!!!" [Mega Man Zero 2]
0224 "Thats pretty much all of my quotes." [Mega Man Zero 2]
0225 "Kill the Caterpies!" [Mega Man Zero 2]

0226 "God sonofa fuck!" [Mega Man Zero 2]
0227 "At least this boss is relatively easy. I say that now when I'm about to be violated by a fucking frog." [Mega Man Zero 2]
0228 "Let's use this spider to fill up my shit" [Mega Man Zero 2]

0229 "I've got this. I'm going to beat this. I believe in myself. Not really, but I have to say it." [Mega Man X4]
0230 "GAAAAWWWD!!!" [Mega Man X4]
0231 "Wall jump you fucking red retard." [Mega Man X4]
0232 "Come on I hate you. You stupid retarded bird." [Mega Man X4]
0233 "RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR!!" [Mega Man X4]
0234 "Ladybug, what did I do to deserve being exploded?" [Mega Man X4]
0235 "Yay I win! Victory is mine!" [Mega Man X4]

0236 "Conveyor belts ruin me. Ukonv, what have you done?" [Mega Man Zero 3]
0237 "What?! They change your color? I did not agree to this." [Mega Man Zero 3]
0238 "Fuck you, you stupid little fuckin'....fuck." [Mega Man Zero 3]
0239 "I suck at this game, I suck at Megaman, I suck." [Mega Man Zero 3]
0240 "I just did the same thing, 'cause I'm an impatient retarded asshole!" [Mega Man Zero 3]
0241 "Hi worm, I'm Zero....or at least I was until you blew me up." [Mega Man Zero 3]
0242 "Whoop.....SQUISH!" [Mega Man Zero 3]
0243 "...was that a fat robot snowboarding?" [Mega Man Zero 3]
0244 "Hyper Puppy Action Force, go!" [Mega Man Zero 3]
0245 "That's the optimal strategy. Take bats to the face." [Mega Man Zero 3]
0246 "Come here turkey. I want to smack you in the face." - SpaderCrest [Don't Starve Together]
0247 "I can eat pebbles? What?" -SpaderCrest [Don't Starve Together]

0248 "Being bad at video games is part of my identity." [Mega Man X]
0249 "Fear me! I am a robot inside a bigger robot." [Mega Man X]
0250 "Noses are deadly guys. Noses are deadly. Dragon noses in particular." [Mega Man Zero 4]

0251 "What the fuck?! So much things!" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0252 "Oh my god missile to the face. Fun fun fun time!" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0253 "I want it. I want it so bad." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0254 "Yay we put it out. We are Zero, fire man." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0255 "Note to future self: Always listen to Air_Hammer." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0256 : "Don't care about your robot romance anymore? It's obsolete news." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0257 "Big fat black marble hurts!" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0258 "Fuck you Met, you ruined my moment." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0259 "Fastest death ever? I don't know. That has to be a contender." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0260 "Oh god! I just pissed it off?" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0261 "Oh so Zero's turned into Kirby now." [Mega Man Zero 4]

0262 "I can get some health. Or take some missiles to the face." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0263 "Stupid fairy thing, give me health. Now do it! Go, right this second. Do it!" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0264 "I got murdered by a zappy robot" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0265 : "Did he just go fucking Yoshi on me and shit an egg!?" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0266 "Shut up you stupid mythical piece of shit" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0267 "We're going to attempt to grind out sub-tanks here...key word ATTEMPT...or we can just take bullets from every fucking enemy ever." [Mega Man Zero 4]
0268 "Hey XpanD, happy holidays to you too. Would you shut up, you stupid bastard?" [Mega Man Zero 4]
0269 "Time to die to spiky dildo again." [Mega Man Zero 4]

0270 "I hate when he gets a big one." [Mega Man Christmas Carol II]
0271 "Gah! Penguin" [Mega Man Christmas Carol II]
0272 "Oh hi purple present. Why did you kill me?" [Mega Man Christmas Carol II]
0273 "Even in slow-mo I suck massively." [Mega Man Christmas Carol II]
0274 "That fucking candy cane! Jesus motherfucking god!" [Mega Man Christmas Carol II]
0275 "God damn son of a slippery fuck." [20XX]

0276 "Game over yaaaaay, SUPER FUN!" [Mega Man & Bass]

0277 "Son of bitch. That rhino wrecked me." [Mega Man & Bass]
0278 "God! Stupid fucking dog!" [Mega Man & Bass]
0279 "What the fuck is a fitch, I'm fucking dumb." [Mega Man & Bass]
0280 "I wanted to put another fucking in there." [Mega Man & Bass]
0281 "Am I just fucking blind?" *Zeo points out obvious sparkles* "Okay, I'm an idiot." [Mega Man & Bass]
0282 "God, son of a fucking bitch!" [Mega Man & Bass]
0283 "Where the fuck did the stupid dog go?" [Mega Man & Bass]
0284 "Come on, Stupid fucking retarded Megaman." [Mega Man & Bass]
0285 "I got it, I got it, I got it." [Mega Man & Bass]
0286 "Can you shut up please, Jesus! (Auto) [Mega Man & Bass]

0287 "Hey Ule. How are you tonight?" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0288 "Goddamit Ule! CAPITALIZATION!" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0289 "That's my own fault, I'm dumb." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0290 "Guys, I was just reading chat and stepped under an elevator and got squished. [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0291 "Its quotelist one word Ule." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0292 "That's some Megaman Gameboy shit going on there." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0293 "Is this gonna hurt?" (YES!) [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0294 "Don't go down there too fast or you will get fucking destroyed." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0295 "Okay I guess I just go that?" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0296 "You're fucking taunting me game." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0297 "I need to violate my controller." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0298 "E-tank wasted." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0299 "So he's invulnerable like 90% of the time. Ok, that's fair." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0300 "He magically changes direction and hits me in the face anyway." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]

0301 "It's official, I fucking suck." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0302 "I should have healed, buuut I'm an idiot." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0303 "We're having a conversation about sweet potatoes and yams. Where do you stand?" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0304 "That will be interesting when it randomly comes up later." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0305 "Fucking damn everything, fuck everything!" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
0306 "I'm 100% pure fucking garbage." [Mega Man X3]
0307 "Why did I count a death when I killed someone?...Herp a derp a derp derp." [Mega Man X3]
0308 "I have the fucking brain of a fucking rodent." [Mega Man X3]
0309 "Fuck you and everything you love!" [Mega Man X3]
0310 "The ability to go into 'Wuss Mode' successfully achieved." [Mega Man X3]
0311 " I am so inexcusably stupid!" [Mega Man X3]
0312 " I am so stupid!, my stupid head cannot comprehend it." [Mega Man X3]
0313 "Rhino beats Catfish." [Mega Man X3]
0314 "Fucking dammit! Son of a fucking bitch! Fuck! ... oops" [Mega Man X3]

0315 "Poor Ule." [Mega Man]
0316 "Okay we can do this...*dies half a second later*" [Mega Man]
0317 "Chain reaction of BULLSHIT." [Mega Man]
0318 "Fuck you, frog. You get to live." [Mega Man 2]
0319 "They're robotic seafood, happy?" [Mega Man 2]
0320 "Who doesn't want to shoot lemons all day?" [Mega Man 2]
0321 "Robot shellfish give robot susteunoman----ance. Gah words!" [Mega Man 2]
0322 "You're lying, and I don't want to be friends with you anymore." [Mega Man 2]
0323 "Fucking springie fuck! Stop it!" [Mega Man 2]
0324 "It's your glory day, toothpaste dispensers... you get to kill me!" [Mega Man 2]
0326 "It's not like I suck at Megaman or anything, right?" [Mega Man 2]
0327 "That's the second time I've hit the jump and then the shoot button, and Mega Man just skips the jump input. He's just like, 'You know what, I don't feel like it today.'" [Mega Man 2]
0328 *Spends five minutes forgetting about Rush Coil.* "Can you all do me a favor and forget you saw that?" [Mega Man 3]
0329 "Okay penguin things, would you quit whooping my ass?" [Mega Man 3]
0330 "I don't care how many E-tanks it takes, I'm beating him this time." [Mega Man 3]
0331 "New year's resolutions? I dunno, be better at Mega Man?" [Mega Man 3]
0332 "Stupid boss rush... beating me up, making me die and stuff. Stupid pomegranate tea. Sounding good when I bought it, but actually tasting like crap." [Mega Man 3]
0333 "I just want a game over." [Mega Man 4]
0334 "Stupid boss, just... ffffff.... flinging himself back and forth... with no regard for any other robots who may be in the way... just willy-nilly... fucking asshole." [Mega Man 4]
0335 "It was part of science... to get hit by those spikes." [Mega Man 5]
0336 "Hi WaveMan. I'm dead, WaveMan." [Mega Man 5]
0337 "Spectacular failer. Failure." [Mega Man 5]
0338 "Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish. That's the theme of this level. Squish!" [Mega Man 6]
0339 "Yup you were right Ule, you cursed me." [Mega Man 6]

0340 "Nope I don't wanna go down that hole." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0341 "Goodnight Robotchicken, I died." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0342 " I need to game over , kill me!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0343 "I'm an idiot, I don't even know what the hell I'm doing....Dumb, dumb, completely dumb." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0344 "I need Rush! Can I have Rush now? Actually I just need to stop being a jack ass and stop Rushing it." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0345 "Calm... and peaceful. I'm in a zen-like state where I'm not going to die anymore................. right?" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0346 "The marathon produced some fun gems." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0347 "Sandwich%" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0348 "I'm full of jump failures." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

0349 "I think the ending would've been better if all these kids would've just had to suffer through all of it." [Golden Sun: The Lost Age]

0350 "Son of a fucking fuck!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0351 "What... Magnet... Onto a blinkey block... Son of a bitch." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0352 "I win." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0353 "I'm dead, guys! Guys, I'm dead! Are you listening to the gravity of the situation? I died!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0354 "Oh... I should probably not go in the water when it's electrified. *dies* Also... I should probably... Not... Walk off a cliff when it's electrified." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0355 "Helicopters don't belong in space. Get out of here, helicopters! You're ruining my immersion!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0356 "I hit him, woo! He teleported, boo!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0357 "I'm so good. I'm the best. Like no one ever was. I'm like the Ash of Mega Man games." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0358 "If I was a Pokemon Trainer I'd be Ash. Never fucking learns. Pikachu use Thunder Bolt on Geodude. Why the hell does it not work?" *Does it again* [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0359 "Should have gotten on top and wrecked that hippo!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0360 "You're assuming I can pay attention and remember for more then 5 minutes...and that's a BIG assumption." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0361 "That's death, I saw you die there several times, I died there several times, and now I relearned that fact." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0362 "Why am I even messing with the magnet here, God I'm dumb!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0363 "Poor birds ...ejected into the upper atmosphere." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0364 "Who needs ladders, I have a submarine, a wonderful dog shaped submarine!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0365 "Nope, not dealing with helicopter bullshit!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0366 "We''ll just have to not game over, do this level in one shot like a pro." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0367 "WHOA! Watch where you're stomping fat ass!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0368 "Oh...Someone summoned the great text wall." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

0369 "You know, I did this pretty easy last time, but why even fuck with it." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0370 "I'm a fucking idiot. I'm a fucking idiot. Air Hammer, Zeo, did you guys know I'm a fucking idiot? Don't know if you guys heard, but I'm a fucking idiot!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0371 "Booo!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0372 "Here comes fucking helicopter to ruin my day. Well fuck you fucking helicopter fuck!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0373 "Why are you incorporeal, bat? Bat! Why you being ghostly?" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0374 "Umm... Can I file a bug report? This feels dirty." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0375 "Dying's for losers! I'm not a loser!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0376 "*SIGH* Aaahhh fuckafuckafuckafuckafuckafuckafuck!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0377 "Wait, why am I doing this the hard way? Why am I even -thinking- about doing this the hard way?" *dies, the easy way* [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

0378 "What the hell was I even thinking there? Want to buy brain." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0379 "News Flash: Mojo's dumb" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0380 "I'm an ass....Whoa" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0381 "UH thank you spike guard." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0382 "That was uncomfortably close... Did I mention it was close" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0383 "Stupid fucking little fucking bolt fuck!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0384 "Let's say "Fuck Living" as well, since I'm an impatient asshole!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0385 "Thanks for wasting my Spike Guard, you piece of shit dog!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0386 "Stop throwing oranges at me. I'm more of an apple guy." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0387 "Don't mind me, I'm just killing a purple hippo." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0388 *growling* "Fucking *growl* lady bug*growling piece of *growling* shit!!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0389 "You live and learn. Well in this case, you die and learn." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
0390 "Green ball elephant wrecks my face!" [Mega Man 9]
0391 "This elephant was taught how to bounce his balls.". [Mega Man 9]
0392 "Well that was a clusterfuck of fuck fuckingness." [Mega Man 9]
0393 "Fuck up once, and it becomes a cluster fuck chain!" [Mega Man 9]

0394 "Oh yay! I get to get stomped by the fucking rock again!" [Mega Man 9]
0395 "Oh yeah, fucking awesome stunhitstun fucking bullshit combo shit." [Mega Man 9]
0396 "I should install my brain." [Mega Man 9]
0397 "I get to try to do spikey bullshit after I get wrecked by little green sparklie fuck things." [Mega Man 9]
0398 "Not getting fucked in the ass hard enough by this game? Here, pay to make yourself take more damage!" [Mega Man 9]
0399 "Aiming the buster in the wrong direction, patented mojo strats!" [Mega Man 9]
0400 "Are they tryiny to teach you about the danger of staticy TV's? A clone of you will pop out in the dark and fucking destroy you!" [Mega Man 9]
0401 "Let's hope I can do spinny magnet shit again!" [Mega Man 9]
0402 "Yeah, the umbrella is gonna fuck me up." [Mega Man 9]
0403 *Types 'z' into chat* "That's me from the future." [Mega Man 9]
0404 "I wanted my black hole to suck up those flower petals, but it didn't happen." [Mega Man 9]

0405 "We're beating this without an e-tank or spending eternity here, it'll be like Mega Man Nightly: 7773 with attempt 300 million on the Yellow/Green devil. Watch me have the rest of the stage perfect and perfectly memorized and fuck up the devil forever." [Mega Man 9]
0406 "Get off ME! You pink light bulb fucks!" [Mega Man 10]
0407 "SheepMan is violating me." [Mega Man 10]
0408 "Hi spikes. I love you spikes. Not as much as I love Suzys though." [Mega Man 10]
0409 "I've got the breakfast of champions guys. Cold leftover tater tots." [Mega Man 10]
0410 "Bad shrimp! GO away shrimp!" [Mega Man 10]
0411 "Ouch. Stomped. Squished. Pbbbbbt." [Mega Man 10]
0412 "Stupid... squishy... squishers." [Mega Man 10]
0413 "God DAMN, the same fucking bastard squished me again." [Mega Man 10]

0414 "I'm going to get raped by the ghost of ElecMan." [Mega Man 10]
0415 "Megaman I hit the jump button." [Mega Man 10]
0416 "Stupid pits, stupid game, stupid me." [Mega Man 10]
0417 "Why won't you grab the ladder you mentally retarded blue piece of fucking shit!" [Mega Man 10]
0418 "I'm such a fucking idiot that I should be playing something like Donkey Kong Jr. Math....and I'd still fucking fail at it!" [Mega Man 10]
0419 "I'm bad at everything in general....good thing breathing is involuntary.....for the most part." [Mega Man 10]
0420 "Yay.... now I can eat the shit out of you, and eggs can come out my ass!" - MrPupG [Super Mario World]

0421 "I can move furniture, fear me!!" [Yume 2kki]
0422 " I did not just chainsaw some lonely old guy at a bar, no idea what you guys are talking about." [Yume 2kki]
0423 "No I don't want to get in bed with you! Okay..." [Yume 2kki]

0424 "Fish fucking me up. Note to self: Don't occupy the same space as a fish." [Mega Man X2]
0425 "Hopefully I don't fuck up grinding for a sub tank." *despawns a health orb* [Mega Man X2]
0426 "There's a hole there guys. I found it." [Mega Man X2]
0427 "Zeo you're so mean.....but you're right." [Mega Man X2]
0428 "I can shoryuken bats, I'm really good at that." [Mega Man X2]
0429 "*tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink* is the theme song of my Mega Man X2 experience." [Mega Man X2]

0430 "I had to check inside that beeheehee!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0431 "You don't have to explain your stupidity to me." [Donkey Kong Country]
0432 "That both sounds delicious and like a painful asshole at the same time." [Donkey Kong Country]
0433 "Let go of the rope megaman!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0434 "You saw nothing. None of you saw anything." [Donkey Kong Country]
0435 "I almost smacked the monkey there." - Spadercrest [Donkey Kong Country]
0436 "Nope, SOBER stream." [Donkey Kong Country]
0437 "Tragic murder.....tragic murder and it's armadillo related!" [Donkey Kong Country]
0438 "That crown was hauling ass." [Donkey Kong Country]
0439 "A copy of Sim City that looks umm kinda like its being held together by duct tape..." [Donkey Kong Country]

0440 "The world depended on you and you failed" [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0441 "I'm the springiest fucking snake rider in the world. This is how snakes 100% work." [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0442 "B is not A. Confirmed. You heard it here." - SpaderCrest [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0443 "This bit of wall taste good." [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0444 "Just because I'm a guy monkey doesn't mean I don't have feelings." [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0445 "Grab the last banana to get an extra life, and promptly get sworded in the face." [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0446 "We found out what's down that your phone?" [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0447 "You pegged that fucker from fucking far three fucking screens away!" [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0448 "Victory is to Squawks!" [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0449 "He went all ghostly and murdered my ass." [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]
0450 "Here's what we learned today kids. When you have an itch and someone else has a gun, and you're a stupid monkey, IGNORE THE ITCH" [Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest]

0451 "Woo I did it! I'm not complete garbage....*dies from spikes 2 seconds later*....I take that back." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0452 "I am championship missile catcher." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0453 "Fuck you Beat, you trolly ass bird bastard!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0454 *Vanishing block whooshes* "I'm gonna have nightmares about that sound." *woosh! woosh! woosh! like evil laughter* [Mega Man Unlimited]
0455 "Hop right into the laser, a very important part of the plan.....jump too early and go fall face first into the spikes, and die, also a very important part of the plan!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0456 "Poor ule. Never gets first." [Mega Man Unlimited]

0457 "Can't exist because I'll get knocked off." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0458 "I demand more glue globs!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0459 "God... Damn... Mother..." *deep breath* [Mega Man Unlimited]
0460 "God! Why did I shoot my platform down? That was the smart thing to do." [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]
0461 "Ule is a LIER!" [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]
0462 "Stupid mother fucking rapid fire fucking fuck!" [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]

0463 "I have no idea what the fuck's going on. Need any tissue?" [Yume 2kki]
0464 "heaheahehahhh, that's... okay." [Yume 2kki]
0465 "...and I just knocked that turtle out of the air with my face." [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]

0466 "Sweetarts is a bitchin' good!" [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0467 "I want what ever that is." *Turns out its Rush Jet* [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0468 "Chicken is pretty good I mean beef is better but chicken is good." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0469 "Let's stand still and take a firebolt to the face! That's what intelligent people do!" [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0470 "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" *several seconds pass* "That hurt." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0471 "Fire breathing turtles, the worst kind." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0472 "Stupid me. Stupid game. Stupid entire Megaman Franchise. Stupid Earth. Stupid existence..everything..whatever." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0473 "Did you get more BBQ chips? Because if you did I'm insanely jealous." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0474 "My favorite combination, spikes and pissed colored water!" [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0475 "I won't be able to get out of this, no matter how bad I molest my freaking controller!" [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0476 "Shut up Cameron's toilet." [Minecraft]

0477 "Death by cockroach. Honorable death." [Rockman 7 Famicom]
0478 "Magnet beam fiasco take 2!" [Mega Man]
0479 "I can't tell which one is me....apparently I'm the dead one." [Mega Man]
0480 "What is it about these robot masters wanting to be inside of me?" [Mega Man]
0481 "Hi Suzy. Outch Suzy, I just went to give you a hug!" [Mega Man]

0482 "It's not every day you get destroyed by a gigantic robot whale." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0483 "Fuck you Joe." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0484 "Well that's one less time I get to die to bats, poor me, poor Megaman." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0485 "Patience is a virtue that frustrated angry gamers that are sick of doing over" *30 seconds of saying 'and over'* "and over again lack. Actually I don't think I put enough overs in there!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]

0486 "I have a mental deficiency...I can't play video games and hold a conversation at the same time without blowing goats at the game." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0487 "Mega Man! Jump you moronic piece of fuck!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0488 "Move out of my way, you clusterfuck of mother bullshit!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0489 "Oh god... it's so pink. It's so pink!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0490 "Back-to-back Mega Man violation, all night long." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0491 "Potato's ass!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0492 "It took this many days of Mega Man for me to finally learn I'm a moron." [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]
0493 "Poor Ule, he doesn't like Minecraft. He doesn't know what he's missing." [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]
0494 "Shut up Ule, you liar!" [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]
0495 "I don't have a raid message yet...umm fuck me." [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]

0496 "#MojoDiesAlot" [Rockman 8 Famicom]

0497 "I had a new toy, I had to experiment! Don't judge me." [Yume 2kki]
0498 *In an area filled with houses with eyes on them* "Gotta keep an eye out... for a particular house." [Yume 2kki]
0499 "Welcome to the world of Big Sky Trooper, where evil slugs have taken over the galaxy, and their only weakness is a young boy with the power of advertising." [Big Sky Trooper]

0500 "FUCK! So bullshit!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0501 "Nope. Don't farm there. That's a death trap. Did you guys learn? Please tell me guys saw that so my death was at least worth something. Did you guys learn?" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0502 "I'm peachy. So peachy I taste like a can of Snapple. I mean... a bottle of Snapple. Snapple Peach Iced Tea. So peachy." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0503 "Mega Man Nightly #87 or whatever the fuck number it is shall be for ever known as 'jump jump, slide slide'" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0504 "Stupid [insert literally any noun here]." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0505 "Every Met down in Metville liked Wily a lot, but Derpman, who lived just north of Metville - did not. Derpman hated Wily - the whole Wily castle. Now, please don't ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that his helmet was too tight. Or it could be that his head wasn't welded on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all... may have been that his brain was two sizes too small. But, whatever the reason, his helmet or his boots, he stood there on stage 3 hating the Mets. Staring out from the border, with a hollow derpy grin, at the sharp, pointy spikes below in their stage. For he knew that every Met down in Metville beneath was busy now, plotting his death." (Written by ImpliedKappa) [Rockman 8 Famicom]
0506 "That was... That was... That was fucking awesome" [Mega man]
0507 "I hate this RNG bullshit! It's like... choose! Just choose! Just... hope you get it right! Just... choose! Just choose!" [Mega man]
0508 "That fucking stick hands out and molest me attack!" [Mega Man]
0509 "Birdie Birdie, Fuck Fuck!" [Mega Man]
0510 "You want to why I don't drive? Watch my stream! Why do you want to put the raging asshole behind 2000 pounds of metal? I'll fucking kill someone before the night is out!" [Mega Man]
0511 "Why don't you stand still and take an explosion to the face, you fucking asshole!?!" [Mega Man 2]
0512 "Go away bouncy green stompy fucks." [Mega Man 2]

0513 "Stupid robots, inferior beings that can't even craw!" [Mega Man ZX]
0514 "OK, I'll shoot my friend." [Mega Man ZX]

0515 "Now look here you stupid bitch, learn to JUMP!" [Mega Man ZX]
0516 "And let me open my damn thing!" [Mega Man ZX]
0517 "Not the most enjoyable thing to watch, but I need health." [Mega Man ZX]
0518 "Spectacular fun awesome time." [Mega Man ZX]
0519 "Health please... we are going to need a lot of crystals to beat this game" [Mega Man ZX]
0520 "Bastard of a polar bear." [Mega Man ZX]
0521 "I'm leading towards fire myself." [Mega Man ZX]
0522 "I think I'd rather go outside, scoop up my own dog shit and eat it than play this right now." [Mega Man ZX]
0523 "Just dash up you stupid skank!" [Mega Man ZX]

0524 "Not gonna try for that. Don't feel like dying today... SON OF A FUCKING BITCH. Why did I even open my mouth?" [Mega Man ZX]
0525 "I guess the only way to do this is over and over *continues for 30 seconds* and over...boring fucking missle shit over and over and over guys. This is going to be genuis boring missle shit." [Mega Man ZX]
0527 "Universary" [Mega Man ZX]
0528 "Bonk to my head is the best!" [Mega Man ZX]

0529 "How many shots can a walrus take to the face? A fuckin' lot!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0530 "Hi, guys! My name is dumb. Nice to meet you!" [Mega Man Eternal]

0531 "Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Uncalled for! I was only trying to kill you!" [Big Sky Trooper]

0532 "Hi, I suck! Welcome to crap town." [Mega Man Eternal]
0533 "Fucking Foghorn Leghorn." [Mega Man Eternal]
0534 "All is okay in the world. I have mango tea." [Mega Man Eternal]
0535 "I never died that way before, that's a new way to die! I never die by jumping to early and hitting my head on the gumballroof and falling to my death, never!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0536 "That was full of stupid." [Mega Man Eternal]
0537 "Why is there a blank spot for that fucking fish in my memory?" [Mega Man Eternal]
0538 "Hi hole, die to hole....I found a hoLe!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0539 "Death #12017, all on Lametron." [Mega Man Eternal]
0540 "Just take it! Just fucking take it! You don't get a choice! Just fucking take it!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0541 "That may have been the worst-timed jump in Mega Man history. If we were to somehow be able to objectively rate Mega Man players from the first time a Mega Man came out, that would have been the worst jump yet. Maybe." [Mega Man Eternal]
0542 "Why did...? Why did... my brain... just leave... RRRRRRrrrrrrrr...." [Mega Man Eternal]
0543 "FUCKING DAMMIT, stupid fucking game... fuck fuck." [Mega Man Eternal]
0544 "You get a choice. You get to choose how you're gonna die!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0545 "I fucking hate this game.. I fucking Hate IT. I! FUCKING! HATE! IT!" [Mega Man Eternal]
0546 "FUCKING DAMNIT! ...oh hey Kwitty" [Mega Man Eternal]

0547 "Yay for failure to jump, and go right into the fucking hole, you fucking piece of shit robot!" [Mega Man]
0548 "It's a boss rush filled with cluster fuck!" [Mega Man]
0549 "Do you like falling in the spike pits? Does that get you off? You stupid piece of shit blue fuck!" [Mega Man]
0550 "That one was entirely my fault, I jumped too early because I'm an impatient asshole who just wants to make an attempt at the boss. Fuck me right?" [Mega Man]
0551 "This is going to be great. This is going to be all my hopes and dreams of beating the game thrown out the window. What the HELL was that all about?" [Mega Man]
0552 "I'm going to need more e-tanks." [Mega Man]

0553 "Jump over the Joe, land on the dolphin." *Sigh* "It's the story of my life." [Mega Man 5]
0554 "What am I doing with my life? Apparently, throwing it down a pit." [Mega Man 5]
0555 "Why do I even play video games. What the fuck was that!!!!!!" [Mega Man 5]
0556 "Yay yay yay I'm having so much fun." [Mega Man 5]
0557 "If all the super computers in the world spent eternity caculating how much I suck at games, they would be returning errors, nothing but fucking errors, until the end of time." [Mega Man 5]
0558 "Fuck the future. We've got now to think about." [Mega Man 5]

0559 "Stupid polar bears! Panda bears... whatever the fuck kind of bears... they're all the same, white bears." [Mega Man 6]
0560 "Whoops! Okay..I'll stop being stupid now." [Mega Man 6]
0561 "Fuck me, Fuck me and my Plant Man HELL!" [Mega Man 6]
0562 "I fucking hate this level, with the fiery passion of a million suns!" [Mega Man 6]
0563 "I'm wasting an e-tank... doesn't even matter because I'm going to fall into a pit in a moment here..." *falls into a pit* "FUCK! I hate this level, SO fucking much!" [Mega Man 6]
0564 "Dog technology!" [Mega Man 6]
0565 "Fuck you, you fucking fan, FUCK OFF!" [Mega Man 6]
0566 "Stupid re-spawning fucking." [Mega Man 6]
0567 "Jump Jump, Slide Slide! is an example of where you can't just tank though it, so I suck at that, obviously." [Mega Man 6]
0568 "Who needs skill when you can just tank it?" [Mega Man 6]
0569 "Fuckin' hippity-hop fuck!" [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0570 "Eat my question marks!" [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0571 "Turn around instead of taking all the mets up the ass!" [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0572 "It's definitely not sitting there taking all the damage to the face, that's not his weakness, CONFIRMED IT!" [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0573 "Doable by my retarded little head." [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0574 "I give no fucks about who the Riddler fucks." [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]
0575 "Fuck it; who needs extra lives? Well... I sure do." [The Riddler's Escape from Arkham]

0576 "Fucking stupid bacon machine!" [Gray Zone]
0577 "I'm going to take a guess and say it fucking hurts to be hit by educated guess," [Gray Zone]
0578 "Here we go...*dies*...god dammit!" [Gray Zone]
0579 "Stupid fucking stupid fucking fuck fuck." [Gray Zone]
0580 "Fuck Mega Man 2, Fuck Mega Man 2 with a rusty fork." [Gray Zone]
0581 "The barest tap of the jump button propelled my ass into the fucking atmosphere made of fucking lighting." [Gray Zone]
0582 "I'm king of the idiots." [Gray Zone]
0583 "After taking a ton of damage inching though platforms with fucking mini frogs I can't shoot, we get killed by bacon ARRRGH!" [Gray Zone]
0584 "This game can have my babies, I love it so much." [Gray Zone]

0585 "Fuck you, you stupid little ostrich fucks." [Gray Zone]
0586 "You are so mean to me Ule." [Gray Zone]
0587 "Bird you are the worst mother ever, just dropping you eggs into the pit." *Mojo falls in the pit* "I am the worst Mega Man ever, I throw myself into the pit! Bird I'm sorry, I cannot judge you anymore." [Gray Zone]
0588 "I swear to god, bird, I'm gonna murder you." [Gray Zone]
0589 "Thank you Zeo, just read that and am thinking, why did I say something so fucking stupid?" [Gray Zone]
0590 "The woahs of itme 1, You can't open your menu until it has floated off into fucking space" [Gray Zone]
0591 "Stupid son of a fucking MeeRWIIROAR!" [Gray Zone]
0592 "I have the memory of having no memory span...wait that deosn't make sense, but I said it." [Gray Zone]
0593 "It's too fucking fuck!" [Mega Man 2]
0594 "If I get hit by the first one, its all over." [Mega Man 2]

0595 "Come on! Do the damn Top fuck and shit!" [Mega Man 3]
0596 "Stupid little bug fucks. Stupid little swooping eyeball fucks." [Mega Man 3]
0597 "I don't think I've ever had problems with Gemini Man before. Or... not Gemini Man, but Flash... Man... whatever the fuck stupid kind of man he is. The one who does the thing." [Mega Man 3]
0598 "I got shot in the face. *giggle*" [Mega Man 3]
0599 "Fuck! Son of a bitch! I am king of the retards! Guys? All of you, tell me how stupid I am. I order it." [Mega Man 3]
0600 has been added: "Oh there's spikes up there I'm a doofus, a total doofus, please don't let that be my last life...FUCK! ME! I'm king of the Retards!" [Mega Man 3]
0601 "He decides to walk away from me instead of spending his time inside of me. Yay!" [Mega Man 3]
0602 "E-tanks are, like, the best thing ever. Robots must be addicted to e-tanks like fucking crack in this universe. At least robots controlled by me." [Mega Man 3]
0603 "All right, guys... I think I may have accidentally just spent $3000 on hamburgers. I don't know... I was kinda out of it." [Big Sky Trooper]

0604 "Fuck off bees. You just got blinked out of existence." [Mega Man II]

0605 "Oh yeah! I'm the best!" *falls on spikes* "... yeah, whatever." [Mega Man]
0606 *gets hit* "Way too early." *gets hit* "Way too late!" *gets hit* "Way too stupid." [Mega Man]
0607 "We've got this. We're gonna win!" *dies* [Mega Man]
0608 "I got hit by a thing." [Mega Man]
0609 "Bad monkey! SUPER bad monkey! That was uncalled for. Monkey needs to learn some manners." [Mega Man 2]
0610 "Yeah, I should shut my mouth." [Mega Man 2]
0611 "Thanks a lot Stompy Fuck." [Mega Man 2]
0612 "You stupid trolly-ass crickets...NNNNOOOO!" [Mega Man 2]
0613 "Suckolopagus, that's what I am right now!" [Mega Man 2]
0614 "Wait! Can't I just not do this guy?" [Mega Man 2]
0615 "Don't raid me from the rear!" [Mega Man 5]
0616 "God, I am just full of fucking stupid." [Mega Man 6]
0617 "A Merry Mojo Miracle happened!" [Mega Man 6]

0618 "What did I ever do to you CrashMan? ...except kill you that one time." [Minus Infinity]
0619 "Stupid fuckin' little fuckin' baby frog! Fuck off!" [Minus Infinity]
0620 "Red frogs!?! I didn't sign up for this!" [Minus Infinity]

0621 "Prepare for an eternity of bloop bloop bloop sound effects if you are here." [Minus Infinity]
0622 "I may be the stupidest man alive." [Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom]
0623 "Goombas! Bouncy, transparent goombas! The worst kind of goombas!" [Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom]
0624 "FUCK'A'DUH!!!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0625 "ffffhFUCKITY FUCKA fhuuHUCKAH!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

0626 "Fuck off BubbleMan...*dies*...okay I guess I'll fuck off." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0627 "He touched me in inappropriate ways that cuased me to blow up!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0628 "Some health would be I don't die to the first thing that looks at me funny." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
0629 "Finding the most effcient way to find spikes, yeah I'm really fucking good at that!" [No Constancy]
0630 "Getting ripped apart by monkeys, best part of my day!" [No Constancy]
0631 "Conveyer belts are the murderer of Megaman." [No Constancy]

0632 "I'm an idiot. I am king of the idiots. I am Captain Moron." [Eversion]
0633 "Whatcha got for me Eddie?" [Mega Man 6]
0634 "Im really bad at videogames..." [Mega Man 6]

0635 "Fuck off, bacon." [No Constancy]

0636 "I got shot by a robot cowboy and thrown into a pit. What has my life come too?" [Mega Man 6]
0637 "I'm gonna miss hitting a dinosaur in the nose." [Mega Man 6]
0638 "Need to buy Etanks off Ebay!"[Mega Man 6]
0639 "I have defeated the evil bird menace!" [Mega Man 2]
0640 "Poor Spader.... he beat only one robot master" [Mega Man 2]

0641 "I'm going to murder you so hard you stupid fucking Met." [Super Danny Powered Up]
0642 "I love dying" [Super Danny Powered Up]
0643 "Mega Man, Super Danny, whatever. It can call itself Susan for all I care, I'm bad at it" [Super Danny Powered Up]
0644 "I did not. Ule is a big fat lier!" [Super Mario Bros. Crossover]

0645 "Stupidity 101 with Mojo. Walk backwards to re-spawn the enemy you just killed." [Super Danny 2]
0646 "GyroMan, the master of cheese." [Super Danny 2]
0647 "I'm the best... best ever!" [Super Danny 2]
0648 "No one kills baby fish quite like Danny does." [Super Danny 2]
0649 "I hate that pink fuck. He's a bastard." [Super Danny 2]

0650 "Seriously every time I get up to take a piss someone hosts me. It's crazy." [Super Danny 2]
0651 "... and there's a bunch of hoppy pink fucks..." [Super Danny 2]

0652 "Don't Jack into your Girlfriend, you're too young for that!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
0653 "I tried to murder Rush, and then he ran away." [Mega Man Battle Network]
0654 "You're ruining my life, you little hoppy fuck!" [Mega Man Battle Network]

0655 "Fuck your logic and reasoning, why can't I do things the stupid way and win! That's a lot more fun!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
0656 "It's the Adventures of Grape Kool-Aide, been here before, it's not important." [Mega Man Battle Network]
0657 "Meaty Macho Banjo Nachos" [Mega Man Battle Network]

0658 "... sticking my fingernails in between the crack." [Super Danny 2]

0659 (casually) "Hey, cruelty! I'm just dying to this super unfair stage over and over again. How are you?" [Mega Man Powered Up]
0660 "I'm going to be on this level for an eternity." [Mega Man Powered Up]
0661 "Welcome to my HELL!!!" [Mega Man Powered Up]
0662 "Not every little thing's quoteworthy, guys." [Mega Man Powered Up]
0663 "Thank you, impliedkappa." [Mega Man Powered Up]
0664 "ARGH! I cant... *pause* *sobs*" [Mega Man Powered Up]

0665 "Time to die to buss rosh." [Mega Man Powered Up]
0666 "Ule you lying son of a bitch." [Mega Man Powered Up]

0667 "Red drippy goo why don't you stay in Mega Man 2 where you belong?" [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
0668 "Just trying to kill you. Stop making it awkward." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
0669 "I'm out of Vanilla Coke. I'm pretty sure the world is ending." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
0670 "I don't want you to have your nose anymore. Can I have it?" [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
0671 "Zero... do you have gigantic green nipples?" [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
0672 "Flamingo, ostrich, they're the same thing." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]

0673 "Fuck you, Riku!" [Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX]

0674 "Oh wow, I outsmarted the bee!" [Rockman 3: Claw]
0675 "Well, the pattern's easy enough to dodge..." *dies* [Rockman 3: Claw]
0676 "What the hell are you on Protoman!?! Calm the fuck down!" [Rockman 3: Claw]
0677 "It's a never-ending clusterfuck of random ass bullshit!" [Rockman 3: Claw]
0678 "That should be the name of the stream: Bad Decisions Nightly." [Rockman 3: Claw]

0679 "...and we're dead ...and we're dead ...and we're dead ...and we're dead ...and we're dead." [Day in the Limelight]
0680 "That's what I'm here for, I'm the infomercial of twitch." [Day in the Limelight]
0681 "Okay FireMan is too fucking fat to hide behind AirMan. Lesson learned." [Day in the Limelight]

0682 "Oh god. Oh ho. *pause* Oh god. Oh. Oh god no. Oh shit. *dies* Uhhhhhhhh." [Day in the Limelight]
0683 "This jump is the hardest boss." [Day in the Limelight]
0684 "Not fucking kill you for not knowing that the giant fucking banana was gonna pop out of the back ground there." [Day in the Limelight]
0685 "Zeo why do you always have to prove to me how stupid I am?" [Day in the Limelight]
0686 "God damn it, stop doin' that, you stupid fuckin' bastard!" [Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX]
0687 "I really need to murder you!" [Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX]

0688 "I hate this boss. I hate my own stupidity more, and this room flickers like a bastard." [Mega Man 2]

0689 "First up, SomeoneIDon'tRememberMan." [Day in the Limelight 2]

0690 "Monkeys are O.P." [Day in the Limelight 2]
0691 "Gotta go speedy!" [Day in the Limelight 2]
0692 "We have to re-fart one of these guys." [Day in the Limelight 2]
0693 "Mets, and penguins, and bees, oh my!" [Day in the Limelight 2]
0694 "I'm not a professional truck dodger." [Day in the Limelight 2]
0695 "Fucking fuck...I don't know where I was going with that. So much fuck." [Day in the Limelight 2]

0696 "Why did I jump? *gets hit* Why didn't I jump?" [Day in the Limelight 2]

0697 "God, those fucking scissors." [Rock Force]
0698 "What the complete fuck?" [Rock Force]

0699 "He is super speedy good Eddie." [Rock Force]
0700 "Why did you do that Mr. Blowy Up Missile Thing?" [Rock Force]
0701 "What the fuck controller? You can't arbitrarily start going left! It's bad for Mega Man's health!" [Rock Force]
0702 "I know how to push buttons. ALL the right buttons." [Rock Force]
0703 "Super retarded car wait he's more a motorcycle." [Rock Force]
0704 "This has got to be an adventure... an adventure of death." [Rock Force]
0705 "I'm currently on my way to "I have a fetish for spikes" man." [Rock Force]
0706 "Fuck Jim Carey, I should have been the star of Dumb and Dumber...I could have played both fucking parts!" [Rock Force]
0707 "Why... bonk head, so bad. How do... what was I saying? Hold on, guys. Gotta take a piss." [Rock Force]
0708 "I don't know what I'm saying. Things and words." [Rock Force]
0709 "I defeated a fish. You're all jealous of me." [Rock Force]
0710 "Denied!" [Rock Force]

0711 "Holy Mother of God, I suck!" [Mega Man : 8-Bit Death Match]

0712 "Large heath drop, to go." [Rockman L]
0713 "Keep your offspring to your self, you fucking bitch bird....have your kids fight your battles for you." [Rockman L]
0714 "Why am I playing this game again?" [Rockman L]
0715 "That's Korean Mexican right there." [Rockman L]
0716 "Crabs, and frogs, and springy things, fuuuck!" [Rockman L]
0717 "Head bonks are the evil side kicks of pits!" [Rockman L]

0718 "MegaMan seems determined to find every single damn way to die in this level." [Rockman L]
0719 "I wanna get married to fucking CrashMan Wannabe." [Rokko-Chan]
0720 "Dash buttons exist? I thought dash buttons were a myth." [Rokko-Chan]

0721 "I hope Mega Man dies in a fire. But not just straight up dying in a fire. I hope he fails to save Roll and Dr. Light first. Like... he comes home and the house is on fire. He knows they are in there and are going to be destroyed, but he can't do anything about it. Then he dies as well.. but AFTER he knows that they died. Fuck Mega Man." [Mega Man 4]

0722 "I couldn't.. uhhhh..aaarrrghh.. UGGGUUUUHHHH!" [Mega Man 3]
0723 "God dammit fish!!!....Ok, I've learned to wait." [Mega Man 4]
0724 "It's a loop of shitty piss." [Mega Man 5]
0725 "Im not fucking with you squid monster" [Mega Man 6]
0726 "he shot my foot and i blew up?? I think that was an overreaction!" [Mega Man 6]
0727 "Swear to God bird, your not welcome here" [Mega Man 6]

0728 "...yep, I'm pretty much a vacuum cleaner." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
0729 "Whoa! Stalker, creeper, goddamn right in my face!" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
0730 "Hey Rushock, welcome to the 'I'm a fucking idiot stream'. Fuck, fuck, fucking idiot." [Mega Man 4 Plus]

0731 "You slide freely at every fucking opportunity, except when I fucking want you to!" [Mega Man 4]
0732 "I play worse then a fucking retarded kindergartner!" [Mega Man 4]
0733 "I don't have braincells at the moment." [Mega Man 4]

0734 "I'm the honorary retard of the race, so every one else can feel better about themselves!" [Mega Man 4]
0735 "It's head bonk! Head Bonk the Expreince!" [Mega Man 4 Plus]

0736 "I see another met over there, look at those demonic frozen eyes!" [Mega Man Revolution]
0737 "You're a hyperactive little asshole, aren't ya?" [Mega Man Revolution]
0738 "The power of Pong compels you to not be an evil asshole." [Mega Man Revolution]
0739 "Piss-colored water is much safer than grape Kool-Aid." [Mega Man Revolution]

0740 "Fuck off bug." [Mega Man 10]
0741 "I'm the best. Can any of you jump into holes as efficiently as I do?" [Mega Man 10]
0742 "You stupid little scanny fucking prick!" [Mega Man 10]
0743 "I'm not addicted to Mega Man... I can stop anytime I want!" [Mega Man 10]
0744 "Mojo, stop jumping into damage." *proceeds to jump into damage* "What did I just say?" [Mega Man 10]

0745 "STUPIDITY IS MOJO!" [Mega Man 9]

0746 "FUCKING...GAAAWWW!" [Mega Man 9]

0747 "Hey Captain Douchebag, you knocked me into the pit. I really appreciate that." [Mega Man X]
0748 "I fucking hate this bit. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!" [Mega Man X]
0749 "Son of a fucking bitch! Why-AAAARGH I'm so stupid!" [Mega Man X]
0750 "What is wrong with me, FFFFUCKK" [Mega Man X]
0751 "No... no, I don't want to be inside of you!" [Mega Man X2]
0752 "I might be retarded guys." [Mega Man X3]

0753 "What's down here? *dies* Death and pain. Death and pain, and pain and death, and death and pain." [Mega Man X3]
0754 "One tiny touch of the bee's ass and I blow up." [Mega Man X3]
0755 "Oh look I didn't bounce backwards. It's a fucking Christmas miracle." [Mega Man X3]
0756 "You shut your mouth Dr. Light and just give me the damn boots. I worked my ass off for these fucking things." [Mega Man X3]
0757 "That was beautiful, slidey slidey slidey. You guys cant pull that move" [Mega Man 5]

0758 "Some where over the rainbow, blue man lives. Annnnnnd where getting an E-tank may result in a death." - Meelemage [Dr. Wily's Final Attack]
0759 "Wouhh! Bees!" [Dr. Wily's Final Attack]
0760 "It caught me so off-guard that I sprayed raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid all over my monitor." [Dr. Wily's Final Attack]
0761 "Everyone needs to fear the Dick Squid!" [Dr. Wily's Final Attack]

0762 "What the fuck is going o... this game.... just kill me." [Genesis Bootleg X3]

0763 "Game of Days of our Lives Middle Earth Edition!" [Mega Man 5]

0764 "Can you kill me more efficiently please?" [Mega Man 5]
0765 "Hey Ule.... Oh I already said hey to you. I take it back" [Mega Man 5]

0766 "I just saved 46 seconds in boss rush how did I do that" [Mega Man 5]
0767 "Thank you guys, you making me look like a retard!" [Mega Man 5]
0768 "I can't be playing, who is playing? Did someone take my controller?" [Mega Man 5]

0769 "I'm 100% stupid. If I was a food, you could read the nutritional facts and they would read 'made with 100% stupidness'." [Super Mega Man 3]
0770 "You got: Razor Blade! Now we can shave! MegaMan you're growing up." [Super Mega Man 3]
0771 "Son of a bitch...son of a bitch...son of a bitch...did I mention son of a bitch?" [Super Mega Man 3]
0772 "Wily 1 hit me in the face with an axe and I died... Fuck Wily 1." [Super Mega Man 3]
0773 "Fireballs could hurt, would've you thought of that?" [Super Mega Man 3]
0774 "Where's my tank, where's my tank. Suck down my tank!" [Mega Man 2]
0775 "Go on a diet, Mega Man! Why do you have to be one block wide? Why can't you be, like, a half block?" [Super Mega Man 3]
0776 "What? You Healed?! *Boss Dies* Fuck you, get outta here, I'm fuckin' Mega Bass!" [Super Mega Man 3]

0777 "The ghost of that bacon dispenser shot bacon out of it's ass and killed me. Thank you bacon dispenser." [Mega Man Ultra]
0778 "I didn't want that! That health is a crutch!" [Mega Man Ultra]

0779 "What the hell is going on with that guy's frogs? I think your frogs are broken dude." [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0780 "Oh my god a boss door. *dies* Oh my god death." [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0781 "Frogs + Gravity = Pit" [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0782 "Suddenly, bacon!" [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0783 "Progress, look at that... FUCKING DAMMIT!" [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0784 "Jump is sometimes good. Sometimes Not. Fuck Jumps." [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]
0785 "I'm Robot Jesus, I need to meet my people!" [Rockman Deus Ex Machina]

0786 "FUCK YOU SEGA GENESIS, FUCK YOU!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
0787 "I already said hey to you ule! Shut up" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
0788 "You're lucky this time Ule... You're lucky" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
0789 "Learn to quote Ule, god! Maybe it's all that chicken you're eating." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
0790 "Oh sweet, you get i-frames in this game. You need to get hit to get i-frames. Fuck off. Fucking fuck off and die." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
0791 "Rush, do me a favor and stop being shit!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]

0792 "Need to learn to beat Dracula-wanna-be-guy with the Fist." [Mega Man 7]

0793 "Oh my god my ass just disappeared." [Mega Man Legends]
0794 "Best game ever" [Mega Man Legends]
0795 "YAY for death!" [Mega Man Legends]
0796 "That's a bomb... Hi bomb!" [Mega Man Legends]
0797 "You just greatly improved the quality of my life Zeo." [Mega Man Legends]
0798 "Progress, sweet sweet Progress."(in a lover's moan) [Mega Man Legends]
0799 "Goddamn it can, get in the bakery. I SWEAR TO GOD!" [Mega Man Legends]
0800 "Get in the car you stupid blue bastard!" [Mega Man Legends]
0801 "I don't want to kick the can 100 times, GOD DAMMIT!" [Mega Man Legends]
0802 "I can program a better game with my ass cheeks that controls betters than this piece of shit!" [Mega Man Legends]
0803 "Ule don't make reach over the computer and smack you." [Mega Man Legends]
0804 "Can you open your ass again?!" [Mega Man Legends]
0805 "Oh my god, the door is on this side. God I'm an idiot!" [Mega Man Legends]
0806 "I hate that fucking....THAT ONE...ARRHHH!" [Mega Man X4]
0807 "I always play Mega Man really shitily." [Mega Man X4]
0808 "Dirty fucking yellow bullshit!" [Mega Man X4]
0809 "I'm a greedy fucking asshole." [Mega Man X4]

0810 "I'm out of Item-1 and Item-Number." [Mega Man 2]
0811 "Goddammit kappa, shut up." [Mega Man 2]

0812 "Fucking.. doh sonofafuck!" [Mega Man Reloaded]
0813 "Mega man game wouldn't be complete without a head bump or two" [Mega Man Reloaded]
0814 "Fucking son of a fucking fuck... *Frustrated noise* ICE PHYSICS FUCKING SUCK!!" [Mega Man Reloaded]
0815 "*Fart noise*" [Rockman Claw]
0816 "Diagonal Suzys?! What is this nonsense?" [Rockman Claw]
0817 "Just stand still and eat my lemons. No, don't hop. Just eat my lemons! They may be a little sour, but they are delicious!" [Rockman Claw]
0818 "I can Beat him.... if he would stop hopping right on my face" [Rockman Claw]

0819 "I go 15 minutes without swearing every day, Ule. When I'm sleeping." [Rockman Claw]
0820 "Fuck off Ule!" [Rockman Claw]
0821 "Destroy the diagonal Suzy abominations... *Dies* Fuck!" [Rockman Claw]
0822 "Fucking son of a fucking fucking fuck fuck!" [Rockman Claw]
0823 "Taso, go to Mars." [Rockman Claw]
0824 "Congrats..... you made a pyramid of love" [Rockman Claw]
0825 "Fucking...what the fuck?! I think..I think it's fucking insta-death. If I get hit..if I get hit during the fucking cycle of fucking bacon dispenser bullshit I'm instantly dead as soon as the eyeball appears. I can't dodge it. At least from evidence so far. Because the..the timing is..I'm still in the air from dodging the pr..last projectile. *dies*..and I'm dead. Told ya." [Rockman Claw]

0826 "I like milk. Milk is awesome." [Square Root of Negative One]
0827 "Brain... why not work?" [Square Root of Negative One]
0828 "Suddenly CutMan is a duck." [Square Root of Negative One]
0829 "Kappa, you're a genius." [Square Root of Negative One]
0830 "I did not mean to slide there!" [Square Root of Negative One]
0831 "Don't go backwards, you'll get violated by a monkey." [Square Root of Negative One]
0832 "How come that pit killed me?!" [Square Root of Negative One]
0833 "FUCKING STUPID CRICKET DIE YOU FUCKING" [Square Root of Negative One]
0834 "WHOA! Lesson learned. Rush has explosive feet. He'll fuck up your blocks." [Square Root of Negative One]
0835 Fuck this game. Fuck it with a rusty fork." [Square Root of Negative One]
0836 "Eat my milk! I guess... drink it! Consume my milk!" [Square Root of Negative One]
0837 "Fucking!! I hate this stupid Cricket" [Square Root of Negative One]
0838 "Was that a Bob-Omb?!?" [Square Root of Negative One]
0839 "Illuminati Confirmed" [Square Root of Negative One]

0840 "I'm trying to get my fucking controller to work." [Rockman 3 Burst Chaser]
0841 "Hey...did you guys see that? I'm pretty sure I just fired a bullet out of my ass." [Rockman 3 Burst Chaser]
0842 *exasperated* "Boss Door! I love you!" [Rockman 3 Burst Chaser]
0843 "Can you shoot me please?" [Rockman 3 Burst Chaser]
0844 "I can't not paying attention I suck bye RIP me bye" [Rockman 3 Burst Chaser]

0845 "What are you fucking about?" [Rockman 5 Air Sliding]
0846 "Booooooooooooooo! Boooooooooooooo!" [Rockman 5 Air Sliding]
0847 "Fuck Mega Man, fuck this game, fuck life, fuck existence" [Mega Man]

0848 "This level sucks. This level sucks a lot. This level can die in a fire. Fuck this level, is what I'm trying to say." [Mega Man 4]
0849 "Gutsman...I hope he knows what personal space is!" [Mega Man]
0850 "JUST GET UP THE DAMN LAD-!! I'm perfectly happy with that." [Mega Man]
0851 "Lag Man's stage is so laggy." [Mega Man]
0852 "It's a race of fuck-ups. Who can fuck up the least?" [Mega Man]
0853 "It's race of fuckups! Winner is who fucks up the most! MM1 Race w/ viewers" [Mega Man]
0854 "Fuck off you stupid missile! You're ruining my life!" [Mega Man 3]

0855 "Ooh I got emails!" *open emails* Mayl : "HELP ME!" Mojo : "Uggghhh..." [Mega Man Network Transmission]

0856 "FUCK OFF BRIGHT MAN!" [Mega Man Network Transmission]
0857 "Oh god, quick! Quick Man no, please, oohhhh! Son of a bitch..." [Mega Man Network Transmission]

0858 "Gemini Laser can fucking eat a dick!" [Mega Man 3]
0859 "I got my socks wet when I raged and broke open my water bottle, so I'm going to go get some new socks. Be right back." [Mega Man 3]

0860 " Take number 7552!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

0861 "Ah the problem with making prequels...or inbetwequels." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
0862 "Can I jack into the squirrel?" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
0863 "When I jack out I get full health." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
0864 "A giant gold plated space whale is seen travelling towards the earth. It opens it's mouth, unleashing a beam that cuts a hole through the center of the planet. The Gamma radiation causes an iguana to grow huge and winged, which then proceeds to defeat the space whale, only to return to earth, to mate with the newly formed hole, slowly humping it into the sun." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

0865 "Why am I am using the bird? Fuck me." [Mega Man 5]
0866 "I feel like I just pissed an ocean." [Mega Man 6]

0867 "Be right back, you guys. I'm gonna get some pants on." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

0868 "Holy mother of god, shrimp things hurt!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

0869 "Augh, so fuckin' SOWLFLAAA!" [Mega Man 3]
0870 "My life's Passion, is touching Sniper Joes... and springy things. It's what I live for." [Mega Man 2]
0871 "Leave me fucking alone, you stupid spinny twat!" [Mega Man 4]
0872 "I usually reach for fuck." [Mega Man 4]

0873 "The world will end in a fire apocalypse before I can do that." [Mega Man 4]
0874 "I take every fucking thing to the face." [Mega Man 4]
0876 "Calm the fuck down, chat!" [Mega Man 4]
0877 "Air_Hammer you didn't make me a sandwich?! What the fuck!" [Mega Man 4]
0878 "I might have some chicken nuggets." [Mega Man 4]
0879 "God! Stupid fuckin dive missile! What the fuck is your problem. Derpiest fuckin dive missile ever!" [Mega Man 4]
0880 "Come on! Spawn somewhere where I can throw this ball in your face!" [Mega Man 4]
0881 "Spike death is the value of gajillion." [Mega Man 6]

0882 "Oh my GOD, I'm having trouble turning around." [Mega Man]
0883 "Drazhar... I don't need to scoop up a pile of dog shit out of the yard and eat it to know it tastes bad..." [Mega Man]
0884 "*sings* Super RNG man!" [Mega Man]
0885 "I was doing so well then I got raped by a guy with a drill on his head." [Mega Man]
0886 "Fuck this game with a rusty fork... *slides into pit*...and down we go. This is a good place to die." [Mega Man]
0887 "Megaman OW! Yes Megaman Ow!" [Mega Man]
0888 "You sure you guys are not Megaman playing robots?" [Mega Man]
0889 "Note to self: Never touch a penguin" [Mega Man 3]

0890 "Ule is a professional troll. Never believe anything he says." [Mega Man 3]
0891 "I have all gameboy games" [Mega Man 3]
0892 "PBR needs surgery to get these dongs out of his brain! just open up his head, and there's a bunch of fuckin' dongs." [Mega Man 3]
0893 "I want all of you to go pick up a random fucking bum, that looks like he's filled up with EVERY DRUG ON THE PLANET. One that looks like he's never even touched a video game. He's better at mega man 3 than I am." [Mega Man 3]
0894 "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. Words and stuff." [Mega Man 3]
0895 "I have a brain the size of a pea, and that functions as well as a dead hamster's." [Mega Man 3]
0896 "Our wedding is still on Air Hammer. We just need to figure out which one of us is the bride." [Mega Man 4]
0897 "I'm pretty sure that for Mega Man games that are, like... further in the future, they just transplanted Mega Man's hair and... *falls in a pit* FRRRRRRRREEEFUGGITYFUCK!" [Mega Man 4]
0898 "Since this is practice... I have to pee." [Mega Man 4]
0899 "Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Fuck you, tink!" [Mega Man 4]
0900 "Fucking sonofabitch I'm dead.... and I'm gonna run out of hard now." [Mega Man 3]

0901 "Starman is like bending over and saying: 'Here, take it!" [Mega Man 5]
0902 "I'm just saying that your mom.... Never mind" [Mega Man 6]
0903 "I like being dead, it's my natural state." [Mega Man 6]
0904 "The game was feeling generous, and sorry for me. I should be dead." [Mega Man 6]

0905 "I Believe in the heart of the chips!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
0906 "And I demand you cut off your hair and eat it PBR." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

0908 "Fuck em! Fuck em! Fuck em! Fuck em! Fuck them a Million times over! I fucking HATE Bladers!" [Mega Man Dongs][05/05/2015]
0909 "Shut up, Altima." [Mega Man Dongs]
0910 "Heat Man you're a retard" [Mega Man Dongs]

0911 "I'd rather play a game where you swordfight with giant dildos, than play a fucking game about ponies." [Rock Force]
0912 "I'm just an idiot." [Rock Force]
0913 "Eddie needs to die in a fire." [Rock Force]
0914 "Who needs skill when you have... A Bunch of E-Tanks!" [Rock Force]
0915 "If a quote about me, talking about uppercuts to assholes doesn't scare a new viewer away, nothing will." [Rock Force]
0916 "I am Dive Man! Fear Me! *falls off cliff* SHIT!" [Rock Force]
0917 "Fat floaty head won't fit through there, Fat floaty head Owch" [Rock Force]

0918 "Chat is where deaths happen." [Rock Force]
0919 "Welcome to the 'MegaMan shoots spiders in the ass' stream." [Rock Force]

0920 "We're morphing into Sriracha. Okay." [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0921 "I didn't mean to give you my money! I just wanted to get you to shut up!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0922 "Well we can't fuck this one up...AHH! I almost fucked this one up." [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0923 "I don't care about the other rewards, I want to see a hovering skeleton guitarist. My life is incomplete without that" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0924 "Let me ou--- or just run over my face" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0925 "Nope not down that hole *Dies*" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0926 "*dies* Waahhhhhh!!!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]

0927 "Whoa, whoa! Calm your ass down. Literally, calm your ass down. Your ass is spewing lasers... that are shooting fireballs." [Mega Man]
0928 "BUBBLE FISH! Blubb, blubb, blubb. You guys are all jealous of my fishyness." [Mega Man]
0929 "Please don't die to spike. Please don't die to spikes. *dies to spikes* I died to spikes." [Mega Man]
0930 "FUCK OFF FISH!!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0931 "I bet you thats Fucking healing him" *Blasts it one last time* ".....or maybe not" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0932 "Keep your balls to yourself!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0933 "LIFE IMPROVED!!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0934 "Welcome back to the world of... ahhh!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0935 "God Chompy Fuck, you are an ugly SOB." [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0936 "Ok, Richard? Richard.. you're dumb! I could hear the stupid in your voice." [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0937 "I definitely smell like ham." [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0938 "Bee got a bee butt!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0939 "Holy Mother of God! Your just let out an ass nuke on my fuss... bace? buss? Face!" [Mega Man ZX Advent]
0940 "Ass Nukes do so much damage, so does touching the ass." [Mega Man ZX Advent]

0941 "Zero, if he wasn't a robot he would have shit himself." [Mega Man X7]
0942 "Alia: Can you hear me, Axl? Mojo: I can hear you lady, shut up. Alia: Can you hear me, Axl? Mojo: YES I CAN HEAR YOU, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" [Mega Man X7]
0943 "I'm gonna go fill my water bottle while I contemplate what the hell happened to the Megaman series." (After hearing Tornado Tonnion) [Mega Man X7]
0944 "I have not saved, a single person in this level! Ugh! It's not looking good for you Steve!" [Mega Man X7]
0945 "I saved someone! Tony, you're the lucky survivor!" [Mega Man X7]
0946 "Leave it to me. Here goes nothing. BURN TO THE GROUND!" [Mega Man X7]
0947 "I rescued Jelly. Now if I can only find Peanut Butter." [Mega Man X7]
0948 "Why are the ants working for him!? He's an ANTEATER, the ants turned traitor!" [Mega Man X7]
0949 "Bleugh, bleugh, bleugh... he makes the most beautiful noises when he's hit in the face with a wheel." [Mega Man X7]

0950 "Don't mind me... just shooting you in the asshole." [Mega Man X7]

0951 "Who the fuck are you? Shut up! What the fuck is that on your head?" [Mega Man X8]
0952 "Boy... Mega man sure has come a long way..." [Mega Man X8]
0953 "CHEESE AND FRIES!!!!!" [Mega Man X8]
0954 "AA! I am the best! All of you, bow down to my Double A rank!" [Mega Man X8]
0955 "God damn stupid purple orbs! Stop being purple orbs!" [Mega Man X8]
0956 "You are so stupid looking. So Fucking Stupid Looking! What is up with your green triple dipple nipples... and your red wanna be carrot looking nose?" [Mega Man X8]

0957 "If I try to dash any harder, I'd get arrested for raping my damn controller!" [Mega Man X8]
0958 "OVER WHAAAAAA!!!" [Mega Man X8]
0959 "Fuck I...I don't care. I just legitimately don't give a fuck. That's it. I'm not going for any collectibles in this game. I'm just getting to the end. I stopped officially giving a fuck right then. Right when that mech fell down there I stopped giving all fucks. Every single fuck I had is gone. Every single one. Plus some I didn't even have. I borrowed fucks so I would go in to 'fuck debt'." [Mega Man X8]
0960 "Feelin' Pain Red? Just cut off your ear! I'm sure that will work!" [Mega Man X8]

0961 "You shall call me by my name because my name is my name!" [Mega Man X8]
0962 "I will allow you to call me by my name... because I am indeed... Mojoric!" [Mega Man X8]
0963 "Welcome to spike bullshit fuck bullshit fuck fuck fuck." [Mega Man X8]
0964 "What is brain?" [Mega Man X8]
0965 "RIP Zero, no one fucking loves you, you're dead." [Mega Man X8]
0966 "I don't know what you are talking about Vengeful. I'm pretty sure you are a dirty, filthy liar....dirty AND filthy" [Mega Man X]

0967 "I don't know how to make Fire Man act like his retarded self!" [Mega Man]
0968 "Hi fire! Hi all the damage. OMG HAND PLEASE!" [Mega Man X]

0969 "*sings* Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Nye the Science Guy." [Mega Man X]
0970 "I hate this boss so fucking much. So fucking much. So fucking much? So fucking much." [Mega Man X]
0971 "The rules of the universe is very complex and it mainly involves me sucking at Mega Man." [Mega Man X]
0972 *laughs* "Fuckin' purple douchbag thing... Fuck off!!" [Mega Man X]
0973 "This game can suck a massive fuckin' dick! I'm sorry, but Fuck anyone who enjoys speed running it!" [Mega Man X]
0974 "I'm pretty sure I have to go piss a gallon of Kool-aid as soon as this run's done though." [Mega Man X]
0975 "Trolly ass spider fuck..." [Mega Man X]
0976 "Start throwing boomerangs and stop dashing around" [Mega Man X]

0977 "Thanks for the host PBR, *gets hit with Hammer* SHIT!" [Mega Man]
0978 "Dude! You shouldn't keep birds in your briefcase! Poor birds..." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0979 "Vampire sabre saved my ass." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0980 "Hey, hey, hey, I'm an idiot." [Mega Man Unlimited]
0981 "Welcome back Astrum! NOOOOOOOOoooooo!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0982 "Hooray for Double Jump! That just saved my li- my ass!" [Mega Man Unlimited]

0983 "I was on a roll, then I jumped into spikes" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0984 "I'm giving tutorials on shittiness here!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0985 "That wiggle power!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0986 "fuck off, you paste eating bastard!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0987 "Oh god. Shadows everywhere!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
0988 "There is nothing more in life I enjoy Guts man than you STOMPING ALL OVER MY FUCKING FACE! Fuck off you stupid piece of shit robot... fuck off and die" [Mega Man]
0989 "Holy Mother of Crap!" [Mega Man]

0990 "No one turns Mega Man into scrap metal better than I do!" [Mega Man X: Command Mission]
0991 "I can't take you seriously. You're a fucking platypus with Doctor Octopus arms." [Mega Man X: Command Mission]

0992 "God damn you guys for being right, why can't I be the right one?" [Mega Man X: Command Mission]

0993 "HOLY CRAP! CALM THE FUCK DOWN LADY! Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch." [Mega Man X: Command Mission]
0994 "Ule, keep your pants up, jeesus..." [Mega Man X: Command Mission]
0995 "did he just fart on her?" [Mega Man X: Command Mission]

0996 "I died, just as I killed it I died. Double KO. Guys... DOUBLE FUCKING KO!" [Mega Man Legends 2]
0997 "Can we stop being on fire?" [Mega Man Legends 2]
0998 "I'm gonna wreck some fuckin' chicken ass." [Mega Man Legends 2]

0999 "And a fucking glowing twirly thing comes out of nowhere and smacks my ass in the face, funny!" [Mega Man Legends 2]
1000 "Hey! Hey! Hey! It's a fucking robot Fat Albert." [Mega Man Legends 2]
1001 "Exploding on people is not fair!!!!" [Mega Man Legends 2]
1002 "Delicious robot fish toast." [Mega Man Legends 2]
1003 "Noo I don't want to wear asbestos on my shoes, that sounds like cancer." [Mega Man Legends 2]
1004 "Noooooooooo Blue orbs, stay away from me deadly blue orbs" [Mega Man Legends 2]

1005 "You are one ugly sonofabitch." [Mega Man Legends 2]
1006 "Hello, welcome to the Mojo burger, home of the Mojo Burger! How may I take your order?" [Mega Man Legends 2]
1007 "Ice cold no fucks given!" [Mega Man Legends 2]
1008 "NO! I don't wanna play jump rope!" [Mega Man Legends 2]

1009 "He jumped on my face......jerk." [Mega Man & Bass]
1010 "Did I just shoot his electricity? How does that even work?" [Mega Man & Bass]
1011 "I set my clone just a tiny bit too low... and missmissmissmissmissmissmissmissmiss..." [Mega Man & Bass]

1012 "For the record the boss is a trolly ass bastard, but I sometimes wonder if Vengeful is too" [Mega Man & Bass]
1013 "Not only did I NOT get a helmet, but I fucked up and died! Fuck fuck, fuck!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1014 "Fuck, fuck, fuck, so much fuck, Good night Air Hammer, I'm so Fucked" [Mega Man & Bass]
1015 "DON'T KILL ME! .... he killed me." [Mega Man & Bass]
1016 "I got a delicious peanut butter cookie to make me feel less bad about my upcoming game over." [Mega Man & Bass]

1017 "Keep your feather hat bullshit to yourself" [Mega Man 6]
1018 "I'm a smart, intelligent person that does very reasonable things." [Mega Man 4]
1019 "You're amazing Eddie! You and Mega Man should make sweet.. weird.. robot.. container.. battling babies." [Mega Man 4]
1020 "Fine, Sniper Joe! I'll kill you! Is that what you wanted? Is that what you wanted!?!" [Mega Man]
1021 "I KNOW HOW TO COUNT!!!" [Mega Man 2]

1022 "And we're boned. So SO boned." [Mega Man & Bass]
1023 "NOOO! I WANT MY MONEY!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1024 "Unless your house is burning down I expect you to be here Air Hammer, god damnit!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1025 "Shuddup Tripla" [Mega Man & Bass]

1026 "I wouldn't call my time in this game a speed run. It's more like a... power walk? It sure isn't speedy." [Mega Man & Bass]
1027 "Burner Man bent me over and had his way with me. Over and over again. Over, and over, and over, and over again." [Mega Man & Bass]
1028 "Do you wanna fuck? Too fucking bad! No fucks for you!" [Mega Man & Bass]

1029 "I'm going to cheese it for achivements. 'Cheesments." [Mega Man]
1030 "Goodbye snake. No one loves you, and you're dumb." [Mega Man 3]
1031 "What Have I Done!? *Falls into spikes* HAHAHA." [Mega Man 5]
1032 "Stop trying to get inside of me!" [Mega Man 5]
1033 "NICE SHOT! I'm gonna kill you for that, but nice shot!" [Mega Man 5]
1034 "I don't want buttery ass orgasms. I'll pass." [Mega Man 5]
1035 "Whoops, that was eh... whoops!" [Mega Man 6]
1036 "I was going to pass you up at first, but now I want your e-tank. You're going down! Stupid bear." [Mega Man 7]
1037 "Sometimes I wish that I could kill people just by walking into them." [Mega Man 7]
1038 "According to Futurama logic... uhhhh.. this is your dong!" [Mega Man 7]
1039 "lol. Dong." [Mega Man 7]
1040 *Sings* "I've got to punch a stegosaurus in the face! Then die a stupid death!" [Mega Man 7]
1041 "Yeah, yeah, Zero. Just shut the fuck up! Go blow yourself up somewhere!" [Mega Man X]

1042 "Sweet! Just gonna bonk my girlfriend and steal her shit!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1043 "My mouth takes up like 60% of my face." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1044 "Lady don't hate Ule, he already has a small dick. He can't take any more shit in his life." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1045 "Where is my dad?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1046 "Let's see what MetalMan does,probably horribly overkill a Met.........oh its Super close range, I am less excited about it now." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1047 "The Poop escaped and then had babies" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]

1048 "Do I want to kill the cute little blobs, they're so cute?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1049 "I suuuck, my badness can not even be comprehended." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1050 "Congratz Roll, you're fucking Garbage!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1051 "Ule spending all your potatoes." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]

1052 "My snakes are more powerful then your snakes!" [Mega Man 3]
1053 "That precious health! I need - Abrabruhbrahbruh." [Mega Man X]
1054 "Shut up. Don't make fun of me, and the stupid words I've said." [Mega Man X]
1055 "Wow, I'm dumb. It's like I've never played this game before." [Mega Man 2]
1056 "I hate you QuickMan, QuickMan.EXE I fucking hate you. Doc QuickMan, I fucking hate you. Regular QuickMan, I fucking hate you." [Mega Man 2]
1057 "If I try not to get shot... Guess what guys, I get shot." [Mega Man 2]
1058 "Whatever you want." [Mega Man 2]
1059 "Why am I so dumb? Why dumb? Why dumb." [Mega Man 2]
1060 "Well this is just going to go fucking dandy. Fucking amazing." [Mega Man 5]

1061 "Would you stop punching my grass? I need that." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1062 "This is 'Plan B'. Also known as 'I die now'." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1063 "I deserve to be dead" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]

1064 "Glorious, glorious healing grass." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1065 "Come down here, you yo-yo flinging fuck." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1066 "Eat ice cube, Shrimp!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1067 "God damn stupid fucking fuck fuck." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]

1068 "Shut up about your cousin and fight me!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1069 "It's a miracle. Yesterday I had three meals. I remembered to eat, and had three whole meals!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1070 "I think that guy became my new favourite character ... He called the spoiled rich girl 'The Forehead'" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1071 "I am LandScaperMan. I'm no longer MegaMan, its LandScaperMan now" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1072 "time for grass!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue]
1073 "HOLY SHIT GutsMan, CALM DOWN!!!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3]
1074 *under his breath* "Stupid GutsMan, stupid punch thing, stupid blah" [Mega Man Battle Network 3]

1075 "C'mon met. Please don't murder me" *dies* "Arrrggghhhh!" [Quint's Revenge]
1076 "It's more of a... AHHH HOCK-A-HOCK-A-HOCK-A than a... AHHHHHHHHHH." [Quint's Revenge]
1077 "Man, this is kinda hard. Difficulty: Spikes." [Quint's Revenge]
1078 "VICTORY!" ...*dies* [Quint's Revenge]
1079 "DUMB. WHY. AM. SO. I? DUMB." [Quint's Revenge]
1080 "DOUBLE KOOO!" [Quint's Revenge]
1081 "A lot of Megaman Fan games have this... Un-Megaman-ness." [Quint's Revenge]
1082 "We have our local troll Ule and Kappa" [Mega Man II]
1083 "The little bacon machine is like, "Here have some Lives!" " [Mega Man II]
1084 "M- Monkey!? Get out of my life! *1-Up drops*" [Mega Man II]
1085 "Easiest yoku block segment ever?" *Immediately Dies* "I probably should learn not to open my mouth." [Mega Man II]
1086 "We're gonna call it Super Pause shenanigans now" [Mega Man II]
1087 "Lady, if you don't beat me, I'm going to be so disappointed in you." [Mega Man 2]

1088 "Time for some gravity defying bacon." [Mega Man 2]
1089 "BOSS DOOR!" [Rockman Claw 2]
1090 "Be careful where you throw your carrots." [Mega Man 2]
1091 "Huh, apparently the mets shoot twice. FUCK OFF METS!" [Mega Man 2]
1092 "Come on monkeys, you're like glued to me!! It's like Dumb!" [Mega Man 2]
1093 "ZOMBIE MEGA MAN WINS AGAIN!!" [Mega Man 2]
1094 "You are to fat monkey." [Mega Man 2]
1095 " Fuck nuggets." [Mega Man 2]
1096 "I may have found a pit." [Mega Man 2]
1097 "I have no fucking attention span when I'm in dark rooms." [Rockman Claw 2]
1098 "You gotta quickly hop across a pit but if you quickly hop across a pit you get a fireball to the face and die!" [Rockman Claw 2]
1099 "Guys. Guys! *sighs* We made it past the dark room." [Rockman Claw 2]
1100 "Fuck you, bacon. Fuck you!" [Rockman Claw 2]
1101 "Fucking bonk, fucking bats, fucking little ice platforms, FUCK!" [Rockman Claw 2]
1102 "Wood Man. Do you want the D? I think he's totally immune to the D." [Rockman Claw 2]
1103 "I'm all gooey and gross!" [Mega Man 2]
1104 "I dont have money for mail order brides. All of my money goes to Mega Man games which is the most important! Who needs romance and love when you have Mega Man!" [Mega Man 2]

1105 "Guess Wily couldn't afford the Lightning throwy guys for CloudMan's Stage" [Mega Man 7]
1106 "Stupid fucking pumpkin! Eat a fuckin' dick! Stupid fuckin pumpkin! Choke on a fuckin dick. Stupid fucking pumpkin, I don't care about you, I hope your family all died in dick related accidents." [Mega Man 7]
1107 "Fuck off, Wily! Eat a dick! Join Pumpkin in his dick-eating shenanigans!" [Mega Man 7]
1108 "I have no face, just a gigantic forehead vein." [Mega Man 7]
1109 "Everything in this game just needs to eat a Dick!!" [Mega Man 7]
1110 "Protoman firmly believes everyone should experience the thrill of arson." [Mega Man 7]

1111 "GutsMan! Personal space please! GutsMan, I don't want to hug you." *dies* [Mega Man]
1112 "That was a beautiful Mojo death!" [Mega Man 4]
1113 "You're right, Kappa." [Mega Man 4]
1114 "Toast, become toast faster." [Mega Man 4]
1115 "Rockman and Forte as MegaMan, you truly hate me." [Mega Man 4]

1116 "FYI, BurstMan can eat a dick." [Mega Man 7]

1117 "His fist is GLUED to my ass!" [Mega Man 7]
1118 "Winning by default is the best kind of winning, right?" [Mega Man 7]
1119 "Wrong weapon, wrong weapon! ... Wha WHA whaa Whaaa! ... Guys, I should be dead!" [Mega Man 7]
1120 "Yeah, the price gets cut down if you bring him his robot penis." [Mega Man 7]
1121 "Aaagh, Freezeman, you're an asshole! You're an asshole Freezeman! Kill me! Kill me! Drink me!" [Mega Man 7]
1122 "I want my fist back!" [Mega Man 7]
1123 *Singsong* "I punched you in the eye, you stupid truck!" [Mega Man 7]

1124 "Drazhar, you can play that game with your ass cheeks and do better than me." [Mega Man Battle & Chase]
1125 "Glazed yeast ring, the 3am breakfast of champions." [Mega Man Battle & Chase]
1126 "Can I play musical notes on this guy's ass, what the hell?" [Mega Man Battle & Chase]

1127 "You're in fuck pit." [Mega Man 5]
1128 "I'm going to adore this section. This looks like "Headbonk Spike Escape: The Experience". " [Mega Man 5]
1129 "You guys give me great ideas. What would I do without you?" [Mega Man 5]
1130 "I take back my... eh.... Son of a bitch!" [Mega Man 5]
1131 "Why is it raining eggs?" [Mega Man 5]

1132 "I might as well sit here and take it anyway because it's less effort!" [Mega Man Cross X]
1133 "Why are you randomly jumping when I tell you to fucking slide, you stupid piece of shit robot!" [Mega Man Cross X]
1134 "Mini Devil! He's... so adorable, he's even got little horns!" [Mega Man: The Power Battle]
1135 *Gets Quick Boomerang* "You got Banana Throw!" [Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters]

1136 *pits* "You remember when we used to have a jump button? I have fond memories of when pushing the jump button made Megaman jump." [Mega Man: Project Zero]
1137 *Dies* "CHECKPOINT!" [Mega Man: Project Zero]
1138 "So happy! So happy! Save, save, save. So happy!" [Mega Man: Project Zero]

1139 "Finish what game, lazy fuck- I mean VengefulNemesis?" [Mega Man X]
1140 "Want to buy brain. much are brains nowadays? Can I afford to buy a brain?" [Mega Man X]
1141 "Eating a dick of your own species would probably be worse than just any dick." [Mega Man X]
1142 "No lemons. No lemons. No lemons? No lemons. No lemons. No lemons? No lemons." [Mega Man X]
1143 "Haha I did it I killed a monkey. I'm the killer of monkeys." [Mega Man X]
1144 "Brain, brain. Brain is missing. Cannot find brain." [Mega Man & Bass]

1145 "I'm pretty sure Air Hammer just deep throated his mic." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1146 "They could quote us if they could hear us!" - PBRgamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1147 "I wonder if I could make Dr. Cossack stop dancing like a Russian and start walking like an Egyptian?" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1148 "South America, Africa, same thing right?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1149 "I break the 4th wall with my chin!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1150 "I think I'm in left Africa America." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1151 "I'm your daddy. Now enter the rape cave." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1152 "Alright Lady! Daddy needs a one!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1153 "Oh goddammit Eddie, you bitch!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1154 "How old am I again?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1155 "Roll, you turned on your creator, so appreciative." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1156 "For your treachery, I'm going to make you clean the rape cave!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1157 "That's what you get for disrespecting the rape cave." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1158 "I'm not gonna tell you what to fuckin' roll because you're not gonna listen anyway!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1159 "South Afrimericurn..." - PBRgamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1160 "Air_Hammer, say something quote worthy!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1161 "Air_Hammer is busy!" - Air_Hammer's mom [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1162 "I'm the only one of us who hasn't been Roofied." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1163 "You're gonna Crash Man me when there's death labs everywhere? Fuck you!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1164 "You don't even know how hard you're going to get Toaded." - PBRGamer Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1165 "I'm going to Toad all over your face, bro!" - PBRgamer Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1166 "The goal is for Cossack to team up with Light and fuck over Wily!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1167 *Giggles* - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1168 "Did he just slam his balls down on my giant chin?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1169 "Because Light is an Abominable Snowman." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1170 "I haven't been fucked off in a while..." -PBRgamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1171 "She's weirdly disappointed that there's no rape in this level!" Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1172 "Shit! My junk hit the bees' nest!" [Mega Man 7]

1173 "Oh, that's a pit. Now- now I'd say that 'stupid' command was justified." [Shovel Knight]
1174 "Oh great, conveyer belts. Prepare for death." [Shovel Knight]
1175 *dies* "Boo! I highly disagree with what just happened there! Boo!" [Shovel Knight]
1176 "Hi Captain Douchebag! Mind your own business, I was just digging some dirt!" [Shovel Knight]
1177 "The music could be so good that I'd jizz my pants for ten hours and I'd STILL hate this level." [Shovel Knight]
1178 "Sometimes I can't get high enough." [Shovel Knight]
1179 "Fuck you Propellor Knight." [Shovel Knight]

1180 "Well thats fucking boring." [Terraria]

1181 "Hey, James. Thank you for the host. Who the fuck are you!?!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1182 "A A A A ..AAAAHHHhh!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1183 "Its just so satisfying to destroy a group of ... Shrimp with my sheep." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1184 "Of all the things I have had to jack into to save the world, I never expected it to be a top." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1185 "I feel like this chair has moulded to become a part of my ass." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]

1186 "Oh no, the world is being taken over by cyberterrorists! ... Better jack into my toaster!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4]
1187 "I made curry so fucking good you could see your dead wife." [Mega Man Battle Network 4]
1188 "R.I.P. Aqua Man! Or should I say Handsome Guy? R.I.P. Handsome Guy." [Mega Man Battle Network 4]

1189 "DaisZX confirmed. Dicks are handy for peeing." [Mega Man X]
1191 "Douchebats, something you totally don't want to douche with." [Mega Man X]
1192 "You know, Vengeful....Thank You" [Mega Man 5]
1193 "Assholes aren't allowed to call other Assholes Assholes, It's the rule of Assholes." [Mega Man 5]
1194 "I should be using Rush Jet..." *Falls into a pit* [Mega Man 5]

1195 "Would you fuck a sheep?" [Mega Man X2]
1196 "What the-- I lied. I'm sorry guys. I'm not blockproof." [Mega Man X2]
1197 "HI BLOCK!......I got squished." [Mega Man X2]
1198 "Huh, I wonder what is on the bottom path... *Dies on spike wall* Spikes! Spikes death is what is on the bottom path." [Mega Man X2]

1199 "I like Top Spin. It's FUCKING... ST... MMMMMM!" [Mega Man X2]
1200 "Spark Mandrill can go eat a dick." [Mega Man X2]
1201 "...slapped his ostrich nuts in my face." [Mega Man X2]
1202 "See I had to purge you Red, and as a result I got hit in the head by Zero." [Mega Man X2]

1203 "World Peace! Mankiind would probably have world peace if someone had gone back in time and prevented this game from being made." [Mega Man X2]
1204 "Meelemage is a fucking genius. Meelemage is OP." [Drawful]
1205 "Its squirrel stomping day!" [Fibbage]
1206 "How come X has a giant square shaped afro?" [Drawful]
1207 "Who knows what Mega Man is... I think he's a taco flavored walrus." [Mega Man]

1208 "I think I need an adult." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1209 "I have a fridge for a forehead." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1210 " I got this earlier but i dont know what the fuck this is? " [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1211 To an enemy: "I think you're in private property, get the fuck out!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1212 "Whoosh." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]

1213 "I do think Finland is in the middle of continental of the United States... so do I have to ban myself from my channel?" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1214 "Who's it gonna be, whose it gonna be *sees protoman* Ahh Fuck" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1215 "Red has homoerotic thoughts about ProtoMan I guess... Whatever works for you Red, I don't judge." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1216 "I have a surprising amount of e-mail with the word 'cheese' in it." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1217 "Has anyone been keeping track of what I've done? Because I have no brain." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]
1218 "Hey, PBR. What are you doing in my room!?!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]

1219 "What was that? What the hell was that!?! Did you just barf a face at me!?!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon]

1220 "I may be a potato. It's been a long time since I looked in a mirror." [Mega Man 3]
1221 "Fuck off.....monkeys! " [Mega Man 3]
1222 "God I ssssssssssss.....UCK!!" [Mega Man 3]
1223 "This is the best thing ever, better than mountains of ice cream and unlimited blowjobs. Its the best ever. ITS THE BEST THING EVER" [Mega Man X2]
1224 "Have you seen that apricot that just came in? Boy howdy that was a delicious ferret stew." [Mega Man X2]
1225 "RIIIIIIIP.......MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....FUCK!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1226 "Come fucking bullshit!" [Mega Man & Bass]

1227 "Ugh, can take NO more hits. *takes hit* and I be dead" [Mega Man for Game Gear]
1228 "I love it when you jump, Mega Man... Or when you don't." [Mega Man for Game Gear]
1229 "I need some health, and by that I mean run into every single enemy *dies*...and die....this is gonna suck." [Mega Man for Game Gear]
1230 "Take this sprinkler up the asshole! You're dead!" [Mega Man for Game Gear]
1231 "Yeah this level looks like someone vomited Christmas all over it." [Rockman 2: Final Mix]
1232 "ImpliedKappa, always so imformative about what to put on your genitals" [Rockman 2: Final Mix]

1233 "Everyone knows when you kill a crab it turns piss into grape Kool-Aid. It's Science." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
1234 "Taso no means no. Don't violate your space bar." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
1235 "I believe in me. I shouldn't, but I do." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]

1236 "Just jump on my head Metal Man, thank you." [Mega Man 2]
1237 "I'm so smart, I'm so Intelligent, I'm just so smart." [Mega Man 2]

1238 "I need to fuckin' pay attention." [Mega Man 2]
1239 "I should probably look at the game while I hop towards lava. That would be a very smart decision." [Mega Man 2]
1240 "Remember kids, you should always pay attetnion when you are jumping around surrounded by lava." [Mega Man 2]
1241 "Fuck reading." [Mega Man 2]
1242 "This is going to infuriate me. Prepare for rage guys." [Mega Man 2]
1243 "I'm sorry, Kappa; I've failed you." [Mega Man 4]
1244 "I'm an asshole. Feel free to tell me that." [Mega Man 4]
1245 "You're not dead... fucking damn it!" [Mega Man 5]

1246 "Did Roll just bring me flowers over the corpse of a dead Spiderman?" [Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes]
1247 "Man, I can't... He's so big!" [Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes]
1248 "There was kind of an... implied Kappa at the end of that." [Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes]
1249 "Are you hurt? Maybe a doctor can help? Roll and her stupid fucking hospitals." [Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes]
1250 "Fuck science." [Mega Man 3]
1251 "We've got this." *gets hit* "Or not." [Mega Man 3]

1252 "I didn't mean to touch it like that." [Mega Man 4]
1254 "Omigosh, I'm gonna game over to Cut Man. I gamed over to Cut Man." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1255 "Fuck you Cut Man. Fuck you." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1256 "I got zapped in the ass and blew up! Exciting!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1257 "D-d-d double kill, that was exciting" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1258 "Add what... me saying fuck a whole bunch? That's like 90% of my quotes!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1259 "Time to die to Copy Robot over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..........and over." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1260 "I love Mega Man 1, but this game took the raunchiest of fucking diarrhea dumps all over it." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1261 "Why did it go off immediately?" [Mega Man X2]

1262 "I'm gonna stick this giant-ass buffalo dick RIGHT down your throat!" [Mega Man X3]
1263 "Who the hell makes a robot snowball!?!" [Mega Man X3]
1264 "Oh my god! This changes everything!" *dies* [Mega Man X3]
1265 "Stupid piece of shit robot: Mega Man!" [Mega Man X3]
1266 "inb4 200 deaths in this game" [Mega Man X3]
1267 "Fucking piece of crap, fucking piece of shit disguised as Mega Man! I hate you! Die in a fire!" [Mega Man X3]
1268 (of Mega Man Xtreme) "I think most people would rather pierce their dick with a rusty nail than play it." [Mega Man X3]
1269 "Kid you had no life." [Mega Man X3]
1270 "I did it! We beat the guy. Catfish stands no chance against my drill....thing." [Mega Man X3]
1271 "Whoa! Someone followed me during this shitfest?" [Mega Man X3]
1272 "It takes talent to suck this badly." [Mega Man X3]
1273 "Kappa you've been nominated for 'Best Quoter of the Stream' award." [Mega Man X3]
1274 "I'm a yo-yo, guys." [Mega Man X3]
1275 "The moral of the story is: I'm dumb." [Mega Man X3]
1276 "Air Hammer just because we're getting married doesn't mean you can tell me what to do. I'll check all the pits I want." [Mega Man X3]
1277 "Time to punch shit!" [Mega Man X3]
1278 "Air Hammer, when did I ever tell you to sleep? Sleeping privileges revoked. You have to stay up until 6am every stream now." [Mega Man X3]
1279 "Taso likes X6.... hes weird" [Mega Man X3]
1280 "I can design a better game with my ass-cheeks... I... Uh... I'd just mash my cheeks against the keyboard and come up with a better game... Design wise." [Mega Man X3]
1281 *thump* "That was NOT me throwing my controller so hard that it bounced off my desk and then unplugged itself." [Mega Man X3]
1282 "Okay... I overreacted." [Mega Man X3]

1283 "I can't hold in the pee anymore." [Mega Man X3]
1284 "Gotta be veeery careful..." *dies* [Mega Man X3]
1285 "Fucking wonderful. Fucking spectacular. Fucking amazing! ....Fuck." [Mega Man X3]
1286 "Farmin' some life here in case Captain Dickwad shows up. I hate him with a fiery passion. Fuck Captain Dickwad." [Mega Man X3]

1287 "Free goat blowing is here!" [Mega Man X3]
1288 "I could have PB'd, but I took a piss and missed the saber." [Mega Man X3]
1289 "Fucking missiles up the asshole." [Mega Man 3]
1290 "Don't make a liar out of me, me." [Mega Man 3]
1291 "I'm gonna get this, if it turns into an 87 fucking hour stream, I'm gonna get this." [Mega Man 3]
1292 "Does the yellow devil have breasts like a female or does he have puffy cheeks like a Hamster, I can see both." [Mega Man 3]
1293 "My hand really hurts, I punched some concrete earlier." [Mega Man 3]

1294 "So yeah as I was about to say...DAMN WILY SHUT UP!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1295 "Gravity why are you on? Why I dumb... I dunno, fuck fuck fuck." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1296 "Just keep doing that, please. I like it when you do that. Oh god!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1297 "Kappa's always on point in my opinion. He never lets me down. In bed." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1298 "Head bonk! Yoku block! Spikes!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1299 FUUHHGGGGHHHTTTT! BLLLUUUGGGHH!!! AAAARRRHHHGGGHHHH! Goodnight Air Hammer! [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1300 "Slow the fuck down, sparky shooty mcfucks! Slow down. Enjoy life." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

1301 "FUCK! GOD DAMMIT! That's the second time! Hey SWB_Gaming thank you for the host." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1302 "Goddamnsonofamotherfuckinfuck!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1303 "That cloud is a sneaky pit hider. Fuck clouds!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1304 "I don't know what I'm doing. I'm doing that trademark thing where I be dumb." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1305 "I think I just entered Klingon mode. I don't even know Klingon." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1306 "I don't know why I murdered that bear... but it pleased me to do so." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1307 "God Dammit! You're confusing my brain space!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

1308 "You think I read, Air Hammer? Geez..." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1309 "Nope, not going that way. That way looks like fucking Hell. I don't... I don't want to go to Hell." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1310 "HOLY FUCK! Kablooey, right to the face, much pain, ouch!" [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]
1311 "League of Legends?? People play that game!?" [Mega Man 3]
1312 "The asshole himself!" [Mega Man 3]
1313 "I'll let you live so you can watch me murder all your friends." [Mega Man 3]
1314 "thank you guys. I'd like to thank my thumbs!" [Mega Man 4]

1315 "*sings* Buzzsaw to the asshole!!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1316 "Please say Gandhi, please say Gandhi, please say Gandhi." [Mega Man 3 Improvement]
1317 "I am mega man! Killer of bees!!" [Mega Man X]
1319 "People often think my favorite word is fuck because of how often it's quoted. Actually my favorite word is cheesecake." [Mega Man X]
1320 "Windy Burger? You're gonna eat a hamburger in the wind?" [Mega Man X]
1321 "I found the thing!'s been a week...I forgot where all the things are!" [Mega Man X]
1322 "I'm not gonna hit the stupid hadouken on the stupid fucking penguin anyway so who cares... *hits kuwanger with flame* you're not the penguin..." [Mega Man X]

1323 "The Day of Peace is near! What the fuck is this bullshit?" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1324 "You are entering restricted space. Please pay all your money to me." - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1325 "I didn't build you to Build hospitals, I built you to clean my lab!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1326 "All of your food must taste really hairy." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1327 "PBR's a fucking twat, he blew up my lab!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1328 "Dammit, Mojo! Get the fuck off my property!" - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1329 "How about you get the hell off of my dog?" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1330 "What is the US conversion rate from Dollars to Zennies? Isn't it like Pesos?" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1331 "HI!" - Bagel_Thief [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1332 "We should be saying mother fucker more often." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1333 "Ooh, piece of candy!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1334 "I'm poor! I'm your daughter, you're supposed to give me money!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1335 "I don't know the going rate but she cost $14 to build, do you have $14? Dude you were made out of like two toasters and a Hoover!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1336 "If I get a Reggae card, I will chug an entire beer." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise] [Mega Man] [17/07/2015]
1337 "That is like the fourth time I've heard Lady sing while Lady is on Skype with me." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1338 "I stopped to buy the thing and now I am the thing!" - Bagel_Thief [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1339 "SCHWAAA!!" - Everyone [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1340 "Why are we whispering? We sound like idiots!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1341 "Yeah... 6,000 years passed while I slept. It was a very restful sleep." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1342 "I know I'm a woman and have the balance of a potato but I do know the difference between left and right." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1343 "420 smoke labs every day!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1344 "You have compulsive gambling. You buy lottery tickets while I take a pee." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1345 "Nice try, Kappa." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1346 "I swear if I get Reggae I'm punching you all through the Internet." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1347 "420 smoke hospital every day!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1348 "Vengeful I swear to god I will find where you live and hurt you! If you live in the UK, I don't care if you're The King of England, I'll kill you!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1349 "I'll drink to that!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1350 "This beer brought to you by: Ex-Wife Bot!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1351 "I'm pretty sure you were the asshole that was like, "Hey, wanna play Rockboard?"" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1352 "What kind of an explosion blows up a building into a slightly smaller building?" - Bagel_Thief [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1353 "I only blew up part of your lab, not the whole thing!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1354 "I win the pee race!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1355 "Air_Hammer, you want to blow someone?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1356 "You say the button and I'll kick his ass, whatever say the button means." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1357 "Fuck you Mojo." - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1358 "I plant my bomb then I bounce!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1359 "They see me rollin, they hatin." - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1360 "Gandhi used Explosion." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1361 "SHUT UP! I made you!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1362 "I hope Lovejenny97 will give me her number." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1363 "YES! THANK YOU AIR HAMMER!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1364 "Two is not one, confirmed!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1365 "Welcome to Magnet Land, bitch!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1366 "I don't know things!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1367 "I think it's time for me to take another piss, and for PBR to get another beer." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1368 "I have to admit I am not looking forward to the fucking... (5 second pause) jumping section." [Rockman Double Team 3]
1369 "Proto Man, I'm not gonna lie, you look beautiful." [Rockman Double Team 3]
1370 "KA-SPROING!" [Rockman Double Team 3]
1371 "Proto Man was like 'Fuck you, I'm outta here.'." [Rockman Double Team 3]

1372 "Okay, maybe we won't play on Hard, holy crap!" [Mega Man Legends]
1373 "I'm Barrett. I'm a big burly black dude with a gun for an arm. Don't I look like it?" [Mega Man Legends 3: 2D Prologue]
1374 "BAWSS DOOR!" [Quint's Revenge]
1375 "Magnet Man, stay out of my room!" [Quint's Revenge]
1376 "I have the attention span of not having an attention span!" [Quint's Revenge]
1377 "Ok I'll remember this time.........fffffFUCK! I'm not a smart man." [Quint's Revenge]
1378 "Do I wanna get Wood, or do I wanna get Hard" [Quint's Revenge]
1379 "Whoops. That was a smart thing to do." [Quint's Revenge]
1380 "Stand up and have a fucking missle in your ass." [Quint's Revenge]
1381 "That section is much too hard to try to give a fuck. Fuck!" [Quint's Revenge]

1382 "I didn't have room for the D." [Drawful]
1383 "Stupid troll, Magnet Man has too high standards to 69 with me." [Drawful]

1384 "Fear me lady, I have watermelons." [Street Fighter X Mega Man]
1385 "Stop being inside of me!" [Street Fighter X Mega Man]

1386 "I want it, I want it, I need it, I need it...I want it." [Rockman Install Metal]
1387 "Yeah, JP grinding at the end of mega man 5 is ridiculously easy." [Rockman Install Metal]
1388 "*Obviously* his weakness is e-tanks." [Rockman Install Metal]
1389 "Dude I think your balls are broken." [Rockman Install Metal]
1390 "Time for some regular platforming!" *Dies* [Rockman Install Metal]
1391 "Are you weak to balls? Probably have to hit you with them to know whether you're weak against them. Let's try to hit you with balls again. Nope, not weak to balls. Are you weak to F? Let me blast you with my F..." [Rockman Install Metal]
1392 "Stupid hoppity fucking hop chickens!" [Rockman Install Metal]
1393 "Fucking chicken! DIEEE! Die a gravity-based death! ... Chicken's immune to gravity." [Rockman Install Metal]
1394 "You know what? Pretty much ignore anything I ever say." [Rockman Install Metal]
1395 "They actually made power stone worse! It's a miracle! What's the opposite of a miracle? It's like a... traj... tr... it's a trajesty!" [Rockman Install Metal]
1396 "I think I finally broke my controller guys" [Rockman Install Metal]
1397 "The right button on my controller won't work. I can no longer wrong to the right." [Rockman Install Metal]

1398 "Doctor Revenge? He's Dr. Horrible's cousin." [Mega Man 3]
1399 "Well the goal is to see how many times you can make him 'Ting' right?" [Mega Man]
1400 "Is that how you greet all of your friends Hard Man? By punching them in the face?" [Mega Man 2]
1401 "Strados, you don't like pogo sticks?! You must be evil incarnate if you see the thought of a pogo stick and can't smile at it." [Quint's Revenge]
1402 "They're durable too. Took me throwing it at my desk like 3 times to break one." [Mega Man 2]
1403 "Very very specific pain, right in the butt cheek." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]

1404 "Yeah, I missed rape cave, rape cave was fun..." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1405 "Every time I walk down the street and jump over a manhole I think of Mojo. Sometimes I look down to the bottom of those manholes to see if there are dead robots." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1406 "Fours and Sevens are hard!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1407 "Are you sure?! Are you sure?! Are you sure?! Are you sure?! Are you sure?! Are you sure?! JEN! JEN! ....Are you sure?!" - Air_Hammer, PBRGamer, Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1408 "I learned my lesson, don't give any money to Air Hammer." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1409 "Vengeful isn't a helpful dick or a harmful dick, he's just a dick." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1410 "Great! Now Lady can blow me..." - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1411 "Why have cereal when I have smoked salmon?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1412 "Sorry Roll, my bad. That stroke is effecting my judgment." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1413 "Air Hammer is sub par. He doesn't have smoked salmon." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1414 "You'd like to take it over? Well fuck you!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1415 "Cards for you, and cards for you! Cards for everyone but Air_Hammer!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1416 ~something about turning salmon into a gravity bong~ - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1417 "EE! GI'CZ RBTdgB!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1418 "Is Light having a stroke again?" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1419 "Read Man is now a Robot Master in Mojoric's Mega Man stage." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1420 "I have no qualms about being an evil bitch!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1421 "I'll get it Air.... urrrr.... whatever the fuck your name is!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1422 "What I wouldn't give for a Toad Man right now." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1423 "Air_Hammer can stay broke." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1424 "Do you want to commit suicide due to crippling debt?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1425 "Oh great! I'm the meat in a bastard sandwich." - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1426 "Lady, your mick. Your mick wasn't muted. Learn to mute your mick." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1427 "I don't know why I said Mick. I'm an idiot" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1428 "We don't fuck the game." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1429 "I'm just going to hoard lots of money in my depression." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1430 "Good news! If I get low on money and have to sell it, Mojo can't get it!" - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1431 "WOW! A prostitute!" - Bagel_Thief [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1432 "Welcome to my life on a daily basis." - Lady_Smaell; "Prostitution?" - PBRGamer; "So Lady, how many potatoes do I have to give you to Pharaoh me? Two potatoes. I have two potatoes." - Mojoric [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1433 "I like that because it makes it seem like Pharoahing someone is some bizarre sex act!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1434 "Quick! To the lottery office!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1435 "I hate you all with a burning passion!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1436 "Be right back, salmon!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1437 "Almost killing yourself is a bad idea!" - PBRgamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1438 "Did he just say, 'Be right back, salmon'? I think he's actually just going to go to the fridge, pull out one of those giant salmon, take a big bite out of the side, spit out the bones, and run back." - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1439 (in reference to Hot Pepper Gaming) "I'd like watching that. I enjoy seeing people in pain." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1440 "q~sc" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1441 "I can't stand tuna. I wouldn't eat tuna with my Froot Loops." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1442 "I can save people, yay! I still can't save Mojo's soul." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1443 "Does it bother anyone else that my chin breaks the 4th wall?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1444 "We're all scared of Lady." - PBRGamer Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1445 "Please don't put that in my head! Please, please don't put that in my head!" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1446 "I don't think Proto Man would make a good condom." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1447 "It's Reggae time! It's Reggae time! I pick the one in the middle, it's Reggae time! Fuck you dog!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1448 "You found my portrait from before I was born! I am definitely Mega Man bad box art." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1449 "Mojo's lips broke away from PBR, their intermingled tastes still dancing on each other's tongues. A passing telly bumped into PBR, momentarily knocking him off-balance. Confused, he wobbled and stepped into a spike pit, his body bursting into a dozen shimmering circles. Tears welled up in Mojo's eyes. Suddenly lost and alone, all he desired in the world ripped from him, the taste of his lover even now still fading from his lips, there was only one way he could express his grief. "FUCK!"" - Air_Hammer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1450 "Why did I explode?" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1451 "I take blame for the meat usage!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1452 "Remember that time I didn't fuck something up? Good times!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1453 "I just saved you from bankruptcy, shut up, Roll!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1454 "I think lady is just faking it." [Mega Man]
1455 "Do you think I care about Lady?" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1456 "Don't call me son, that just makes the fanfiction weirder." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1457 "I blame Shia LaBeouf." - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1458 "We need hobo Mega Man" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1459 "It's easy, you just take Dr. Light's beard and staple it to Mega Man's face." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1460 "FUCK YOU, NEW YORK!" [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1461 "Please don't send me anthrax." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1462 "Now I'm Air_Hammer's daughter! Sweet castles make me a princess!" - PBRGamer [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1463 "It's so brown!!!!" [Mega Man]
1464 "RAPE CAVE! This is good already" - Lady_Smaell [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1465 "It's just weird that now Kalinka is Roll's daddy." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1466 "I don't care. I'm listening to 'Escape from the City'." [Wily & Right no Rockboard: That's Paradise]
1467 "This is the wackiest thing I could find given my 4 minute timeframe." - PBRGamer [The Hedgehog Trap]
1468 "This is a logic free zone." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1469 "No...Why do I still have lives?!?" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1470 "That was the best thing I've ever seen in my life" - PBRgamer "That cloud is creepy as fuck!" - Mojoric [The Hedgehog Trap]
1471 "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" -PBRGamer [The Hedgehog Trap]
1472 "CHALLENGE UNACCEPTED!" - pbrgamer [The Hedgehog Trap]
1473 "I like to think I'm Sonic." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1474 "I can't read... Buffalax is amazing." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1475 "Fuck Dangerous" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1476 "That was just Giggle-ception right there." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1477 "God, I keep burping and all I can taste is smoked salmon." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1478 "And yes, someone can quote me on that." - Air_hammer [The Hedgehog Trap]
1479 "There's something wrong with that dick. I don't think dicks are supposed to be barbed." [The Hedgehog Trap]

1480 "I FOUND THE FIRE!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1481 "NO, BIRDS! How I hate thee." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1482 "You Got: That Thing You Got" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1483 "I hate you Vengeful." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1484 "I give the illusion of length." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1485 "I didn't know what I thought, but I thought I needed my ass rammed I guess?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1486 "One large Health drop please ... I didn't order bacon to the face." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1487 "It's like a bowl of diarrhea with a little bit of seasoning." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1488 "Zappy zappy zap zap, Zap my ass!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1489 "Buy the new Dust Crusher. It crushes dust...WHY CAN'T I FUCKING DO IT?!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1490 "Pleeeeeease kill me faster Suzy..." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1491 "100% shittiness. Guaranteed!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1492 "I can't fuck anything up with my stupidity! " [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1493 "Out of context quotes! Amazing!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1494 "I need to stop talking. Why couldn't I have been born mute?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1495 "I suuuuuuck. I don't give a fuuuuuuck." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1496 "Emulator? Are you having a stroke?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1497 "I know words." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1498 "Fuck you Elec Man! Fuck you Elec Man! Die in a fire! Fuck you! Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1499 "I'm not leaving this save state until I beat him 10 times in a row!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1500 "I'm an idiot. Confirmed. " [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1501 "It's 3 Zenny for an entire bag of dicks." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1502 "What's better: butt pirates or ass bandits?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1503 "Resets are for scrubs. I'm totally against resets until the next time I decide I need to reset, at which point, I'm totally for them. (literally 30 seconds later) Should I reset, guys?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1504 "And poop gets no votes. Poor poop." [Quiplash]
1505 "Lady you're King Troll.....Queen Troll, sorry." [Drawful]
1506 "Oarnge grapses" [Quiplash answer]
1507 "It's almost like we have a mega man themed stream here!" [Quiplash]
1508 "Your piss is the color of a green highlighter." - Buffalax [Quiplash answer]

1509 *Jumps off Rush Jet and hits Spikes* "Oh, those are spikes, I should pay attention." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1510 "*meets a brickwall* HAHA, that's some graet game design!" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1511 "Welcome to the stream gamestabber. You can stab this game." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1512 "Good is not a thing that is compatible with my existence." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1513 "That's my advertisement: Mega Man Nightly; no jumps, just pits!" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1514 "My favorite activity is not jumping." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1515 "You're not the real Magnet Man, you're just a stupid blue blob! You're not my real dad!" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1516 "Deviant Art thinks you need more naked people in your life Taso." [The Hedgehog Trap]
1517 "Let's kill Wily Machine Dingledong!" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1518 "Why are you in a tree, Proto Man?" [The Hedgehog Trap]
1519 "Goddamn it Mojo stop sucking. I am not a vacuum" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1520 "Altima, go lay down in a proper bed." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1521 "Fuck Mega Balls!" [Mega Man 8]
1522 "Yay.....I've never been happier to plow my face through so much snow." [Mega Man 8]
1523 "I'm on a bubble-popping extravaganza. No one can stop me from popping all these bubbles." [Mega Man 8]
1524 "Did you call me geeky? You're a fucking clown!" [Mega Man 8]
1525 "Did you just show your ass to me AquaMan? I feel violated." [Mega Man 8]
1526 "Keep your butt cheeks to yourself AquaMan." [Mega Man 8]
1527 "Finally a follow that's not telling me to lick my own balls or something..." [Mega Man 8]
1528 "Yay guys, I'm Shrek!" [Mega Man 8]
1529 "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" [Mega Man8]
1530 "Ass fucking paradise!" [Mega Man]
1531 "Pretty much all my free money has gone towards buying megaman games" [Mega Man]
1532 "I wanna fuse with my dog..." [Mega Man]
1533 "The stupid fucking bouncy ball shit!!" [Mega Man]
1534 "Fuck yeah! I love you Rush! Have my weird robot hybrid dog babies!" [Mega Man 8]
1535 "Goddamn it I don't wanna shoot your stupid balls!" [Mega Man]

1536 "Shut up, Wily." [Star Man Upgraded]
1537 "I am not a girl, I am not a guy. I am Mojoric. That is my gender. I am an intelligent snapping turtle." [Star Man Upgraded]
1538 "I don't give a fuck. AAAA. My name is AAAA." [Star Man Upgraded]
1539 "Star Man cupped Guts Man's square jaw gently in his palm. "Listen. Gusty. I love you, but it just can't work." Guts Man looks longingly into Star Man's eyes. "We can make it work! I'll try to find a way to jump higher, just so I can reach for the stars. For you." "It isn't about that, Guts." Star Man sighs. "I'm for space exploration. You are of the Earth. We could never be." A tear fell down Guts Man's face as he held Star Man's hand one last time. He pulls him close as they wrap their arms around each other for one last longing embrace." (written by AltimaMantoid) [Star Man Upgraded]
1540 "So what your saying is: take some damage, take some damage, take some damage, hit it with something, take some damage, take some damage, use an E-tank, take some damage, hit it again, take some damage, and hopefully we win." [Star Man Upgraded]
1541 "Star Man ... You FUCKIN Suck" [Star Man Upgraded]
1542 "Welcome to Shit Fest Taso, Population: Star Man" [Star Man Upgraded]
1543 "Hey ImpliedKappa, finally a proper troll." [Star Man Upgraded]
1544 "I don't know if it's the button on my buffalo." [Star Man Upgraded]
1545 "There's not enough dicks on this planet for this game to suck them all." [Star Man Upgraded]
1546 "I'll just go refill my water bottle while I comprehend what the fuck just happened." [Star Man Upgraded]
1547 "No! NO! Whatever. Whatever. Still have two lives. Not an issue. FUCKING..." [Star Man Upgraded]
1548 "Welcome to my own personal hell Red." [Star Man Upgraded]
1549 "Maybe if we reincarnated Hitler and needed a way to torture him, I'll recommend this game." [Star Man Upgraded]
1550 "You're Star Man, not Tinkerbell! Stop tinking!" [Star Man Upgraded]
1551 "Bluebomber, I don't know how you beat it. You must have cheated!" [Star Man Upgraded]
1552 "All my Masters are down!" [Mega Man]
1553 "His Shot was INSIDE of me!" [Mega Man]
1554 "For the record, I am not a pervert." [Mega Man]
1555 "X's story is like 'Oh my god its so dramatic and shit' but you have to take all this seriously while fighting a fucking robotic buffalo!" [Mega Man 2]
1556 "You guys heard what Taso said, he wants more and he wants it longer and harder" [Mega Man 2]

1557 "NOT HIS COW! Anything but the cow." [Mega Man 7]
1558 "Shut up, Ninja." [Mega Man 7]
1559 "We got the thing, the thing is got." [Mega Man 7]
1560 "Never underestimate the power of old people who fear change!" [Mega Man 7]
1561 "I approve all alcoholic beverages, unless your like ... A Toddler" [Mega Man 3 Improved]
1562 "That's the first time I've died to a hippo in 90 billion years." [Mega Man 4]
1563 "I DID IT! I FOUND THE HOLE! YAY ME!" [Mega Man 4]
1564 "That could be a Robot Master; Hey What's Happenin' Man." [Mega Man 4]
1565 "Poor Burrito.... Never going to feel the pleasure of an experienced olive." [Mega Man 4]
1566 "Mega Man Nightly has been an experiment: see how many nights a giant, inflatable blow-up doll can play Mega Man until it starts deflating. And the answer is... 256 nights" [Mega Man 4]
1567 "I only Skype with people who have above-average dongs." [Mega Man 4]
1568 "I. Am. More. Than. Oi. Just. A. Hey I'm Back. Robot." [Mega Man 4]
1569 "Going to pick a new winner.....VengefulNemesis.....FUCK!" [Mega Man 4]

1570 "PBR has a problem. We have to get him to streaming rehab." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1571 "Mmmm...Eggos." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1572 "It's obviously Air_Hammer's fault. He distracted me with his comments about bacon." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1573 "I mashed all the buttons and then I died." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1574 "You are one hoppy son of a bitch, you know that?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1575 Mojo: "Thats his feature, he can't shit" - Air_Hammer: "Yep, thats why I have been visiting the doctor" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1576 "When I get that soundclip I'll just put it on MeeleMage 3 so there will be no MeeleMage 2." [MMega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1577 "Kappa, I don't think this strategy's going to work." *strategy works literally 4 seconds later* [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1578 "I can do it over and over again...consistently." *immediately fails to do it* [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1579 " I can't even count to three guys." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1580 "Welp. Not gonna read all that. 'Would you like to know how to press the B button to shoot the buster!?!'" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]

1581 "Fucknugget comes after two, right?" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1582 "That's how you count, 1, 2, Fucknugget, thats how I learned it in Kindergarten!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1583 "One day Red will learn the only thing that sucks more than me is an industrial vacuum cleaner" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1584 "it's really tight." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1585 "God damn it Buffalax." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1586 "Lady Hitler confirmed!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1587 "I love taking drills to the face." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1588 "Why won't you give me money!?! I don't want chips; I want money!" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1589 "Its TriplaJ and DarkShadowJ, I should change my screen name to MojoricJ ...JK" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1590 "ONLY I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE BATTLE CHIPS, not you Punchy Dude" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]

1591 "Help, dick stuck in cow. Yeah PBR and I have a steamy romance going on behind Air_Hammer's back." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1592 "Derp is my main ingredient." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1593 "Why is the sea so salty? Because it's pissed." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]

1594 "Of course the black dude is the very suspicious and creepy individual." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1595 "The one black dude. This game is so fucking racist, I swear." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1596 "Can I jack into this chicken?" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1597 "You're into some weird shit Megaman, watch as your brother jacks into a gargoyle!" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]

1598 "TURN 1 Liberate! In before Trap" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1599 "Like fucking Yahtzee" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1600 "And that's how Megaman got Rabies." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1601 "What are you doing over here with my mom?" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1602 "INVISIBLE GO!...nope." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]
1603 "I know we're brothers but i don't think we are that close." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman]

1604 "Run AWAY from the MONKEYS!" [Mega Man II]
1605 "I need to remember that gigantic stompy fuck is there and ready to stomp my ass." [Mega Man II]
1606 "Needle Man's gotta be a druggie." [Mega Man II]
1607 "I'm a robot in a robot dog submarine. Nothing can stop me now." [Mega Man II]

1608 "What's life without a little risk? Except a longer life?" [Mega Man II]
1609 "Thank you fucking monkeys! Thank you!" [Mega Man II]
1610 "Don't be stupid. I know I'm me..." [Mega Man II]
1611 "I suck on a whole nother level." [Mega Man II]
1612 "Ladders, they never work unless you don't want them to." [Mega Man II]
1613 "That carrot's gonna bite me in the ass!" [Mega Man II]

1614 "I'm Mojoric. And I have a cock." [Quiplash]
1615 "Think of Mojo. Think of Mojo. Think of Mojo." - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1616 "True friendship is tag team masturbating in the White House." - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1617 "Hey! The White House is our special place, Altima." [Quiplash]
1618 "Kentucky Fried Anal Beads. Ooohkay." - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1619 "Help... my dick is moist." - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1620 "That gooey substance? That's the sign that Altima and Mojoric have been there." - ForsakenScholar [Quiplash]
1621 "Is 'White House' just code for the 'Rape Cave'?" - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1622 "I put the helmet up. I'll take the helmet down. Shut up, Altima." [Quiplash]
1623 "Quote #1618 is the answer to 'How to prevent climax'." - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1624 "Altima! Altima. We are now horses." [Quiplash]
1625 "I can't believe someone took the word 'apocalyptic' and turned it into 'I've got a limp dick.'" - AltimaMantoid [Quiplash]
1626 "Am I stupider before or after I am lobotomized?" [Quiplash]

1627 "Every Tuesday now, at 9pm, is fucking dammit! I'm so bad!" [Mega Man III]
1628 "Nice fucking jumps!" [Mega Man III]
1629 "I'm obligated to remind you every hour and a half that PBRGamer has a beautiful face." [Mega Man III]
1630 "That apparently is NOT a safe place to stand." [Mega Man III]
1631 "That's not a platform, that's spikes." [Mega Man III]
1632 "Just kill me fish... *Kills fish* I'm sorry fish I didn't mean to murder you." [Mega Man III]
1633 "I had a dream that I was falling into a swimming pool filled with Cap'N Crunch." [Mega Man III]
1634 "Hi boulders, nice to meet you. My name's Mega Man." [Mega Man III]
1635 "This is Mega Man 'Absolute Perfection' Edition." [Mega Man III]
1636 *Gets hit* "I jumped when I should have slid." *Gets hit again* "I jumped when I should have slid" [Mega Man III]

1637 "I'm holding up Bright Man by his crotch." [Square Root of Negative One]
1638 "Guys, I'm an idiot. I realize this now. I'm an idiot. Guys. I realize it now, I'm an idiot. I appreciate the help because ... I'm an idiot." [Square Root of Negative One]
1639 "I am filled with disappointment [Square Root of Negative One]
1640 "Sorry if I'm being quite guys, it's going to take me a good week to get back into the grove of... *Falls on spikes* Jumping on spikes." [Square Root of Negative One]
1641 "Hello missile that saved me from a particularly spiky death." [Square Root of Negative One]
1642 "I'm trusting you Altima. This death is on you. Death number 30,374 is on you." [Square Root of Negative One]
1643 "God, I fucking hate these things... these hoppy fucking shooter fucks." [Square Root of Negative One]
1644 "Time to moonwalk!!" [Square Root of Negative One]
1645 "Fuck you Rush! Eat a dick!!" [Square Root of Negative One]
1646 "Mega Man! What the fuck!?! I'm pushing all the buttons! DIH-POOH-BWWOOOW!" [Square Root of Negative One]
1647 "God damn it! GRRRhhhhoohhh.... I'm perfectly calm." [Square Root of Negative One]

1648 "I just like throwing snakes at cats. Don't judge me." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1649 "It's just so god damn fucking hard to hit him with Hard Knuckle!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1650 "Nice sliding skills there Megaman" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1651 "Of all things Wily's willy doesn't get I-frames." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1652 "Mega Man 2. The game where Dr. Light never shuts the fuck up." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1653 "Nobody saw that. You just saw a perfectly competent Megaman player.... Play competently." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1654 "Is this the forest theme from oh my god I'm about to die?" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1655 "Slow and steady wins the race. Or whatever. I'm a fuckin' turtle, not a rabbit. I'm a turtle, not a rabbit. I'm a turtle, not a rabbit." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]

1656 "I'm terrified of how Air Man's stage is gonna be." [AVGN vs. Dr. Wily]
1657 "Come'ere thingy thingy thingy...thank you." [AVGN vs. Dr. Wily2]
1658 "We are further in the level than we've ever been-NOOOO!" [AVGN vs. Dr. Wily]
1659 "I get it now! The fish... is death! The fish... is the grim reaper in disguise!" [AVGN vs. Dr. Wily]
1660 "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, no, fucking damn it!" [Mega Man 4]

1661 "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go Fuck!" - Air_Hammer [Mega Man]
1662 "My sprite was touching his sprite" [Mega Man]
1663 *sings* "Did you ever know that you're my Weedle?" - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man]
1664 "I have three bars of health left... and a giant stompy fuck trying to kill me." [Mega Man 3]
1665 "I have the memory span of a dead hamster!" [Mega Man 3]
1666 " I'm an asshole." [Mega Man 3]
1667 "Either you hate it, or you're Taso." - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man 4]
1668 "Fuck that chump!" [Mega Man 4]
1669 "I'm Lady" [Mega Man 4]
1670 "If kappa drinks anymore, yes." - Air_Hammer [Mega Man 4]
1671 "If I play that game he'd likely dump my ass." Lady_Smaell [Mega Man 4]
1672 "Met's helmets are impenetrable. They're the ultimate condom." - Air_Hammer [Mega Man 5]
1673 "I was fucking punning all over the place! That's what I was doing!" ImpliedKappa [Mega Man 5]
1674 "Water is the main ingredient of acid rain." - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man 5]
1675 "It's not that we're crazy, it's that we like to rub our dicks on cheese graters." - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man 5]
1676 "Brain = Fart." [Mega Man 5]
1677 "How do you not have 9 Lives? OH, you suck Mojo." - AltimaMantiod [Mega Man 5]
1678 "Show me where the dragon touched you." - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man 5]
1679 "Fuck stuff right in the stuff." - BagelThief [Mega Man 5]
1680 Airhammer: "And he's drunk. He sounds British." [Mega Man 5]
1681 "Ule NO! BAD ULE!" - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man 5]
1682 "It's !quote add Meelemage. Jesus Christ you've been here forever." [Mega Man 6]
1683 "Meele wants to eat me? I gotta go hide... " - Air_Hammer [Mega Man 6]
1684 "It seems wrong to fight a drunk dude" [Mega Man 6]
1685 "Operation 'Kappa drinks himself to defeat' was a success." [Mega Man]
1686 "OK, here we go...right into the pit" [Mega Man]

1687 "PFFFT was the technical term for that." [Mega Man]
1688 "Fear me! I am Mega Man murderer of peacefully sleeping mets!" [Mega Man]
1689 "FFFFFFFFFFFFFucking nice jump MegaMan." [Mega Man]
1690 "Why am I doing?" [Mega Man]

1691 "Masturbation with chalk board screeches! Starring, AltimaMantoid!" [Quiplash]
1692 Altima: "Did you ever know that you're my weak point? You're everything frightening to me...." Mojo: "Goddammit Ule!" Altima: "...and I can die faster than a speedrun. Cause you are the pit beneath my feet." [Quiplash]
1693 "Hey I'm a doctor. Look at my willy." [Quiplash]
1694 "If you poop in your dreams you poop for real." - ForsakenScholar [Quiplash]
1695 "That's the big secret guys! Megaman 2 is nothing but a giant censor bar to cover up the sexiness of Gutsman's ass." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1696 "Eat my wood ... Thats an appropriate thing to say, right?" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1697 " I forget about shit." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1698 "How to not suck ... Blow instead" - Altima [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1699 "Long story short... I died." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1700 "15 dollars for free insanity." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1701 "You're so mean to me Altima!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1702 "Altima. Shut your fucking face." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1703 "Suddenly, hot dog!" - Altima [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1704 "It's like walking in the tall grass dududududududududu.... Wild Hotdog Has appeared!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1705 "I got a dragon head up the asshole!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1706 "Craig's Challenge....WHO THE FUCK IS CRAIG!?" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1707 "SURPRISE! QUICK BEAMS!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1708 "URGH, fucking wonky ass Megaman 1 fuckery!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]

1709 "FUCK! *Dies* Surprise, It's Quick Man!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1710 "Ule, why did you cause global warming? That was a dick move man!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1711 "Disgustingly slow *Gets a Gold* I'll take it" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1712 "Fuck my life. Fuck My Life ... FUCK MY LIFE, Jesus Christ!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1713 "Fuck using skill." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1714 "Fuck Mega Man 4, it can eat a dick. Fuck anyone who had anything to do with Mega Man 4 they can eat a dick. DICKS ALL ROUND!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]

1715 "Hmmmm nope." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1716 "I need to shit the back door." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1717 "He's a whatever-throwing douchebag." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]

1718 "Roman numerals are hard, guys." [Mega Man II]
1719 "I hate you guys! I Love you guys, but I also hate you guys!" [Mega Man X]
1720 "I'm back asshole, and I brought a zap gun. Okay but you're still kicking my ass though..." [Mega Man X]
1721 "Air_Hammer is smarter than I am." [Mega Man X]
1722 "I can't do it! I suck I suck I suck I suck I suck I'm not good!" [Mega Man X]
1723 "there we gOH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!" [Mega Man X3]
1724 "Quack." [Terraria]
1725 "That's a really deep hole, guys" [Terraria]

1726 *jumps on spikes* "See? I didn't give the penguin the satisfaction of murdering me with his egg." [Mega Man III]
1727 "HWAAAAAAUUGH.... the LAAAAAAAG!" [Mega Man III]
1728 "I hate this game." [Mega Man III]
1729 "Why do I jump when I need to slide? Why do I slide when I need to jump? Why do I have no brain?" [Mega Man III]
1730 "Three.... Two.... One..... *dies* NOOOOO!!!" [Mega Man III]
1731 "not the fastest dust crushing section but at least I didn't die *dies* FUCKING SON OF A BITCH I HAD TO OPEN MY FUCKING MOUTH!" [Mega Man III]

1732 "She's just a bitch! God Suzy." [Mega Man III]
1733 "Touch the Met, fall through the fat fuck." [Mega Man III]
1734 "Rule #11, Don't touch the Met" - Air_Hammer [Mega Man III]
1735 "Okay, let's try the level now without sucking! Go!" [Mega Man III]
1736 "I had to open my fucking mouth. I had to open my fucking mouth! I HAD to open my fucking mouth!" [Mega Man III]

1737 "I barely remember my first time" [Mega Man]
1738 "Mo'jar'jar!" [Mega Man]
1739 "We just got married, and you are cheating on me? With a woman!" [Terraria]
1740 "Are you jealous Air_Hammer ??" [Terraria]
1741 "I should probably be courteous and let Air_Hammer go down the ladders first. Y'know so I don't look up his dress." [Terraria]
1742 "Here comes the bride!" -Air_Hammer [Terraria]
1743 "Lady bug went on a massacare." [Terraria]

1744 "RNG douchebag horse guy!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1745 "Megaman's colon is a super fighting robot, Super Hyper Edition." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1746 "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1747 "Welcome to Mega Man 6, the game where you can never jump when you wanted to and when you do you have to mash the button 20 fucking times." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1748 *growling and hissing* [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1749 "Fuck me, I'm dumb! That was a really good Quick Man though..." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1750 "Eddie and the E-tanks! YEAH!"[ Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1751 "Fuck ImpliedKappa's method." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1752 "I really suck at dodging that swirly mcfuckerson fuck." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1753 "Now why am I using Dust on Dust Man? Because I'm fucking stupid, and I'll ask my own fucking dumb questions so you guys don't have to."[Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1754 "You might as well ask me to solve all the world's problems right now with a paper clip, a rubber band and a trashcan lid." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1755 "Way too low, way too high. I keep alternating on ways I want to die." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]

1756 "I looked at chat while on a conveyor belt....not a good idea." [Super Fighting Robot]
1757 "FUUUUUUAAA- Ok they drain you!" [Super Fighting Robot ]
1758 "Fear me, I am Floaty Invulnerable Man" [Super Fighting Robot]
1759 "I had it, I HAD IT... and then I didn't. Damn it Ule!" [Super Fighting Robot]

1760 "Holy shit chicken flower hurts!" [Super Fighting Robot]
1761 "API Error is actually a channel." [Super Fighting Robot]
1762 "Eat my Magic Missile you douchebag!" [Super Fighting Robot]
1763 "P is for boss." - PicardsFlute [Super Fighting Robot]
1764 "...and when I'm feeling lonely I fuck myself." [Super Fighting Robot]
1765 "They're probably double-clicking their mouse while they are double-clicking their mouse." - AltimaMantoid [Super Fighting Robot]
1766 "(Yoshi) Also known as stupid eggspittting son of a bitch!" [Super Fighting Robot]
1767 "There are actualy five states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma and fleshlight." - PicardsFlute [Super Fighting Robot]
1768 "Anything is a fleshlight if you are brave enough." - AltimaMantoid [Super Fighting Robot]
1769 "Someone in the history of the human race has stuck their dick in a pitcher plant." [Super Fighting Robot]
1770 "We here at MegaMan Nightly do not condone sticking your dick in a porcupine. We do however find it hilarious." - AltimaMantoid [Super Fighting Robot]
1771 "There's few things in the world I want less than to talk to my mom about putting my dick in a porcupine." [Super Fighting Robot]
1772 "Oh my God there is a fourth form! What does this game want from me? Holy Shit!" [Super Fighting Robot]
1773 "A wheel on his ass cheeks!" [Super Fighting Robot]
1774 "Do you have to shoot your fucking disco strobe lights, your fucking purple elecricity and your fucking raining Jesus god damn." [Super Fighting Robot]

1775 "I'm bad at wall humping." [Mega Man 7]
1776 "Why is there a baby crying on my stream?" [Mega Man 7]
1777 "Keep your dirty fucking Mets to yourself, you stupid asshole!" [Quint's Revenge]

1778 "Whyyyyy.... GOODDDDDDD!?!" [Shovel Knight]
1779 "It's not Megaman, I don't need to count my deaths. I just hit my hotkey to count my deaths." [Terraria]

1780 "You got a funny looking mask, asshole!" [Shovel Knight]
1781 "That's right, Propeller Knight! You serve me now, bitch! You literally serve me........... ...... .... I hate your level." [Shovel Knight]

1782 "Half of these kids are fucking midgets!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1783 "And thats how the game ends. Mega Man's digital body burns in a digital fire" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1784 "I AM JACKING IN TO THE TOILET!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1785 "AHH! AN ALLIGATOR!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1786 "Doesn't matter that I drown, I gotta save the arsonist!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1787 "No, the Seal is my spirit animal....loves playing with it's balls and weighs two tons." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1788 "DiveMan, you look different! Awooga, Awooga!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1789 "AWOOGUH!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1790 "Lan, you need to choose your friends better." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1791 "That's my celebratory 'WHOO!' for not dying." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1792 "I didn't die today! Awooga!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1793 "Are you swinging a shark?!" - Air Hammer [Terraria]
1794 "I got Master Bait too." [Terraria]

1795 *awakens an ancient evil* "I didn't do it! Cloudmonkey did it!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]

1796 "I just wanna smear some oil all over my body. Money!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1797 "PAPRIIIIIIKA!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1798 "I didn't sign up for zig-zag fuckers, I'm outta here." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1799 "I poop rainbows!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1800 "I think the dog food was in the faucet." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1801 "My ass is killing me!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]

1802 "Of course I can jack into a squirrel." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1803 "Teach you to exist, Starfish!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1804 "We're going to clamp all these animals ass-to-mouth to make a bridge because we're that fucking evil!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1805 "You're not my real sword, you're just my step sword!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]
1806 "We get to collect rainbow macaroni." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar]

1807 "Potato chips, not french fries. Damn crazy Brit." [Mega Man IV]
1808 "Which came first, the lag or the egg?" [Mega Man IV]
1809 "God damn son of a fucking cock fucker!" [Mega Man IV]
1810 "Rush I swear to god I am going to build a real-life incarnation of you just so I can have the pleasure of fucking ripping you apart!!" [Mega Man IV]
1811 "No, I... ugh! Don't want this item! Jesus!" *elephant impression* [Mega Man IV]
1812 "You think Stone Man's disappointed that Rock Man's not more like him? You know... stones... and rocks? ...OK, I'll shut up now." [Mega Man IV]
1813 "I'm a gassy fish with a yo-yo!" [Terraria]
1814 "You build very well for a fish!" - DaisZX [Terraria]
1815 "You should be honored to paint Proto Man's dick!" [Terraria]

1816 "Guess what I did today? I killed a tiger with a bomb." [Mega Man IV]
1817 Picardsflute: "Fuck me..." Mojoric: "I don't swing that way, man." [Mega Man IV]
1818 "It's alright guys. I've cooled down, I've emptied my bladder, and everything is fine. I have a banana." [Mega Man IV]
1819 Picardsflute: "I let my buster loose while I was inside him....giggity." Mojoric: "I hope you were using protection." [Mega Man IV]
1820 "It's the perfect shitstorm!"- PicardsFlute [Mega Man IV]
1821 "I got stuck in the shop cause I spent too long and had to hear about 'THIS IS AN ENERGY TANK! IT DOES ENERGY TANK THINGS!' " [Mega Man IV]

1822 "Shit the fuck up, all-a y'all." [Mega Man IV]
1823 "Lady bug massacare! Kill all Lady bugs! Spare no lady bugs!" [Mega Man IV]
1824 *frustrated orgasming noises* [Mega Man IV]
1825 "Now if I can fucking shoot the thing, shoot the thing, fucking shoot the thing, GOD DAMMIT FUCK ME!" [Mega Man IV]
1826 "I blame gravity. Fuck gravity." [Mega Man IV]
1827 "Brains, brains, brains. I need brains!" [Mega Man IV]
1828 "That was almost good! It would've been good if I'd of stopped. but that was almost good!" [Mega Man IV]

1829 "You make the weirdest fucking noises Taso!" [Mega Man IV]
1830 "Fucking game can go to eat dick!" [Mega Man IV]
1831 "If you can have OCD about stacking things, I can have OCD about explosions." - DaisZX [Terraria]
1832 "Fucking jellyfish.... stop it!" [Terraria]
1833 "Ah, the majestic migratory of bees~" - DaisZX [Terraria]
1834 "OH MY GOD, TURTLE!" [Terraria]
1835 'Oh my god, what have you dont to me forsaken!'' -Mojoric [Terraria]
1836 'I see you have a big fish there Kappa '' [Terraria]
1837 "Lesson learned: don't be an idiot" [Mari0]

1838 "I have to violate the damn button to get it to go in." [Rockman Exhaust]
1839 "Fuck you Met. Fuck me." [Rockman Exhaust]
1840 "Never fear! Mega Man, defeater of shrimp is here!" [Rockman Exhaust]
1841 "And fuck anyone with a rusty nail, that says I shouldn't fucking use savestates on this part." [Rockman Exhaust]
1842 "The comma? Ule loves the comma." [Rockman Exhaust]
1843 "I don't know what the fuck it says. It's in Japanese. It could be called Super Amazing Awesome Diarrhea Spray for all I know." [Rockman Exhaust]
1844 "Climb the wall? Climb... climb the fucking wall? Why don't you just ask me to become fucking Jesus?" [Rockman Exhaust]
1845 "Fuck your Ass Word." [Rockman Exhaust]
1846 "Oh, he was weak to interdimensional diarrhea." [Rockman Exhaust]
1847 "I know how to make play megaman!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1848 "It's a sad, sad day when I die to Bubble." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1849 "You jump a millisecond too long? You're dead. You jump a millisecond too soon? You're dead. You jump a millisecond too late? You're dead. You fucking don't turn around fast enough? You're dead. You breathe? You're dead. You fucking look at the game? You're dead. You fucking exist? You're dead." [Rockman Exhaust]

1850 "Give it to me!" [Mega Man V]
1851 "Hey...hey! Keep your bananas to yourself, douchebag!" [Mega Man V]
1852 "My fist just killed me. I just fisted myself." [Mega Man V]
1853 "Don't mind me Sunstar I was just groping your junk." [Mega Man V]
1854 "Like, if I was playing Final Fantasy 7, and I pushed the wrong fucking button and it just fucking teleports me back to fucking Midgar. I want that. I want that feature in every game." [Mega Man V]
1855 "Don't make me pull this stream over!" [Mega Man 4]
1856 "I am 100% the absolute best at doing jumps." [Mega Man 4]
1857 "Shut up Rush." - DaisZX [Terraria]
1858 "There's shit on the walls guys!" [Terraria]
1859 "Why did my platform rev up?" [Terraria]

1860 "Muper Righting Fobot, Segaman!" [Super Fighting Robot]

1861 "Me have gone through three bosses without a single death." [Mega Man]
1862 "Congratufuckinglations douchebag, you win again. I FUCKING HATE YOU!" [Mega Man & Bass]
1863 "Guys, I speak perfect Japanese, I read perfect Japanese, I know what I'm doing." [Mega Man & Bass]

1864 "I just want you to stop existing you frog fuck. Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!" [Mega Man 8:]
1865 "Did you just show up to SLEEP?! Fuck you Rush, go eat a dick!" [Mega Man 8]
1866 "His Pants! His Pants! They wrecked me!" [Mega Man 8]
1867 "Lady, please tell me you're not my mom." [Mega Man 8]
1868 "Spikes ARE my friend, they are my lovers.... they're... they're just the best." [Mega Man 8]
1869 "Keep your hands to yourself you dirty clown!!£ [Mega Man 8]

1870 "Apparently my choice is to be a idiot" [Mega Man 3]
1871 "I hope I don't die a lot.....*dies* Well that's a good start!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1872 "HGGGGGGGGGGGR" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1873 "SUPRIZE! DEATH!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1874 "DAMMIT JIM! I'm a doctor not an escalator!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1875 "This platypus is umm gonna make me ummm a very ummm sad prototype." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1876 " I'm a mojo, not a jojo!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1877 "All my hopes and dreams lie behind third platypus." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1878 Lady singing: "Why is jumping so damn hard?" *Mojo walks onto spikes.* Mojo: "Why is it so damn hard?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1879 "You could resurrect Abraham Lincoln, get him over the whole 'Oh my God, I'm not dead anymore' thing, and teach him how to hold a controller, and he'd still be able beat this game before me." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1880 "Ass Punchers in Space: The Empire Punches Back." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1881 "Fucking son of a headbonking son of a cock!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1882 "Hey, hey, hey. Stop existing." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1883 "It's one of the things that defines me. 'Has sight'. I'd put it on a resume." [Mega Man Unlimited]
1884 "Imagine you're just moments away from your life's goal, and suddenly a little kid throws a super bouncy ball at your feet, and you fall on the ground and hit your head, and now you're quadriplegic and your life's ruined! That's what happened right there!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
1885 "I can't even be mad that I'm failing the yoku block puzzle because Magnet Man song." [Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen]

1886 "Dog defused." [Undertale]

1887 "I need more things to rob. Can I rob this old lady?" [The Misadventures of Tron Bonne]
1888 "Congratulations Air_hammer! You're a servebot!" [The Misadventures of Tron Bonne]
1889 "Can you stop that? I was just trying to rob a bank." [The Misadventures of Tron Bonne]
1890 "I am very stupid." - DaisZX "Hey, that's my line!" - Mojoric [Terraria]

1891 "It's a tire iron! It's a tire iron! It's a tire iron! It's a tire iron!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1892 "It's a hubcap! It's a hubcap! It's a hubcap!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1893 "What the fuck? You have peanut brittle.... Share that shit!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1894 "God DAMN it! Stupid piece of shit dog!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1895 "Welcome to the suicide booth." [Back to the Future: The Game]
1896 "R.I.P. algae cakes!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1897 "Pickle juice!" [Back to the Future: The Game]
1898 "What the frug!?!" [Back to the Future: The Game]

1899 "I am Mojo, expert spike detector." [Mega Man X2]
1900 "That's where the X-Hunter shows up..AND THAT'S WHERE THE SPIKES ARE!!" [Mega Man X2]
1901 "I am the king of cheese!" [Mega Man X2]
1902 "One pixel too many! One pixel too many. One pixel. Too many. One pixel." [Mega Man 7]

1903 "Is there a seal on Uranus?" [Mega Man V]
1904 "Wonderful! Amazing! Spectacular! Fun times!" [Mega Man V]

1906 "Have you ever had pudding between your toes?" [Mega Man V]
1907 "One slightly used pudding cup, toe flavored!" [Mega Man V]
1909 "Thank you Eddy, I love you." [Mega Man V]
1910 "Nothing is more enjoyable than electrocuting baby seals. It's like my favorite past time. It gives me so much pleasure." [Mega Man V]

1911 "It's like if we were playing Monopoly and every time I landed on a rail road, I had to stand up and everyone else gets to kick me in the nuts" [Mega Man V]

1912 "Suddenly, Mega Man 2 shrimp!" [Mega Man 10]
1913 "10am? Sounds like a perfect time to get drunk." [Mega Man 10]

1914 "Jacking off -- er, jacking out Fire Man sounds like an easy way to get burns." [Rockman.EXE WS]
1915 "Fuck you game! Fuck you!" [Rockman.EXE WS]
1916 "I just spiked myself on the forehead like 3 times in a row because of AirShoes." [Rockman.EXE WS]
1917 "Fucking AirShoes! I need to take off the fucking AirShoes! Mojo, right now, open the menu and take off the AirShoes! Goddammit, do it, right now, take off the damn AirShoes! Fuck you, AirShoes! Go away! No AirShoes! Jesus Christ! I keep dying because of the fucking AirShoes! Did I mention? Stupid fucking AirShoes!" [Rockman.EXE WS]

1918 "Some are high, some are low, some are up my asshole." [Rockman.EXE WS]
1919 "I am 100% pure essence of stupidity." [Mega Man Battle Network]
1920 "YEEEEAAAAAAH!! That was some pro shit right there!" [Mega Man]

1921 "Show me potato salad!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1922 "I gotta shoot sparks at Wily's dingle-dongle." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1923 "Some schwaas are more equal than others." [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1924 "Robot Penis Destroyed! Game Complete!" [Mega Man: The Wily Wars]
1925 "Lady, did you ever know that you're my cabbage crate? You are the ew beneath my ew." [Mega Man X]
1926 "YEAST!!" [Mega Man II]
1927 *Mojoric's nonstop laughter at cassiothird learning about fleshlights.* [Mega Man II]
1929 "Don't mind me... Just taking a dump!" [Mega Man II]
1930 "Suddenly LOTS of Antlions!! Holy Shit!" [Terraria]
1931 "I got a KKK outfit with a misshapen head. Oh wait that's a ghost outfit." - DaisZX [Terraria]

1932 "It's an abomination of nature! Even fictional nature!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1933 "I suppose if you measure it more so from the ass end.....wait what are we talking about?" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1934 "Fire up the asshole!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1935 "Ew ew, cabbage crates!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1936 "I'm getting the shit kicked out of me by a fucking flower." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
1937 "Fucking...just...HEY HEY...I can...hey look I'm Crystal Man! Hey look I'm Crystal Man! I can hop. I can hop into my enemy over and over and over again! It''s totally fucking fair that he takes contact damage but I don't. Hey look I'm Crystal Man! Hey guys look...hey look...hey look guys, I'm Crystal Man! Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! I'm Crystal Man!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]

1938 "What is anger? What is rage?" [Mega Man]
1939 "The blue/cyan wall of disintegration, my favorite enemy." [Mega Man]
1940 "Every level is a labyrinth." [Mega Man]
1941 "God met is GOD!" [Mega Man]
1942 *Mashing the C key repeatedly to continue after a game over. Loudly.* [Mega Man]
1943 "They even drew the cat's butthole. That's dedication." [Costume Quest]

1944 "No that means I turned into a pffffffttttt sounding monster" [Mega Man]
1945 "OK. Let's try not to be stupid this time." EleGiggle [Mega Man]
1946 "Okay. Let's try not to be stupid this time." [Mega Man]
1947 "OK. Let's try not to be stupid this time." [Mega Man]
1948 "I just waiting fo- WHY ARE MY PENGUINS GLITCHED!?" [Mega Man]
1949 "The theme of the stream is prostitutes and hard drugs, that's what it is." [Mega Man]
1950 "MegaMan Nightly brought to you by Twix, except not really." [Mega Man]
1951 "I'm eating pizza while hanging on Grenade Man's crotch." [Terraria]
1952 "Left! Nipple!" [Terraria]
1953 "I may have a stupid ass, but at least I have a Smartdick™" [Terraria]
1954 "Little water penis." [Terraria]
1955 "You're my trashcan. Congratulations." [Terraria]
1956 "I can finally fulfill my dream of being an actual fish." [Terraria]
1957 "Why is there a duck?" - DaisZX [Terraria]

1958 "What the fuck, Capcom? Maybe that's why kids won't buy your games! You fucking skinned Pikachu!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1959 The lunches smell great. You can jack into them' Remind me to keep Lan away from my food. [Mega Man Battle Network]

1960 "Keep your tongue to yourself, asshole!" *elephant impression* [Mega Man Battle Network]
1961 "Can you hear me Lady? Can you hear me Lady? Can you hear me Lady? Can you hear me Zero?" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1962 "I'll talk to her in a moment. I've got to steal free stuff first." [Mega Man Battle Network]
1963 "I have an afro and can paint? and a kid?" [Mega Man Battle Network]

1964 "Kitsune is Macauley Culkin, huh?" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1965 "I have not advanced the plot at all!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1966 "It sucks, It sucks, It sucks, It sucks, It sucks, It suuuuuuuucks, Mosquitos suck. I mean I know that's what they're meant to do but still fuck those Mosquitos!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1967 "GO STONEMAN RNG GO! StoneMan is gonna kill all of them now just watch *StoneMan hits nothing* Fuck you StoneMan, fuck you!" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1968 "Altima. You're less than a year old?" [Mega Man Battle Network]
1969 "Let's all just scrub that shittiness from our memories!" [Mega Man Battle Network]

1970 "I'm a wizard kappa!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1971 "Oh...That's special!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1972 "There's another worm! There's always another worm." [Mega Man III]
1973 "Why did I hort shop?!" [Mega Man III]
1974 "I was tried to abort, I swear I tried and MegaMan was like "Nope my ankle, we're on this crazy ride until we die!" [Mega Man III]
1975 "Protoman's theme comes on, and all I get is a fucking whale?" [Mega Man III]
1976 "I hate the buttons that like, 'Hey, you wanna do the level again? Hey, you wanna fucking go out?' I don't know which one's which, I don't know, I don't play on a fucking actual Gameboy so I don't know which one's fucking A and which one's fucking B." [Mega Man II]
1977 "I'm Bob Ross painting a tree right now. I'm happy and content with everything going on around me." [Mega Man IV]
1978 "Confirmed. Ponies are not penguins. Prinnies are kind of penquin like, right?" [Mega Man IV]
1979 "Don't touch the chicken. Don't touch the rat. Don't touch the spikes. Don't touch anything! Don't exist!" [Mega Man IV]
1980 "Nick?! Can I please sleep with youuu? Please!" [Terraria]
1981 "Yeah, we're into cloning around here." -DaisZX [Terraria]
1982 "I love you, I could dry hump you for that right now." -DaisZX [Terraria]

1983 "Fucking murderous weapon energy!!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1984 "Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Boo boo boo boo! Hey guys! Boo boo boo boo!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1985 "One.....two.....three.....four.....fuck!" [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]

1986 "Flying fuck nuggets!" [Mega Man II]
1987 "I just jizzed all over myself." [Mega Man III]
1988 "We can recover from all of this!" [Tetris]
1989 "That's a beautiful fucking helicopter.......... And there is a shitty one." [Mega Man V]
1990 "What the hell! What the fuck! What the son of a bitch!" [Mega Man V]
1991 "I think Altima just wants me. He wants my beard, he wants my burps." - PicardsFlute [Mega Man]
1992 "I want your dick. No homo by the way." -Tasoittaja [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1993 "I've been dubbed a god. The Game Boy God. My life is complete." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1994 "That's how you pronounce five. As atrocious." [Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge]
1995 "I have my sticky note!" [Mega Man IV]

1996 "I don't have enough of your anus! Air Hammer..." [Mega Man V]
1997 "Four times as much as an assload is... FOUR ASSLOADS!" [Mega Man V]
1998 "I GOTTA PEE!!" [Mega Man V]
1999 "Time to make a bird's crotch!" [Terraria]
2000 "He rode a blazing saddle. His arse was full with fire. He couldn't hold his 'poopeiz', and had to go with ire. ...Ninjaphooka, you're pretty fucking weird." [Terraria]
2001 "See stream? His nipples are bright pink!" [Terraria]
2002 "Bucket...bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket bucket." [Terraria]
2003 "He shall forever be known as the derpy turkey." [Terraria]

2004 *the girliest EEEEEEEEEEEK ever* [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2005 *random bull noises* [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2006 "He told me he'd give me powers and then I started breaking red shit and then I tried to kill someone with a truck!!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2007 "Lady... you've proven to be a decent mod, so SHUT UP." [Terraria]
2008 "Why am I wearing this piece of garbage? I look like XpanD, but gold." -- DaisZX [Terraria]
2009 "I accept dick pics... over email." -- DaisZX [Terraria]

2010 "I echo becuase I'm a LOUD ASSHOLE." [Mega Man]
2011 "We're measuring success and progress in jumps now. " [Mega Man]
2012 "I'm gonna have Spader over, and that's a Blader. He touched our feet." [Mega Man]
2013 "His name is Cameron LeFrenchman." [Mega Man]
2014 "*sings* Super fighting robot.... oops!" [Mega Man]
2015 "I blame gravity, and my mom." [Mega Man]
2016 "Altima is my dick." [Mega Man]
2017 "That was a VERY angry death! *Drunken hysterical laughter*" [Mega Man]
2018 "Get my pants!" [Mega Man]
2019 "Neither of us have pants." - Spadercrest [Mega Man]
2020 *off in the distance* "PANTS OPTIONAL!" [Mega Man]
2021 "We've been playing the entire game with the rule '1, 2, 3, jump' not '1, 2, 3, ohmygoddead!'" [Mega Man]
2022 "My worm is better than yours." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2023 "Air_Hammer, you're a bird, you're getting Pidgey!" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2024 "Yay! We got balls!" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2025 "And that's the premise of the game. KILL THE ABOMINATION!" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2026 "Okay Spader, bend over." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2027 "Do YOU want to be an abomination?" - SpaderCrest [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2028 "Oh my god it's even worse than ours." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2029 "Doesn't bug work well against grass? THROW OUT OUR WHALE!" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2030 "You are really bad at being a bird, Air Hammer." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2031 "I hate myself and think I'm a butt." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]

2032 "WHY IS EVERYTHING FUSED WITH WHALES!?" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2033 "Have fun with your spaghetti, Lady." [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2034 "I do like to ride bikes! Give me a bike right now! [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2035 "Woo hoo! Give me your dead daughter's bike!" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]
2036 "Xpanickule?" [Pokémon Fusion Generation]

2037 "Lets go listen to my brother, telling me to go be an arsonist!" [Mega Man 7]
2038 "The one who Father made stronger, is the one that can drink E-tanks." [Mega Man 7]
2039 "No one expects ass cannons." [Mega Man 7]
2040 "That was a way too early jump. That was a way too late jump. That jump was juuuust riiiiight. You guys just saw the Goldilocks story of jumps." [Mega Man 2]
2041 "I am king of the typos." [Mega Man 2]
2042 "Suddenly LOTS OF FUCKING BATS!!" [Mega Man II]
2043 "What! I was holding down! Didn't you see Quint sitting there trying to squat a shit?" [Quint's Revenge]
2044 "There's like three snails, that like... ganged up on me!" [Terraria]
2045 "I'm a creeper with places to go!" [Terraria]
2046 "Use the Bewitching Table and extend your worm." [Terraria]
2047 "No, don't heal yourself, nurse! Ehehehe... can she drown?" [Terraria]

2048 "QUUUUUUUUUUUUUUACK!! Hey guys QUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUACK!!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2049 "Eat missile you stupid fucking duck!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2050 "*Sings* I am mega man, I have a wolf for my hand.... That's how the song goes right?" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2051 "Waahhh!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2052 "Lalalalalalalalalalalaa. What a shitty song." [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]

2053 "MY BODY IS GLOWING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2054 "I've finally been peer pressured to go back to school." [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2055 "Oh my god, we can do math! It's so frightening!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2056 "He learned to count to 9!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2058 "I'm gonna freeze time and freeze your ass!!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]

2059 "It's just l... I wanna... I wanna shoot stuuuuuff! All this plot!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2060 "I'm a special snowflake!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]
2061 "Sometimes I feel that all the enemies in this game are all different versions of Zubat!" [Mega Man Star Force Dragon]

2062 "Unseen umbrella. Too OP for me. I lose!" [Mega Man 9]
2064 "Hello there, scissor blade. My name's Mega Man. No wait, my name's Dead. My name's Dead, because you killed me." [Mega Man 9]
2065 "GO MY BEE MINIONS!!" [Mega Man 9]
2066 "Had progress and then lost it, like a doofus!.. Like a DOOFUS! -- Hesitated for just a second and died for it... like a doofus!" [Mega Man 9]
2067 "OK, that... was my own stupid fault. I can't even point the finger at Ule that time; that was all me." [Mega Man 9]
2068 "Fuck my life. Fuck my life. Fuck my life. How you doing, Logan? Fuck my life. Fuck my life." [Mega Man 9]
2069 "It's my little mini vacation from the devil." [Mega Man 9]
2070 "Poor Mega Man for the Game Boy gets no love in the Powerpoint presentation." [Mega Man 9]
2071 "It's like something vomited cute on a demon." [Pokémon Emerald]
2072 "I'm gonna send my giant plant beetle to beat up puppies." [Pokémon Emerald]

2073 "I GOT THE D-JUICE!!" [Mega Man 5]
2074 "Die in a fire Wily!" [Mega Man 5]
2075 "Fuck Gyro! Beat's going to carry my ass." [Mega Man 5]
2076 "I'm going to murder the most adorable baby elephant ever, to make myself feel better." [Pokémon Emerald]
2077 "Welcome to the eat a dick stream!" [Pokémon Emerald]
2078 "Lance, eat a dragon dick!!" [Pokémon Emerald]
2079 "Lady was a help at times. We surfed on her!" [Pokémon Emerald]

2080 "It can't be Mega Man 1 because it has to rhyme. 'Six shots, six bots' doesn't rh... OK, well it does rhyme, but eight is a better number!" [Mega Man 5]
2081 "Fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life....fuck my life." [Mega Man 5]
2082 "Y'know when I actually do this I'm gonna miss jumping on that turret... like some weird turret suicide stockholm syndrome." [Mega Man 5]
2083 "Fuckin' jump out of the fffckn.. slide... grrg ddrrmmm.... ffkfkkn... dddddm!" [Mega Man 5]
2084 "... gargling a sweaty man's ass." [Mega Man 5]
2085 "Not an extra life, Eddy. Not an extra life, Eddy. Not an extra life, Eddy. That's an extra life, Eddy. Thank you." [Mega Man 5]
2086 "Fucking son of a fuck nugget!" [Mega Man 5]
2087 "I know how to do it, dodge! I know how to live, breathe!" [Mega Man 5]
2088 "Taso is a Fucking Genius!" [Mega Man 5]
2089 "I don't want to host up that XSammy22 guy, he's 11 worse than you." [Mega Man 6]

2090 "Hardest boss in the room!" [Mega Man]
2091 "We know how to jump into the pit!" [Mega Man]
2092 "That's right .I suck at video games. I now realize." [Mega Man X3]
2093 "Guys. Buying people is wrong. I'm just gonna put that out there. Just in case it ever comes up in real life, you probably shouldn't buy people." [Mega Man X3]
2094 "Vava is a stupid name." [Mega Man X3]
2095 "It's confirmed. Taso has an asshole." [Mega Man X3]
2096 "Squirrels are sandwiches too!" [Mega Man X3]
2097 "Do you want a slow and painful death by lemons?" [Mega Man X3]
2098 "Just so you know, I lose by default!" [Mega Man X2]
2099 " I am pretty fat." [Mega Man X2]
2100 "I think I found every single jellyfish in this stage.... With my face." [Mega Man X2]

2101 "Actually, I do like fish dicks! Actually, my mom bought fish dicks for my brother a couple months ago, and he didn't like them? And I found out, and I was like, 'We have fish dicks? We have fish dicks!?!'" [Mega Man 6]
2102 "Mojo defeated Spiced Rum Man! Get equipped with Projectile Vomit! Get your weapons ready!" [Mega Man 6]
2103 "Yes, I'm sure it's rum! I didn't piss myself!" [Mega Man 6]
2104 "ImpliedKappa may be smart, but I'm having another rum and coke!" [Mega Man 6]
2105 "It was a long time ago! I was young... and stupid!" [Mega Man 6]
2106 "Please tell me one of the names of your cats is not My Little Kitten!" [Mega Man 6]
2107 "I think this was just a ploy by Lady to get me plucking plastered!" [Mega Man 6]
2108 "Did you feet... did you beat Mega Man 6?" [Mega Man 6]
2109 "I wish my buster went 'pew pew pew pew pew!'" [Mega Man 6]
2110 "I'm drunk!" [Mega Man 6]
2111 "I still don't remember beating Yamato Man!" [Mega Man 6]
2112 "Mojo, if I had enough money, I would fly to America and hug the shit out of you." - Tasoittaja [Mega Man 6]
2113 "I hate when I'm reading something, and I'm like, 'Man, this is good!' And then Draco is fucking Mega... Draco is faking Harry Potter up the ass." [Mega Man 6]
2114 Mojo: "Taso! Taso! Can we continue this conversation when I'm sober?" Taso: "No." [Mega Man 6]
2115 "Birds are douchebags! Birds and cowboys!" [Mega Man 6]
2116 "Please don't "mate" with me." [Mega Man 6]
2117 Mojo: "I'M FUCKING DRUUUUNK!" Taso: "I am too...let's hook up." [Mega Man 6]
2118 "DID I JUST GET A FOLLOW!?" [Mega Man 6]
2119 "Somebody actually followed me during this clusterfuck??" [Mega Man 6]
2120 "2,000 people find me entertaining enough to maybe come back." [Mega Man 6]
2121 "I may have walked into spikes. It's questionable, not 100%." [Mega Man 6]
2122 "I might be slightly drunk." [Mega Man 6]
2123 "I don't wanna ehhh...gaaaaame." [Mega Man 6]
2124 "Oh hey it's a dragon. I should punch this stuff." [Mega Man 6]
2125 "Why did I agree to this!?" [Mega Man 6]
2126 "Don't love me." [Mega Man 6]
2127 "Is this a Mega Man game, or is this Tetris?" [Mega Man 6]
2128 "If your crush is not up to SplashWoman cosplay, should you dump her? Definitely! Fuck her!" [Mega Man 6]
2129 "A spiked dildo in any orifice is not going to feel very good." [Mega Man 6]
2130 "I went into spikes 'cause spikes are my friend~~~!" - Lady [Mega Man 6]
2131 "Lady is taken by a person with a cream cheese fetish." [Mega Man 6]
2132 "Hey, hey, hey... he's 11 years old, he'll be fine! Rum and coke, gooooo!" [Mega Man 6]
2133 "I just poked myself in the eye with a bottle of rum." [Mega Man 6]
2134 "Someone tell me how to jump with a Cockney accent, go." [Mega Man 6]
2135 "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!" [Mega Man 6]
2136 "Reabs! I'd like to thank you for having an easy-to-spell name!" [Mega Man 6]
2137 "Welcome everyone! I'm Drunk-as-Fuck!" [Mega Man 6]
2138 "What day is it!?! What day is it!?! Is it Wendesday!?! Guys, shut up, I don't give a fuck! Is it Wednesday? It's Friday!?! Fuck! I have to be up in four hours to get my brother to the bus!" [Mega Man 6]
2139 "Hey, shut the fuck up, everyone! BlueBomber? Lady? Shut the fuck up! Taso! Taso, how do you pronounce your name!?!" [Mega Man 6]
2140 "There's Mega Man! Blue and Susan!" [Mega Man 6]
2141 "Taco flavored walrus..." - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man 6]
2142 "Fuck you Impliedkappa! Fuck you with a spiked dildo!" [Mega Man 6]
2143 [during !neigh] "No! I don't wanna play Mega Pony! I don't WANNA play Mega Pony! It's my stream! I control what I play! SHUT UP, Taso! You're ruining the song!" [Mega Man 6]
2144 "I'm like a fucking shitty American douchebag. I'm sorry." [Mega Man 6]
2145 "Neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh neigh..." [Mega Man 6]
2146 "I may have just spilled rum and coke all over myself. I'll be right back." [Mega Man 6]
2147 "If you like what you... Oh, that's my bot. Shut up, bot." [Mega Man 6]
2148 "I have a feeling tomorrow my desk is gonna be all sticky from rum... no... sticky from Western Family Brand Coca-Cola... but I'd rather it be sticky from Western Family Brand Cola than my own ejaculate." [Mega Man 6]
2149 "I'm gonna go vomit. I'll be right back." [Mega Man 6]
2150 "I went to take a piss and may have licked the bathroom mirror." [Mega Man 6]
2151 *doing a lady impression* "HA HA LA-MEGA MA-MOJO'S SO DRUNK" [Mega Man 6]
2152 "I feel liquid dripping down my arm. Is it raining in my house?" [Mega Man 6]
2153 "I'm licking my keyboard now, SHUT UP." [Mega Man 6]
2154 "SHUT UP AIR_HAMMER! I AM STUPID!" [Mega Man 6]
2155 "I'm out of hhrum! I blame Lady!" [Mega Man 6]
2156 "Hey! I'm not dead yet! Don't call 911! No emergency calls! I'm completely alive!" [Mega Man 6]
2157 "I love you, Taso. You're super fucking amazing... foreign guy. What country are you from, Taso?" [Mega Man 6]
2158 "I can't cheat on Air_Hammer for you! Unless Air_Hammer is into some weird Finland threesome." [Mega Man 6]
2159 [Mojo's list of waifus] "Air_Hammer, Magnet Man, PBR, then Taso!" [Mega Man 6]
2160 "My dick is a very valuable occupation!" [Mega Man 6]
2161 "Pure friendship dick sucking." [Mega Man 6]
2162 "Yamato is a samurai! Shut the fuck up! That's all I need to know!" [Mega Man 6]
2163 "Taso, at this point... pure 100% homo. You've convinced me. I'll convince my sexual orientation just for you." [Mega Man 6]
2164 "My entire desk is covered in alcohol." [Mega Man 6]
2165 "Lady just woke up. Fuck you, Lady." [Mega Man 6]
2166 "I'm covered in alcohol and regret." [Mega Man 6]
2167 "What!?! Water is a pussy drink! More rum! More rum! More rum! The rule is: more rum! I'm a pirate!" [Mega Man 6]
2168 "The rule is MORE RUM! I'm a pirate! Yarr! A pirate is free, RUM RUM RUM. RUM. RUUUUUUUUUUUUM! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! I HAVE RUM!" [Mega Man 6]
2169 "HEY! Shut up Taso I have RUM" [Mega Man 6]
2170 "Taspiratebagel, I'm sorry." [Mega Man 6]
2171 *drunken gibberish* -- Tasoittaja [Mega Man 6]
2172 "Taso? If you and I were pirates together, who would be first mate? Taso? Taso, SHUT THE FUCK UP! If you and I were pirates together, who would be first mate?" [Mega Man 6]
2173 "Hey, hey, shut the fuck up, you Finnish asshole." [Mega Man 6]
2174 "I don't care if all of the Finnish people are Nazis, I don't care. I love them all." [Mega Man 6]
2175 "Fuck lady! She's a cool person, but she's a DIRTY FUCKING CHEATER." [Mega Man 6]
2176 "Follow!?!?! There's a fFFfFffFfOllow?!!?! It's 3AM, I am drunk as fuck, it's a follow!" [Mega Man 6]
2177 "Eddie you beautiful beautiful bastard!" - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man 6]
2178 "Taso, I'm not making out with you. Nope, not anytime soon, no. No, no." [Mega Man 6]
2179 "Lady! This is all part of your evil plan, isn't it?" Lady: "Yes...?" [Mega Man 6]
2180 "I only have like two shots of rum left. I only have two shots of... THE BOTTLE IS EMPTY! THE BOTTLE IS EMPTY! When did I... WHERE DID THE RUM GO?" [Mega Man 6]
2181 "Why are my socks wet? WHY ARE MY SOCKS WET?!" [Mega Man 6]
2182 "Lady, you're a cheater! Cheeeeeeeeeeeater!" [Mega Man 6]
2183 *snging to Mega Man 6 Wily 4 stage music* Laaaaady is, a fucking cheeeeaterrrr! La la laaaaa, la lala, la la la lalalala, la, lalaaaaaa!" [Mega Man 6]
2184 "Sorry, Lady. You have a vagina, therefor you are a ho." [Mega Man 6]
2185 "NO. DICKS. INVOLVED." [Mega Man 6]
2186 "This stream is totally anti-dick." [Mega Man 6]
2187 "I have a dick!" [Mega Man 6]
2188 "My drunkedness is speaking for me." [Mega Man 6]
2189 Mojoric: "Lady! Convince everybody I'm not an asshole! Go!" Lady: "I can't work miracles." [Mega Man 6]
2190 "I'M A PIRATE! ARARARAR!" [Mega Man 6]
2191 "Thank you for the follow, thank you for hanging out, and I fucking hate you for making a troll account. Eat a dick and die." [Mega Man 6]
2192 "Girls just want big dicks and commitment." [Mega Man 6]
2193 "All I want is fishy twat." [Mega Man 6]
2194 "Fish scales are pokey! Easy does it!" [Mega Man 6]
2195 "Hey! HEY! Hey! Hey! Hey.... Shut up!" [Mega Man 6]
2196 "I know 1 plus 1 equals... 2? Maybe?" [Mega Man 6]
2197 "I have 9 E-Tanks?" "Yes, you should probably use your E-tanks." *doesn't use an E-Tank and dies* "I should've used an E-tank." [Mega Man 6]
2198 "Should I stream naked?" [Mega Man 6]
2199 "FUCKING SPIKES! ...I'm taking off my socks. Maybe that will help." [Mega Man 6]
2201 "RICKLY DICKS" [Mega Man 6]
2202 "I apologize for existing." [Mega Man 6]
2203 "Lady is a cheater, lady is a cheater. SHE'S A FUCKING CHEATER!!" [Mega Man 6]

2205 "Goddammit Bomb Man, wake the fuck up!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2206 "Dude, this looks like my Animal Crossing house.... shit everywhere." [Pokémon Black/White]
2207 "Why'd you color your hair the same color as your pants!?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2208 "What is that? Is that a portal to another realm? Is that the equivalent to Alice's rabbit hole but this time it's a watery vortex of doom?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2209 "The water has a butthole." [Pokémon Black/White]
2210 "He just comes in and steals the kill and says his quote, 'Cut Man breaks the mold!'" [Pokémon Black/White]
2211 "Keep your fingers and hands away from my asshole." [Pokémon Black/White]
2212 "Fucking Gohan monkey. Your grass monkey went Super Saiyan." [Pokémon Black/White]
2213 "I throw rocks at things that are different.... Guts Man isn't very tolerant." [Pokémon Black/White]

2214 "Don't lick me, Nick. At least ask permission first." [Pokémon Black/White]
2215 "I could dress up Guts Man and show off his ass." [Pokémon Black/White]
2216 "Baseball players are not to be fucked with." [Pokémon Black/White]
2217 "Oh, so the stupid squirrel gets U-Turn, but Pincer can't use it? Fuck you stupid squirrel! Fuck you!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2218 "Lady, lead me to the sewers ... and I might forget your cheating discretion" [Pokémon Black/White]
2219 "It's okay, Bomb Man finally killed somebody with a bomb!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2220 "Are you bald Bob Ross?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2221 "Pirates are drunkards but they aren't me!" [Terraria]

2222 "Confirmed: Pibbles isn't Batman. He's Aquaman!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2223 "If I give no fucks, that means I could possibly give some shits. But if I give no shits that means I also give no fucks." [Pokémon Black/White]
2224 "Not you though Lady..... You're a dirty Red-coat." [Pokémon Black/White]
2225 "FLEX AND DRINK SOME LEMONADE!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2226 "Is it just me or is this frog covered in nipples?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2227 "Like, black and teal tits." [Pokémon Black/White]
2228 "I just realized Altima's fantasizing about a male-male-female threesome with Guts Man and Splash Woman." [Pokémon Black/White]
2229 "If I don't know what it is... try punching it." [Pokémon Black/White]
2230 "Kill yourself! You know you want to do it!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2231 "Are you guys seriously blo--oh I'm an idiot." [Pokémon Black/White]
2232 "Future me can eat a dick." [Pokémon Black/White]
2233 "Stupid fucking guy with one letter of the alphabet as your name... take three!!" [Pokémon Black/White]

2234 "That's right, he has a non-humanoid penis. Guess which animal it's derived from. Put it in chat!" - DaisZX [Pokémon Black/White]
2235 "His spirit animal is a mantis, right? His spirit dick is an echidna." - DaisZX [Pokémon Black/White]
2236 "If Cryogonal doesn't have Levitate I'll eat my own dick." - AltimaMantoid [Pokémon Black/White]
2237 "I can't wait to play your Sonic fangame." - DaisZX "Well I can tell you that instead of twirling my tails to fly, I twirl my dick to fly." - Altima [Pokémon Black/White]
2238 *fails three times* "I suck at failing." - Altima [Pokémon Black/White]
2239 "Gonorrhea is the sign of a virgin." [Pokémon Black/White]
2240 "It's a Dewgong... I gotta punch it!!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2241 "Gotta club some seals." [Pokémon Black/White]
2242 "I punched ice cream. I punched a seal. Is there anything Guts Man won't punch?" [Pokémon Black/White]

2243 "I was gonna have you etank, but nooooooo!" [Mega Man 2]
2244 "The look Spader gave me when I said 'dingle dangle'." [Mega Man 2]
2245 "You're going to fire at his dingle dangle." [Mega Man 2]
2246 "Spader: You should let me know that. Mojo: I should, but my brain is dumb." [Mega Man 2]
2247 " We don't give a fuck about no ostriches." [Mega Man 2]
2248 "You have polar bears? Fuckin'... I want a polar bear!" [Mega Man 2]

2249 "I think that might be the first time I've snaked one of those things." [Mega Man 3]
2250 "What part of 'stand other the guy with the weapon that automatically aims up into him...' meant JUMP INTO HIM?" [Mega Man 3]
2251 "Drunk me's an idiot!" [Mega Man 3]
2252 *Long Inarticulate Groan* [Mega Man 4]
2253 "Shoot the fish. Shoot the fish! SHOOT THE FISH!!!" [Mega Man 4]
2254 "Please tell me we have another life...FUCK!!! Somehow this is your fault." [Mega Man 4]
2255 "That's what e-tanks are for. We don't need skill, or finesse; we just need e-tanks." [Mega Man 4]
2256 "We are the goomba, Skullman is Mario, and we just got STOMPED!" [Mega Man 4]

2257 "It's funny because I can't jump!" [Mega Man 5]
2258 "We're murdering pregnant metts. And their babies." [Mega Man 5]
2259 "Let's not combine mine and Spader's names in any way!" [Mega Man 5]
2260 "Spajoric?" [Mega Man 5]

2261 "Lady... get your shit together!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2262 "I've seen your stuff" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2263 "You know, anything's a fleshlight if you're brave enough. That's probably why the Snupster videos are so weird." - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man Unlimited]
2264 "Welcome to Mega Man Nightly, where six random people are on Skype talking about different parts of the game, while someone sings about ponies in the background." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2265 "I win! I victi.. fy!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2266 "Fuck you guys. I won this race in my heart." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2267 "I'd rather have a puffer fish shoved up my ass than fight EleCrab." - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man]
2268 *girlish scream* "No! ...dead." [Mega Man]
2269 "I can't judge Taso! I mean I do, but I shouln't!" [Mega Man]
2270 "There are no hookers in the spikes, only death." - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man Unlimited]
2271 "Sup slave Leia. I loved your tits is Star Wars 6. 10/10 Would feed to rancor." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2272 "What is that weird thing in my mouth?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2273 "I was going to come up with something witty but, unfortunately I can't." - Fellon [Mega Man Unlimited]
2274 "We have the stupid one, the Southern one, the girl one, the kid one, the guest one, the Finnish one, and the quiet one." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2275 "Don't tell stranger kids on the internet to kill their dads." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2276 "I'm going to lose this anyway. I should go make a sandwich." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2277 "Keep straws out of your butt, moral of the story." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2278 "I'm a teepee! I'm a wigwam! I'm a teepee! I'm a wigwam!" - Altima [Mega Man Unlimited]
2279 "My dick is not allowed to have ideas!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2280 "How many times can I shoot Tremane in the head before he explodes?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2281 "I need more 'Dr. Wily's Revenge' tips so if you could wait until then to shoot him in the head that'd be great." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2282 "Altima, stop quoting stuff!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
2283 Altima: "You can't be worse than mojo!" Lady: "I can, and I am." [Mega Man Unlimited]
2284 "If you have a brain, you hate Boobeam Trap. If you breathe, you hate Boobeam Trap. There are amoebas that hate Boobeam Trap." [Mega Man Unlimited]

2285 "Some of the later [Mega Man X series] games, I'd rather lick my asshole than play. And I know where my asshole's been." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2286 "Sometimes I forget people are waiting on my every word to see if it's quote-worthy." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2287 "JACK INTO THE BEAR!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2288 "Man, I'm broke. I wish I could sell garbage." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2289 "That was sloppy. So sloppy you could call it Joe. Okay, that was a dumb joke. Very dumb joke." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2290 "Speaking of Hitler..." [Terraria]
2291 "Are you Sam I. Am? Do you hate green eggs and ham?" [Terraria]
2292 "Murder is the best present." [Terraria]
2293 "You're not running away from me Mourning Wood!" [Terraria]

2295 "People write full length parody songs about how bad I am." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2296 "? Time to annihilate a shrimp and a mushroom ?" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2297 "Think of the children! Or your paycheck!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2298 "Fucking dick move, game! You know why I fucking keep dying to fucking stupid spikes? Because Yoku block spikes aren't effected by pausing! Fucking dick move! That's a massive dick move! Starsims, eat a fucking dick!" [Mega Man Unlimited]

2299 "Don't mind me... Chair Inspector!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2300 "Fuck you all. No potatoes for you." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

2301 "This is how you get stomped by a Suzy!" *kills the Suzy* "I should have been dead." [Mega Man III]
2302 "All is right in the world again. GreatWight is back to annoy Lady. I'm dying in Mega Man. Air_Hammer is bathing in maple syrup. It's all good." [Mega Man III]
2303 "Air_Hammer can't eat bacon, that would be cannibalism." [Mega Man III]
2304 "I'm trying to not think of the logistics of a woman fucking a whale. Or a human fucking a whale in general." [Mega Man 2]
2305 "Hey Mark...FUCK YOU!" - DaisZX [Terraria]

2306 "OW OW... OW.... OOWW!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2307 "I like dog shit. I LIKE DOG SHIT! Bring me piles and piles of dog shit!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2308 "Fucking asshole mice on ice!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2309 "Ga ga goo goo... GA GA GOO GOO!!!" [Mega Man Battle Network 2]
2310 "Geeg gak gek, glop." [Mega Man Battle Network 2]

2311 "I almost died because of sperm." [Mega Man 3: Improvement Hack]
2312 "? Neigh neigh neigh neighneighneigh, neigh. Neighhhh neiiiggghhh, neeeiiigggggh. ?" - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man]
2313 "British accens are sexy and I want to fuck Taso." - ImpliedKappa [Quint's Revenge]
2314 "I want the balls, all day. I want the balls, right in my face." - Bagel_Thief [Mega Man Unlimited]
2315 "I DON'T EVEN WANT A CAT!!" [Dr. Wily's Revenge]
2316 "*snoring*" - ImpliedKappa [Mega Man III]
2317 "Hey yeah, you like what you see?" - PicardsFlute "Oh yeah. Helicopter that shit around." - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man III]
2318 "I don't want to have to poop." - DaisZX [Mega Man V]
2319 "If I'm going to poop I'd rather do it for pleasure." - DaisZX [Mega Man V]

2320 "Mightyena's intimate. That sounds kind of hot." - AltimaMantoid [Pokémon Black/White]
2321 "Shut up and punch the thing!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2322 Altima: "As long as you don't ask me how to circle jerk, I'm fine." Mojo: "Hey Altima, I've got a question for you." Altima: "What?" Mojo: "Oh, uh... never mind." [Pokémon Black/White]
2323 (to Altima) "Do you hate hearing your own voice as much as I do?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2324 *ghost baby crying softly in the background* [Pokémon Black/White]
2325 "I'm pretty sure I can count to three Altima! ONE! THREE! See?" [Pokémon Black/White]
2326 "I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear!" [Pokémon Black/White]

2327 "Fuck off penguin. Fuck off ice block. Fuck off flying whale. Fuck off ice machine. Fuck off....everything." [Mega Man 8]
2328 "Fuck you Mett. Mind your own business. You're not my real dad!" [Mega Man 8]
2329 "Clown Man is actually Thor in disguise." [Mega Man 8]
2330 "No Bass, I don't want to feel it! I don't swing that way!" [Mega Man 8]
2331 "No, Altima. He's saying he wants a ham-flavored tamagachi. Learn to listen." [Mega Man 8]

2332 "My stream has essentially become In-Joke: The Stream" [Mega Man 9]
2333 "Astro Man just scared the living fuck outta me!" [Super Fighting Robot]

2334 "Did I hit that one, that one, that one, nope better do that right now!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2335 "One giant dick, on the house, just for you MrWeirdGuy!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2336 "That was for science!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2337 "Fucking cheap shot fucking Staff-McGee!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2338 "Fuck off, book, fuck off!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2339 "He appears literally inside you" [Super Fighting Robot]
2340 "Just kill me! *Throws MegaMan into an enemy*." [Super Fighting Robot]
2341 "I don't care if it's you long lost love and you've just been reunited, kill that fucking fish because it's a fucking pile of shit." [Super Fighting Robot]

2342 "You may not kiss my dick." [Super Fighting Robot]
2343 "Cream from your ass or cream for your ass?" [Super Fighting Robot]
2344 "I don't know shit." - VengefulNemesis [Super Fighting Robot]
2345 "My run is going down the drain, literally!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2346 "Your spreadsheet has room for days, right?" - DaisZX [Super Fighting Robot]
2347 "What the fuck is an alapha?" [Super Fighting Robot]

2348 "Don't talk over each other, assholes!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2349 "Me Mojo! Me bad at games!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2350 "This is Ass Holes Anonymous." [Super Fighting Robot]
2351 "I've been getting purposeful game overs on accident." - Air_Hammer [Super Fighting Robot]
2352 "What's going on in my stream? Why are people singing?" [Super Fighting Robot]
2353 "Sex." [Super Fighting Robot]
2354 "Great, now there's a quote of me saying sex." [Super Fighting Robot]
2355 "Fucking fucking fucking fucking....fucking....dammit." - Lady [Super Fighting Robot]
2356 "Joe, did you just do a shoot backwards? Just... fuck you, Joe." [Super Fighting Robot]
2357 "Mega Man used Razor Leaf!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2358 "Ladyception." [Super Fighting Robot]
2359 "Who doesn't hate Axe Man? He's a dirty fucking cheater. Even worse than me." - Lady_Smaell [Super Fighting Robot]
2360 "Mojo is such a dumbass, la la laaa la la lalalala la lala~" - Group capella [Super Fighting Robot]
2361 "Just because they aren't instakill doesn't mean you want to take a bath in them." [Super Fighting Robot]
2362 "I'm just glad I 100% better than you guys, I got the hair dye!" - DaisZX [Super Fighting Robot]
2363 "Yayy, Lady finished something!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2364 "Do it! Do it. Actually get the hair dye this time, bitch." [Super Fighting Robot]
2365 "Fuck it, I'm gonna get my hair dye." [Super Fighting Robot]
2366 "HASHTAG GAME!" [Super Fighting Robot]
2367 "It might as well be like, '#breathing.'" [Super Fighting Robot]
2368 "I'm fucking Mega Man Santa Claus." [Super Fighting Robot]
2369 "Oh wait, I don't use a controller!" [Terraria]
2370 "I got some master bait out of that." - Air_Hammer [Terraria]
2371 "It looks like an over-enthusiastic frog creature." [Terraria]

2372 "Like... did Zack just tell him, 'I'm gonna be the ghost duster. You go fuck off and die.'?" [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]
2373 "that obviously is not a Ding Dong" [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]

2375 "Mammoths are like elephants. Just bigger, more furry, and extinct." [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]
2376 "Can I be a Ninja yet?" [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]
2377 "Yeah? Well, she's still a bitch." [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]
2378 " 'I'm one hundred percent sure this is a trap!' Thanks for your input Mega!" [Mega Man Star Force 2 Zerker x Ninja]

2379 "Guess we're going Hard next..." [Mega Man 3]
2380 "Hey congratulations Vengeful, I'm already regretting this... please don't do it, please don't do it..." [just before Mega Man X2]
2381 "I need to take all of the X series off the list." [Mega Man X2]
2382 "It's my own fault for expecting my viewers to be decent human beings." [Mega Man X2]
2383 "You can't see my panties. I don't have a webcam." [Mega Man X2]
2384 "Y'know what? I'm gonna put X to X3 back on the stream." After beating Mega Man 1. [Mega Man ]
2385 "Treefuck. I mean, Treeluck. That was one heck of a misspelling of a name." [Terraria]
2386 "Umm... Whoever told me to do my Chlorophyte farm in hell... can go eat a massive dick!" [Terraria]

2387 "This is a good sign for the future. I can't even finish the first level." [Eek! the Cat]
2388 "You lied to me. I still have the old lady." [Eek! the Cat]
2389 "Hi, Rock! I'm a goomba!" [Eek! the Cat]
2390 "How many times do I have to tell you, lady? I like wet cat food, not dry." [Eek! the Cat]
2391 "Fucking Damnit! Just die, lady." [Eek! the Cat]
2392 "I ran into the three chainsaws hanging from the ceiling." - PBRGamer [Eek! the Cat]
2393 "I love it when my old lady clips through a barrel." [Eek! the Cat]
2394 "I'm gonna hump her to death for science. There's a rhythm to it." [Eek! the Cat]
2395 "Is that a bridge? Now, THAT'S a laser." [Eek! the Cat]
2396 "We're now going to try to beat this level in one segment." *dies at literally first opportunity* [Eek! the Cat]

2397 "This is gonna hurt reeeeal bad..... too bad he's dead" [Pokémon Black/White]
2398 "Tangela, you kind of let yourself go man." [Pokémon Black/White]
2399 "ThunderPunch that asshole!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2400 "Congratulations, Ice Man. You exist." [Pokémon Black/White]
2401 "What is this, Battle Network? Shit goes bad and all of a sudden the Power of Friendship!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2402 "Let's catch Tango again." [Pokémon Black/White]
2403 "No, you got it wrong. This is his cry." *insert Tango meow* [Pokémon Black/White]
2404 "We already beat the secret secret secret secret final boss. Fuck Tiffany!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2405 "Goddamn friends shut up I don't want to talk to you!" [Pokémon Black/White]
2406 "THERE'S KIDS WATCHING!" [Terraria]

2407 "Am I hallucinating? Did your left hand just talk to you?" [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2408 "The entirety of this game is like one gigantic Zubat cave and you can't run away from it." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2409 "What does your dick sound like?" - ForsakenScholar [Terraria]
2410 "No chairs allowed." - DaisZX [Terraria]

2411 "Are you pissed because your mom didn't let you suckle enough?" [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2412 "Congratulations, game. You get the 'Do what you're actually supposed to do award!'" [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2413 "This is fucking like... Seizure: The Battle." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2414 "You are from Wherever-I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck Land!" [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2415 "Technically, I could pick a grapefruit up with my ass, but it's not useful. Actually, I'm not sure I could pick a grapefruit up with my ass, but I'm sure I could train myself to do it." [Mega Man Star Force 2]

2416 "Oh yeah, I can swim. I don't need to ball bounce. God, I'm an idiot." [Mega Man 8]
2417 "See? Good things come to those who give no fucks." [Mega Man 8]
2418 "I can't summon Rush while on Rush, that makes sense." [Mega Man 8]
2419 "Put some sprinkles on a pile of shit and it's technically better, but its still shit." [Mega Man 8]
2420 "Who wouldn't want a perler of Altima's face? I take it back, I want a perler of Picard's beard. No, actually I'd rather have a perler of Altima's face with Picard's beard." [Mega Man 8]

2421 "Merry Thingsmas guys!" [Mega Man 6]

2422 "God damn GRAVITY!" [Mega Man 6]
2423 "Put on your fists and PUNCH IT!" [Mega Man 6]
2424 "We have 90 Bajillion, fuck it. (Has 8 E-tanks)" [Mega Man 6]
2425 "Mojo: What did we learn? Spader: Fish are friends? Mojo: Not food. What's that from?" [Mega Man 6]
2426 "Spader: How did we not fall off there? Mojo: I'm not going to question it, or time will reverse itself and we'll fall off there." [Mega Man 6]
2427 "Spader: The fish die when they fall into water, what kind of logic is that?" [Mega Man 6]
2428 "I don't need to know that much about Air Hammer's .. uh, shitting habits." [Mega Man 6]
2429 "Spader: We should have just flown over that platform. Mojo: Heh heh heh heh... I don't waaannaaa.." [Mega Man 6]
2430 "You know what I learned today? That Spader's a raccoon." [Mega Man 6]
2431 "It has been punched." - SpaderCrest [Mega Man 6]
2432 "Does it move? Punch it. Does it not move? Punch it. Does it exist? PUNCH IT!" [Mega Man 6]
2433 "Stupid thing! I'm trying to lose it, and it's glued to my asscheeks!" [Mega Man 6]
2434 "I think progress from here is spelled with the letter E *Uses an E-tank*" [Mega Man 6]
2435 "So many things. STOP BEING THINGS!" [Mega Man 6]
2436 "You guys should not go absolutely apeshit with the quotes!" [Mega Man 6]
2437 "I miscounted! I need to watch some Sesame Street..." [Mega Man 6]

2438 "Rush, you're fucking worthless! You, can eat a dick! You, can die in a fire! Just remove Rush from my game!" [Mega Man 9]
2439 "I am a Concrete God!" [Mega Man 9]

2440 "Room of Suzi death, get!" [Mega Man 10]
2441 "Don't grab on to the ladder...YOU FUCKING TWAT!!" [Mega Man 10]
2442 "I may be a fat asshole who plays video games all the time." [Mega Man 10]
2443 "I went to the restroom, and I got fudge! ... not from the restroom." [Mega Man 10]
2444 "For all I know you play a gear who's guilty of stealing cookies from his grandmother's cookie jar." [Mega Man 10]
2445 "Just fucking kill me! Let me game over!" [Mega Man 10]
2446 "God! That fucking truck hits so hard!" [Mega Man 10]
2447 "I'd rather lick 1000 different assholes than speedrun this game." [Mega Man 10]

2448 "It's a teddy graham with 90 fucking billion health." [Mega Man 8]
2449 "If you find my voice hot, Nick, uh.....I would go see a doctor about that." [Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition]
2450 "That was really smart, Mega Man! Instead of sliding, you jumped straight into the swirling upper half of a robot! Hey, Gau [Mega Man 8: Anniversary Edition]
2451 "That's talented. That's a talented cookie toss. Throwing them into everyone's mouth when we're all over the world?" [Mega Man 9]
2452 "This is 'Mega Man 2: Part 2: This One is Hard as Fuck.' Mega Man 10 is 'Mega Man 2: Part 3: Revenge of the Gimmicky Weapons.'" [Mega Man 9]
2453 "Thanks for all the piss hosts!" [Mega Man 10]

2454 "Not the giant scissors!" [Mega Man & Bass]
2455 "Hi, Taso. You seem to like steaming piles of crap, so this is gonna be your new favorite game." [Rockman & Forte 2]
2456 "Who the hell are you, and why do you have the same smell as me?" [Mega Man]
2457 "No wonder Bass always gets the shit kicked out of him. Mega Man comess packing a bazooka and Bass brings a marshmallow gun." [Mega Man]
2458 "Poor Ule he has no command." [Mega Man]
2459 "Happiest seizure of my life!" [Mega Man]
2460 "Yup. Those were floating scissors." [Mega Man]

2461 "The moment I saw !bonross I thought of Tron Bonne dressed as Bob Ross." - Air_Hammer [Mega Man 6]
2462 "He landed right on my forehead!" [Mega Man]

2463 "GEEZUS, I'm playing like Captain fucking Douchebag, I know I'm bad, but I don't have a right to be that bad!" [Mega Man 9]
2464 "If we're gonna do this, might as well do it right!" [Mega Man 9]
2465 "I know how to Yoku Block, I swear!" [Mega Man 9]
2466 "How did you find my stream! How did you find my stream? Did you find it through a host? You've never heard of Mega Man..." [Mega Man 10]
2467 "It's like having never heard of American football but somehow finding yourself with tickets to the Superbowl. In the stadium. I'm not saying I'm the Superbowl. A much smaller scale. I also find American football boring as fuck." [Mega Man 10]

2468 "Mega Man 5 the game where lives drop like crazy, Beat reks face and Oprah is handing out M-Tanks to everyone!" [Mega Man 5]
2469 "Ah, talk to the ass." [Mega Man 7]
2470 "I never rage! I get rightfully angry!" [Mega Man 8]
2471 "Altima, take your hand off of your dick and edit the damn quote!" [Mega Man 8]
2472 "Goddamnmotherfuckingsonofabitch!" [Mega Man 8]
2473 "I think I finally hit the fatigue wall. And it's not a wall it's a bed of spikes." [Mega Man 8]
2474 "Fuck off bug thing, eat a bug dick" [Mega Man 9]
2475 "shit, SHIT, I forgot. God damn it Ule!" [Mega Man 9]
2476 "I'd come here, but I don't know what to do!"(Astro Man) "Shut up Astro Man." [Mega Man 9]
2477 "Kicksomedick, thank you very much for the follow. Please don't kick my dick. Ule is over there somewhere, kick his dick." [Mega Man 9]
2478 [regarding Dr. Wily] "You fuckin' tease!" [Mega Man 9]
2479 "Yes, I can hear you Altima. Shut up girly Altima!" [Mega Man 10]
2480 "I DID NOT CHEESE YOUR LEVEL! I had my own strategy, OK?" - Crimsonnn [Mega Man 10]

2481 "You know how some streamers name their viewers? I'm never going to name my viewers. If I do, I'll just call you all assholes." [Mega Man Powered Up]
2482 "No wonder there was never a Powered Up 2." [Mega Man Powered Up]
2483 "The only thing preventing me from smashing this PSP is that it's not mine!" [Mega Man Powered Up]
2484 "I could make a better video game while fingerpainting with a pile of shit." [Mega Man Powered Up]
2485 "I want to purchase one brain please!" [Mega Man Powered Up]

2486 "There's a cooldown on how often you can purge Buffalax." [Mega Man X]
2487 "We have all the collectibles up to this point. Except for Zero, because nobody gives a fuck about Zero." [Mega Man X2]
2488 "No, what makes me insane is all the voices in my head." [Mega Man X2]
2489 "I did it! I punched an ostrich! Are you guys proud of me? I'm proud of me." [Mega Man X2]
2490 "Congratulations. You get to be murdered over and over again." [Mega Man X3]

2491 "Worth! I made a little kid cry." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2492 "Yaaay! My puny brain vaguely remembered where to go." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2493 "Surprise! Your Prize is an Acid Trip!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]

2494 "My brain just grew one size guys." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2495 "Smart things I say." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2496 "Lookit that big fuckin' bubble! LOOKIT THAT BIG FUCKIN BUBBLE!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2497 "Know what I learned? Don't go up there. They got nothing but bats. You like bats!? They got bats! .... It's a like a fucking bat emporium up there, nothing but bats! .... those rings? Nothing but tricks, there's nothing but lies up there. [and bats]" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2498 "Give me bubbles!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]

2499 "Cheaters are assholes, but not all assholes are cheaters." [Mega Man 5]
2500 "Didn't you know Lady has the biggest of dongs?" [Mega Man 5]
2501 "Holy shit, I'm married to Weird Al! And this is gonna suck!" [Mega Man 5]
2502 "Yes, I am Deadpool. I'm a practically invincible, fourth-wall breaking assassin." [Mega Man V]
2503 "My brain is very flatulent." [Terraria]

2504 "If I ever become a dictator I'll erect two statues exactly in my likeness. Except they'll have giant tits." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2505 "C'mon, whip it out!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2506 "GODDAMNIT, ALTIMA! WAKE THE FUCK UP!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2507 "Pharaoh Shotting is the act of spitting into the asshole. See? It wasn't as bad as you thought it would be." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]

2508 Oh yea, this douche bag" -Mojoric remembering any boss he has forgotten from any game [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2509 "You know what? Let's fuck it." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2510 "Dad! Why are you calling me about my style change while you're dying? Shouldn't you be calling 911?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2511 "Man, that was one gigantic ass-blaster! It shook fuckin' everything!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]

2512 "Deedle-eedle-lee-loot! Deedle-eedle-lee-loot!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2513 "I sold my soul to a kid in elementary school for a cookie. There's nothing there for you to judge!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2514 "That looks like a clusterfuck! I'll pass." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2515 "THE BEST SOLUTION FOR BEING SLEEPY... is to sleep." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2516 "Yay, I am starting to fucking remember maps" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2517 "Hey! Look at Wily's titty statues." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2518 "You'd think one of these days I'd have a brain. Do I even have a brain? How do I function?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2519 "I wish I had automated teleport out of damage functions." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2520 "Wanna attack? Fuck you, blinking away. Wanna attack? Fuck you, blinking away. Wanna attack? Fuck you, blinking away. Wanna attack? Fuck you, blinking away. Wanna attack? Fuck you, I'm blinking away. Want to attack? Fuck you. Because I'm blinking away." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2521 "I'm glad for you guys. You hear this? *starts clapping* That's me applauding for you guys. I'm so glad that this is easy for you guys." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2522 "This is going to be a contemplative piss. I'll be right back." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2523 "The Fire Buster fucking blow goats! it does nothing but give oral sex to goats! Constantly. Nonstop. Oral sex to goats." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2524 "I guess tomorrow will be 'Walk In Circles Simulator.' Won't that be fun?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2525 "What have you guys done to me?" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2526 "Ass pennies, best pennies!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2527 "I think I'd rather lick a billion fucking assholes!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2528 "Blue is fun and fair. White just tap dances on your balls!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]

2529 "God I suck video games!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2530 "I'm not going to run around and kill hundreds of enemies just so I can change my style. I'd rather cut my leg off and eat it." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2531 "I'd rather boot up 'Starman Upgraded' right now. That's the game that I punched my desk so hard that it blue screened my computer. I'd rather do a 24-hour stream of nothing but X7. Snupster style." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2532 "I'm beating the game like this. I'm loading up a save state. If anyone has anything to say about it, you can cut your dick off right now and choke on it. So, yeah." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2533 "I like to think we're all potatoes in our own way." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2534 "No, I don't got this, spoiler alert from the future." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2535 "Fuck you! And fuck you! And fuck you! I'm super fucking pissed!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2536 "That one's like, 'I'm buff, and I'm scared of it!'" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2537 "Hah! Flash Man wanted nothing to do with that!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2538 "I wish Cut Man were here to break the mold." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2539 "Rage piss is best piss." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2540 "Fuck you, goddamn son of a fucking bitch fucking piece of shit fucking game FUCK!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2541 "He just spends so time... Nope, shield's not coming down! Nope, shield's not coming down! We're gonna do another zappy thing! Shield's not coming down! More zappy thing! Zappy zappy zappy zappy... Fuck you asshole. Cheating son of a douchebag." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2542 "I'm so happy..." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2543 "Great! Great! Fantastic! Spectacular! Awesome! Amazing! That is the most... such good game design. I--I love... now he has a shield on again. So good! So good. Cause that's fair. Fuck you, game." [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2544 "The only area where Alpha couldn't touch himself. Poor Alpha!" [Mega Man Battle Network 3 White]
2545 "Better a crab claw up the ass then being sqooshed to death, that's some Mojo advice for ya'." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2546 "Oh. Bubbles. I want them." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2547 "Uh. Uh! UH! Yuh-huh!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2548 "Give me a bubble! Give me a bubble! GIVE ME A BUBBLE!" *sigh of relief* [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2549 "I like how Sonic is always telling you, 'Go fast! Go fast! We'll run around some loop-de-loops and have a lot of fun!' ...and then you get flung off into the abyss and die." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2550 "You go fast, you die. Right? Because you didn't know something was there. You go slow, you die. Because the floor is crumbly and you fall to your death." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2551 "FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]

2552 "Fucky fuck. God damn sonuva fuck." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2553 "I don't think Vile knows what 'impossible' means." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2554 "Okay, I have to fucking stop being a fucknugget." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2555 "*Mimicking X* RAAAAARGH" [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2556 "I fucking hate it! It's... argh! The stupid mechanics of like, 'Hey, the thing that you need to collect to fucking not drown to death? We're gonna place it right in front of this enemy that's gonna kill you if you try to get it in a timely manner so you don't drown to death.'" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2557 *laughing* "Ah, I'm just glad that enemy I couldn't see below me was there ready to chomp my ass. Game wouldn't have been the same without that." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
2558 "Chameleon Sting. Chameleon Sting. Chameleon Sting. Chameleon Sting. I really hate games where your character shouts out the attack name every single time." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2559 Holy Shit! Poor Zero. He cracked his Nipple! [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2560 "STUPID DOG! You're making me look bad." [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]
2561 "I'M BREATHING! I'M BREATHING! I'M BREATHING!" [Mega Man Maverick Hunter X]

2562 "I'M IN LOVE WITH A 7 YEAR OLD" - PBRGamer [Mega Man]
2563 "Are you wearing eatsbuds too? I love to eats my buds." [Mega Man]
2564 "You will never piss me off, ImpliedKappa." [Mega Man]
2565 "I can't be away from my mic, my mic is attached to my face." [Mega Man]
2566 "That death is entirely on Air Hammer! That's my story and I'm sticking to it." [Mega Man]
2567 *flatly* "Yay. I did it. Yay me. I did it. I'm the best." [Mega Man]
2568 "Hey. Eat a dick, Leaf Man. A gigantic, axe-shaped dick." [Mega Man]
2569 "I don't know where Grenade Man is." *THAT FELT GOOD!* "Oh, there's Grenade Man. Hi Grenade Man. How's life been treating ya?" [Mega Man]
2570 "I did get baited. I'm like 'Ah, delicious health!' and then plummet to my death." [Mega Man 6]
2571 "Some people just can't deal with the weight of the world, chili fry." - DaisZX [Terraria]
2572 "I hear you farting, go wipe your ass." [Terraria]

2573 "I love you Eddie, will you marry me?" [Mega Man 5]
2574 "Spoiler alert: I did not make the jump!" [Rockman 7 Famicom]
2575 "There is a list of things I've beaten down below." [Rockman 7 Famicom]

2576 "Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff... I'm not gonna say it." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2577 "It's long." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2578 "Didn't you guys know? I'm sure this has been revealed before but, I am not a real person. I am a giant balloon that is somehow playing a video game and every once in a while, I get a strange leak." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2579 "Ule loves chickens so he probably doesn't choke the chicken, he chokes the beef." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2580 "Taso, if your dick smells like a trout you'll take a fucking shower." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2581 "Fuck it FUCK IT FUCK IT did I mention FUCK IT!!! [Revenge of the Fallen]
2582 "How did I not have I-Frames? Look at that constant stream of bullet piss!" [Revenge of the Fallen]
2583 "I will cheese as I please!" [Revenge of the Fallen]
2584 "Stop existing!" [Revenge of the Fallen]

2585 "Tornadoes won't help you in space, that's what I learned." [Revenge of the Fallen]
2586 "*Sings* I found the purple thing!... *Dies 10 seconds later to a magma beam and sings* I found the Magma Beam!" [Revenge of the Fallen]
2587 "MMM! Bad jump. Was bad!" [Revenge of the Fallen]
2588 *more elephant noises* [Mega Man]
2589 "My taint is so cold, guys! So cold!" [Mega Man]
2590 "If you want to think about my taint, I'm not going to judge you." [Mega Man]
2591 "Don't make me ban all you assholes." [Mega Man]

2592 "God damn, I suck." [Star Man Upgraded]
2593 "This piece of shit doesn't deserve my rage." [Mega Man]
2594 "An absolute little amount of progress has been made." [Star Man Upgraded]
2595 "Touch ALL the things!" [Mega Man 5]
2596 "Our viewers are stupid!" [Mega Man 5]
2597 "Oh man, Blue Ranger has a giant dong. Blue Ranger is well-endowed." [Terraria]
2598 "Please stop dongifying my Power Rangers." [Terraria]
2599 "Go go dongy rangers!" [Terraria]

2600 "Yelling makes everything work." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2601 "Unless you have a specific fetish, I don't think anyone wants to imagine a random British lady with a dong having sex with a bagel." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2602 "I have never fucked a bagel... so far as you guys know." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2603 "I gotta touch the woody." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2604 "I'm a strong independent female alien!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2605 "I'm impressed, King Hippo's titties are still hanging upward." - DaisZX [Toon Tuesday]
2606 "Am I the only one unable to tear away from King Hippo's nipples? They are pitch black and large." - DaisZX [Toon Tuesday]
2607 "I don't need to see Kid Icarus' diaper. I don't need a panty shot." [Toon Tuesday]
2608 "GOD DAMMICUS!" SON OF A BITCHICUS!" [Toon Tuesday]

2609 "I'm not sure you want to know about King Hippo's nipples. I'm not sure I want to know, and I was there." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2610 "The nipples are real. Actually I hope to God they're not real." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2611 "Welcome back to the stream Nick. Current topic is having sex with bread products. Your stance?" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2612 "Goddammit, Altima." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2613 "Dais is the funny one, all he has to do is make jokes about his small dick, He's got the advantage." [Mega Man Star Force 3]
2614 "HOLY SHIT! Holy mother of god, Penguins are awesome!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2615 "Crawn dog!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2616 "You're quoting me in reference to another quote? What the fuck?" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2617 "I took off my pants and got Cancer. Confirmed." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]

2618 "This is your guys' fault." [Quint's Revenge]
2619 "Quint, one of these days you will have to grab a ladder and it will be glorious when you do but I'd rather it'd be sooner than later." [Quint's Revenge]
2620 "In other news I have an empty bladder and a raspberry oatmeal cookie." [Quint's Revenge]
2621 "Damn my cockiness!" [Quint's Revenge]
2622 "I like getting hard before this stage." [Quint's Revenge]

2623 [to !alia] "I can hear you. Yup. Shut up. Shut up, I can hear you. I can hear you, unfortunately." [Quint's Revenge]
2624 "I would like to accept this reward for The World's Sloppiest Needle Man Fight. It's an honor." [Quint's Revenge]
2625 "FUCKIN MAGNETS!!!" [Quint's Revenge]
2626 "And that concludes Mojo Stream Quotes 101, you now know how to be a good Quoter" [Quint's Revenge]
2627 "WONDERFUL! RIP RUN!" [Quint's Revenge]
2628 "It's like Mega Man Classic had a baby with the dash mechanic of Mega Man X and it came out funky." [Quint's Revenge]
2629 "Don't deprive yourself of sleep to watch me be bad at Mega Man games. Go to sleep!" [Quint's Revenge]
2630 "Fuck you spike, fuck you spike, have I mentioned? FUCK YOU SPIKE!" [Quint's Revenge]
2631 "Exactly one asshole, thats apparently a thing I've said now" [Quint's Revenge]
2632 "Random boss order my anus." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]

2633 "I'm just gonna take a shit here, I guess." [Quint's Revenge]
2634 "It gets very messy when I have to take a shit." [Quint's Revenge]
2635 "Keep your massive jerks out of my chat. Not appropriate." [Quint's Revenge]
2636 "I see Mojoric with an A and now I'm thinking Majoric's Mask." - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2637 "slp appaK!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2638 "You want me to say it so you can quote it so I'm not gonna do that, nope nope nope." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2639 "I like dying, it's my favourite." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2640 "I don't remember Power Rangers having three yellow rangers, three green rangers and three pink rangers." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]

2641 "Grow a brain, Lady. Grow a brain." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2642 "I... accidentally killed a man." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2643 "Glub glub glub glub." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2644 "Save a tree!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2645 "I'm an idiot! I'm a doofus! I'm a moron!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]

2646 "Okay 3, 1, err a 3, 2, 1, GO! Numbers with Mojo, there is no 2." [Quint's Revenge]
2647 "AH! SPIKES!" - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2648 (In best Sloth voice) "FUCK YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!" [Quint's Revenge]
2649 "Does Bagel_Thief wake up every morning to Lady singing ?Didn't die in my slee-eep!?" [Quint's Revenge]
2650 "I'm not going to run into spikes here because that would be stupid. I ran into spikes! Wa-hey!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2651 "If you love [spikes] so much, why don't you marry them?" - Vengeful "Then Bagel will be sad...." - Lady [Quint's Revenge]
2652 "Who's racist towards teal people?" [Quint's Revenge]
2653 "That phrase, 'fuck a duck'? I have bad memories of that phrase." [Quint's Revenge]
2654 "I've maximized my fucks." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2655 "Lady could 1-cycle my asshole if you know what I mean" - Vengeful via Altima ..."I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have said that" - Vengeful [Quint's Revenge]
2656 "GOD DAMMIT AIR_HAMMER!" - Vengeful [Quint's Revenge]
2657 "I was quoting what Altima said." - VengefulNemesis; "Is that ever a good idea?" - Lady_Smaell; "Is anything Altima's involved in ever a good idea?" - Mojoric[Quint's Revenge]
2658 "I hate the ladder mechanics, it still won't FUCKING GRAB WHEN I'M PRACTICALLY MOLESTING THE UP BUTTON!" [Quint's Revenge]
2659 "Air_Hammer, why are you in my fridge?" [Quint's Revenge]
2660 "Go away Mega Man, enjoy your corn dog elsewhere." [Quint's Revenge]
2661 "Man. Lady's coming out of the closet. Bagel_Thief's gonna be upset." [Quint's Revenge]

2663 "Don't lie Nick. We know you don't have a dick. It's just a figment of your imagination." [Mega Man X]
2664 "Who needs skill when you just have i-frames right?" [Mega Man X]
2665 "I'm a cheating pause-buffering asshole." [Mega Man X]
2666 "Get equipped with... a move that does a thing!" [Mega Man 2]
2667 "Star Man Upgraded is an inbetweenquel for Mega Man V and Mega Man Game Gear. Confirmed." [Mega Man for Game Gear]
2668 "I feel sorry for Ule. But not really." [Mega Man for Game Gear]
2669 "A little bit of treasure is worth burning in the Sun." [Terraria]
2670 "Sorry, just the fact that we're talking about smurf corpses made me spout my drink out." [Terraria]

2671 *Fires Giant Laser* "Well, that was cool" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2672 "RIP dad! After looking for you for 3 games, you just throw yourself inside of a dragon." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2673 "They gave Mom a breaking down crying sprite, but they didn't give King a Get out of his chair sprite....poor King, he's the victim here." [Mega Man Star Force 3 Red Joker]
2674 "I think I'd rather be kicked in the nuts by a thousand professional soccer players than fucking play a MegaMan game with a keyboard." [Quint's Revenge]

2675 "It's OK. We can do this damageless. As long as we don't fall into this..." *dies* [Quint's Revenge]

2676 "Right in the ass." [Rokko-chan]
2677 "Hi there lightning bolt, that was my face." [Rokko-chan]
2678 "Not many people can say they slept with God." [Rokko-chan]
2679 "Air Hammer! Why?" [Rokko-chan]
2680 "Red I'll give you one pro tip to stop being called cute. Stop being so damn adorable." [Rokko-chan]
2681 "I only had 3 beers! ...and half a bottle of whiskey." [Mega Man Revolution]
2682 "I can't stop hiccuping. *hiccup* I had half a bottle of Fireball and 3 Angry Orchards." *hiccup* [Mega Man: Revolution]
2683 "Anyone absolutely any... *hic* Anyone absolutely any... familiar... *hic*" [Mega Man Revolution]
2684 "Spader.....Josh and I drank way too much Fireball.....somehow this is your fault." [Mega Man Revolution]
2685 "I DID *hiccup* I DID IT! I beat something. Something died. Something exploded when I shot it." [Mega Man Revolution]
2686 *crash* "SHIT! That's the noise half a dozen rubik's cubes makes when it hits the floor." [Mega Man Revolution]
2687 "D-D-D-D-Double K *hiccup* O!" [Mega Man Revolution]
2688 "Air_Hammer has too much murmur-y." [Mega Man Revolution]

2689 "Half-breed Mets. Are you a Snifit or a Met? Make up your fucking mind." [Mega Man Revolution]
2690 "I'm sorry Cambridge but, if you payed anyone money to watch Mega Man Nightly then you got fucking scammed." [Mega Man Revolution]
2691 *sings* "Lady is a fucking Snupter, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!" [Mega Man Revolution]
2692 "I can't grope shit but I can fist it." [Mega Man Revolution]
2693 Captain N: "Maybe I can zap my junk away." Forsakenscholar: "That's what she said." [Toon Tuesday]

2694 "Fuuuck! Fucking Birds!" -Vengefulnemesis "I'm not the only one!" -Mojo [Quint's Revenge]
2695 "I'm not trying to be a dick" -Mojo being a dick effortlessly [Quint's Revenge]
2696 "You're welcome stream!" [Quint's Revenge]
2697 "WHOA!! WRONG BUTTON, WRONG BUTTON, BAD BUTTON!!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2698 "This is our weekly Quint's Revenge races, with Scrub, Scrubb, and Scrubette." [Quint's Revenge]
2699 "Don't follow Lady. She doesn't have a fucking sub-30 yet." - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2700 "I'm not squeezing that baby out." [Quint's Revenge]
2701 *sings* "Fuck you guys you can burn in hell, la la la la la la la la." - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2702 Mojo: "Don't follow me I suck." Vengeful: "Go follow him he sucks." [Quint's Revenge]
2703 "I just had an incredibly satisfying piss." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2704 "The dong is for the bagel hole right?" - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2705 *sings* "I scrub hard for the money. So hard for the money. Even though I don't get any money cause Twitch won't suck me." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2706 "GreatWightHope definitely smells funny." [Quint's Revenge]
2707 "We got this. *dies* Nevermind, I lied, I'm a filthy liar, I suck, RIP, RIP, RIP, RIP." [Quint's Revenge]

2708 "What is this 'rage'?" [Super Fighting Robot]
2709 "You guys are dorks." [Super Fighting Robot]
2710 "Shut up, Tango." [Super Fighting Robot]
2711 "Guys, be nice to Lady. She's sensitive and delicate and very self-concious about her dong." [Super Fighting Robot]
2712 "Bitches don't have dongs. Just throwing that out there." [Mega Man 7]
2713 "Lady, whatever you do, don't shove salmon into bagel's hole." [Mega Man 7]

2714 "Stuff happened, and now we have points!" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun]
2715 "I needed money, not walrus." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun]

2716 "Mega Man 2 has a nasty taint in my mouth." [Quint's Revenge]
2717 "I played that level with my ass cheeks" [Quint's Revenge]
2718 "Tell Lady she can't be my bro because of, uh... she has a vagina." [Quint's Revenge]
2719 "I'd rather chop off my own leg and eat it than do X3 with no armor." [Quint's Revenge]

2720 "What are you facepalming for? I didn't do anything particularly stupid. Today." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun]
2721 "I'M DEAD I'M DEAD!....Ok I take that back, we aren't dead." [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun]
2722 "Oh yea he has UnderShirt" *Fires Buster* "Fuck off douchebag" [Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun]

2723 "You know what else is hard? Rocket surgery" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2724 "You did it!" *Mojo Claps for 30 seconds* [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2725 "Pee bubbles. Diabetes." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2726 "Please don't be the last life, please don't be the last life... It was the last life." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2727 "New plan, let's die in an even stupider way." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2728 "That was a scorpion in my ass." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2729 "*I* fucked up? No, Rush fu-*jumps in pit* Ok that time I fucked up." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2730 "Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa chameleon" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2731 "Go die in a fire while choking on dicks!" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2732 "That was nothing, but death behind that door." [Mega Man 4]
2733 "I apparently like to touch worms while looking at chat." [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2734 "I need a big one or two small ones" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2735 "These worms are the most epic boss" [Mega Man 4 Plus]
2736 "Really Cloudmonkey? We've got Donkey Kong in a tube top and the opening is the weird thing you notice." - DaisZX [Toon Tuesday]
2737 "See kids, this is what happens when you think with your dick." - VengefulNemesis [Toon Tuesdays]

2738 "Lady needs a dunce cap." [Quint's Revenge]
2739 "I'm having lots of trouble in Magnet today" - Mojoric "Magnets, how do they work again?" - Vengeful "Not for me today" - Mojoric [Quint's Revenge]
2740 "Fuck you Windows, Fuck you Bill Gates" - Vengeful "Bill Gates needs to die" - Lady *Busts out laughing* "Someone please quote that!" - Mojoric [Quint's Revenge]
2741 "Doors are for scrubs." [Quint's Revenge]
2742 "Why am I looking at chat!? What am I, Streaming? Fuck you guys!" [Quint's Revenge]
2743 "I do not condone sex with children, for the record." [Quint's Revenge]
2744 "Can't say I'm a fan of the flavor of urine." [Quint's Revenge]

2745 "I blame gravity. And Ule." [Mega Man]
2746 "Hi there, Guy. Nice of you to summon that crystal right into my ass." [Mega Man]
2747 "I'm Mega Man, pro missile dodger" *immediately dies to a missile* [Mega Man]
2748 "I BOOOOOOPED!" [Mega Man]
2749 "I. Fucking died. In Star Man's stage. What is wrong with me? Does my brain like, not compute NES games or Gameboy games? All it does is compute Quint and I can't even PB. It only speaks Quint." [Mega Man 5]
2750 "There's no talk of genitals here. Jeez." [Mega Man 5]
2751 "Fuck you, tiger! Eat a dick!" [Mega Man 5]
2752 "I don't need no Star Shield I'm not a fucking scrub" *gets hit 3 times* "ok now I need it" [Mega Man 5]
2753 "That tiger should join the NBA. Just rekt my shit!" [Mega Man 5]
2754 "...and that's why I think Altima smells like fish tacos." [Mega Man 5]
2755 "Don't beat your meat, Beat is neat." [Mega Man 5]

2756 "Sorry, I wish you were here Starsims, so I can tell you how fucking delusional you are!" [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
2757 "I was on a good pace...then...I sucked." [Mega Man Legacy Collection]
2758 "I'm done! Alt F4, goodbye Legacy Collection, eat a dick!" [Quint's Revenge]
2759 "Shut up Vengeful, you're a jackass." [Quint's Revenge]

2760 "Dodging to the side isn't gonna save you; it's a wide sword, bitch!" [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2761 "Fear my purple piss stream." [Terraria]

2762 "Nice one kid, you answered every one of those questions WRONG!" [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2763 "Confirmed, Cloudmonkey has no life." [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2764 "I've already said that. That's a quote." [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2765 "You're dead, you're beyond dead, you're over dead." [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2766 "HI THERE TRACTOR!" *Gets run over by a Bulldozer* [Mega Man Star Force Leo]
2767 "Guys, I love my money gun." [Mega Man Star Force Leo]

2768 "Hey PBR, Spader shut the fuck up you guys! You dicks from my past!" [Mega Man 3]
2769 "Stupid douchebag wizard." [Super Mario World]
2770 -after an intense boss fight- "I GET TO PEE!" [Super Mario World]
2771 "What's in here?" -missed shot- "Now we'll never know." - SpaderCrest [Super Mario World]
2772 "This is HAAAAARD." [Super Mario World]
2773 "SALTY CORN!?!" [Super Mario World]
2774 "It was a Snupster. They're all the same person." [Super Mario World]
2775 "Air Hammer is part of this too. He's a Snupster, he just doesn't know it yet." [Super Mario World]
2776 "Eww, Air_Hammer hosted me." [Super Mario World]
2777 "ACHOO...ACHOO...ACHOO!!" [Super Mario World]
2778 "Well I have a Yoshi. *Yoshi dies* "I had a Yoshi." - Spadercrest [Super Mario World]
2779 "I SHOULD BE DEAD....." *Dies* "I am dead....." [Super Mario World]
2780 "Mojoric: "You died in the SPARK ROOM?!?" *two minutes later* Spader: "You died in the SPARK ROOM?!?"" [Super Mario World]
2781 *reading chat* "What? What? What? What?" *Tango's meow*" Shut up, Tango!" [Super Mario World]
2782 "I'm tired... and I'm, like... 9 shots in... and I'm tired..." [Super Mario World]
2783 "VICTORY BOOOOOOP!" [Super Mario World]

2784 "I am? Fuck that! I'm gonna take a shot!" [Mega Man]
2785 " Great White Twat?" [Mega Man]
2786 "I came out of the womb ready to play this game." [Mega Man]
2787 "Shut up, Spader. You're not a real person." [Mega Man]

2788 "Protoman, no wonder Red has weird... robosexual feelings toward you. Holy shit, he just annihilated me! He just tore me apart!" [Mega Man]
2789 "Hey! Hey! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Hey, look! I can jump! Why don't you fucking jump when I want you to, you stupid fucking moron?" [Mega Man]
2790 "Spikes are platforms, right?" [Mega Man]

2791 "HEADBONK, into spikes death! Doesn't matter cause I got an E-Tank though." [Mega Man 6]
2792 "It's been well established in my chat that Dais has the tiniest dick, and Lady has the biggest." [Mega Man 7]
2793 "Don't be greedy Megaman" [Mega Man 7]
2794 "Just like in Super Mario World I shoved a turtle up my butt." [Mega Man 7]
2795 "My wiggle power was just not enough." [Mega Man 7]
2796 "Guys. I'm gonna take the batteries out of Tiger Handheld Mega Man 2. It's possessed or something. It just started beeping." [Mega Man 7]
2797 "Maybe Snupster should change their name to '6 Dicks and a British Lady.'" [Mega Man 7]
2798 "Okay, just wait for the monkey to throw the rock then jump on the rock and shoot the monkey, got it." [Mega Man 8]
2799 "Keep your balls away from me!" [Mega Man 8]

2800 "Introducing Windows 10!....Fuck off Windows!" [Quint's Revenge]
2801 "I am now officially 3rd in the world at this game, guys. Time to piss!" [Quint's Revenge]

2802 "Hold on! Wait right there! Gotta take a dump!" [Quint's Revenge]
2803 "Ooh, it's a rabbit! Hug it! Hug it! Hug it! Hug it!" [Quint's Revenge]
2804 "BOI-OI-OI-OI-OING!!" - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2805 "Welcome to 'Vengeful Makes Weird Noises: The Stream'." [Quint's Revenge]
2806 "Good news, I only touched one ostrich this time". [Quint's Revenge]
2807 "Oh yes, its always Vengeful's fault, Mojo can do no wrong, EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE SHITTIEST MEGAMAN PLAYER EVER!! GAHRRRGGGH!!" -VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2808 "It's an honor to have the Pee-Wee-Herman-Gilbert-Gottfried hybrid on my stream, thank you for joining me." [Quint's Revenge]
2809 "I got squishinated." [Quint's Revenge]
2810 "Welcome to 'Vengeful Impersonates Sesame Street Characters: The Stream'." [Quint's Revenge]

2811 "That Met is fucking Satan." [Mega Man 9]
2812 "I'm so dead, so dead *Somehow manages to live*" [Mega Man 9]
2813 "Because I can't tell the future, I died." [Mega Man 9]
2814 "Do I hate fun?... I must subconciously hate fun." [Mega Man 9]
2815 "Protoman! What the fuck is your malfunction?! Are you having some sort of secret love affair with that pit of spikes?" [Mega Man 9]
2816 "This is gonna be the hard one." *Proceeds to beat PlugMan effortlessly* "As I say that and beat him with no difficulty" [Mega Man 9]

2818 "Hey don't judge people off their nipples." [Toon Tuesday]

2819 "Yay! I win by default! That's the best way to win, right?" [Quint's Revenge]
2820 "I...! Be...! Wha.... PBBBBBBT!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2821 "Nope, nope, nope. I did not say 'piss sandwich.' I 100%... maybe..." [Quint's Revenge]
2822 Mojo: "I don't want a brown finger." GWH: "Speak for yourself." [Quint's Revenge]
2823 "I'm American, fuck you!" - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2824 "WHAT?!" - Everyone [Quint's Revenge]
2825 "Quint, you fucking prick!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2826 *VengefulNemesis, GreatWightHope, and Lady_Smaell alternating the word "Kay" for 20 seconds, followed by "Bye."* [Quint's Revenge]
2827 Mojoric: "No jokes! Your voice is a joke, shut the fuck up!" GreatWightHope: "You playing Mega Man is a joke." Mojoric: "Shit!" [Quint's Revenge]
2828 GWH: "Hey Vengeful, shut up!" Vengeful: "Hey Greatwight, no." [Quint's Revenge]
2829 "Get off Roll, she's underage!" [Quint's Revenge]
2830 "Don't fuck kids! Don't fuck kids! You're a dirty pedophile!" [Quint's Revenge]

2831 "Oh my fucking god, Wily was an alien!" -bored tone- [Mega Man 2]
2832 "Now that I've bought a bunch of disembodied versions of my own head..." [Mega Man 7]

2833 *dies, drops control* "I'm done!" *leaves* [Mega Man 10]
2834 "It's ok! There's a checkpoint." [Mega Man]

2835 "Fuck it, let's just confuse EVERYBODY!" -Lady_Smaell [Mega Man Bingo]
2836 "Lady... you should give it to me." - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man Bingo]
2837 Altima: "My emulator is fucking gigantic" Lady: "Like my dong." [Mega Man Bingo]
2838 *In a female tone refering to Lady* "Pharaoh shot me harder Mojo!!" -Altima [Mega Man Bingo]
2839 "YESS" "who woo wooh woo wooh! CHECKPOIINNT!" Forsakenscholar and Bluebomber [Mega Man Bingo]
2840 "So... Altima's favorite Mega Man is Mega Man 4?" - Mojoric "SUCK MY ASSHOLE!" - AltimaMantoid [Mega Man Bingo]
2841 "What've you got for me, Eddie? That's not an E-Tank. What've you got for me, Eddie? That's not an E-Tank. What've you got for me, Eddie? That's not an E-Tank. What've you got for me, Eddie? That's not an E-Tank. What've you got for me, Eddie? That's not an E-Tank..." [Mega Man Bingo]
2842 "I'm gonna get my last letter in Gyro Man's stage. Then I'm going to beat Gyro Man, with Charge Kick, with 1 HP left." [Mega Man Bingo]

2843 "Oh that looks promising, nevermind." [Stardew Valley]

2844 "You gotta love your own dick, right?" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2845 "Purge, purge, purge to the ground!" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2846 "Bum! Take a shot!" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2847 "You're all beating it right now!" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2848 "Super Fighting Dongbot... Lady_Smaell!" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2849 "You could tell me that the story is Mega Man wants to get to the end of the dungeon so he can take a gigantic dump on Zero." [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2850 "I am not gonna be your fleshlight, Altima! I am not gonna be your fleshlight!" [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2851 "I just pelvic thrusted him to death." [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]
2852 "You have to make it rough to satisfy her." [Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge]

2853 "I'm a freeeak!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2854 "It's partly your fault for embracing the dong" [Quint's Revenge]
2855 "Congratufuckinglations!" [Quint's Revenge]
2856 "Son of a bitch! I'm a retard." - GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]
2857 "It's okay. The bright purple shoes keep me warm." [Stardew Valley]
2858 "Holy shit that fish kicked my ass." [Stardew Valley]

2859 "Thank god. Air_Hammer's Blue again, all is right in the world." [Mega Man 3]
2860 " Yeah Nick, your ass would hurt less if you got your head out of it!" [Mega Man 3]
2861 "Lady is real fucking manly." [Mega Man 3]
2862 "What I'm trying to say is if Square Enix decided to release an iPhone only app tomorrow where the only thing you do is touch the screen to make a guy pull down his pants, squat and take a shit, and then the credits rolled saying 'Game Over', and labelled it 'Final Fantasy Shitfest' that is an official Final Fantasy game. If Square Enix says it is, it is." [Mega Man for Game Gear]
2863 "If they renamed 'Forrest Gump' to 'Mentally Retarded Man Fucking Does Amazing Stuff!' It'd still be an amazing movie to me." [Mega Man]

2864 "I think Forsaken may be a young girl." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2865 "In and out. In and out." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2866 "You have titties?!" [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2867 "She loves Altima's titties." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2868 "I never know. I cut skipscenes..." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2869 "Oh my god, something weird went down my throat on my date." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2870 "Let's incubate and release the demon chicken!" [Stardew Valley]

2871 "I know when I'm depressed and want to be alone I go to the place where lots of people are." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2872 "Oh you think you're hot stuff? You dead." [Mega Man Star Force 2]
2873 "I want to fail!" [Stardew Valley]

2874 "Somehow this is Ule fault." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2875 "Ule likes licking assholes?" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2876 "Can't say I ever licked an asshole, or had my asshole licked." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2877 "Grow a brain Ule, grow a brain." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2878 "Time to get my ass whooped." [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2879 "Onward, to 'Jump, Jump, Slide, Slide, Hell, Hell!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2880 "C'mon, I just want to kiss, Handsome Guy!" [Rockman 8 Famicom]
2881 "Japanese guy that made this, I hope 10,000 people routinely stomp on your balls until you're dead. Just a train of ball stompage. I hate you." [Rockman 8 Famicom]

2882 "Oh great! I timed out on refreshing my time!" [Battle Network 4.5 Real Operation]
2883 "BARFK! BARFK! Dogmobile, just shut up!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2884 "Mega Man learned BB pasta!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2885 "Fuck quickman, why so quick?" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2886 "We're riding Dr. Light as a boat!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2887 "So that duck was like... wait, are ducks Chocobos? This is an important question, are ducks Chocobos?" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2888 "I'll get your boys back for this!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2889 "I should check my inventory. *laughter* I have one dad." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2890 "The only thing you're good at is go away!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2891 "Dead Cat... and Scarab. Is the Scarab just a dude in a beetle suit?" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2892 "I have such fond memories of fighting Mountain Man in that one Mega Man game I played..." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2893 "I am sorry but this is not a photo. This is just a packet of mayonnaise, floating in ink. This is just a packet of mayonnaise, floating in ink." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2894 "Sorry but that is not my turf to bread on. Bros before doughs!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2895 "Good job dad now get back in my inventory!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2896 "Regretful Eskimo!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2897 "Our dogmobile just saved us from the moon?" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2898 "Welcome to 'I Ride My Dad Through Grape Soda Simulator.'" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2899 "My girlfriend left me for a bunch of throw-away characters, my Uncle doesn't want to travel with me... just you and me brother." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2900 "I know you've been my dick for a long time, Altima, but it's time for a change." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2901 "Do not grieve. Soon, I shall be one with the matrix." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2902 "Not that there's very much strategy to this game, just eat pasta every once in a while and you won't lose." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2903 "No! She has like, weird coiled tits again! It's disturbing!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2904 *After beating Mega Man Sprite Game* "...still a better story than Battle Network." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
2905 "Don't let the gorilla robot distract you from the flying fish with eggs!" [Game Player's Gametape]

2906 "Mojo I want to race Quint's Revenge with Lady Gaga" -GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]
2907 "SILENCE...I KEEL YOU!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2908 "Taso's here. Hide the whiskey." - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
2909 *sings* "Taso flavored whiksey, FinnishMan!" [Quint's Revenge]
2910 "Eat shit covered dicks!" [Quint's Revenge]
2911 "What would you rather eat; shit covered dicks, or dick covered shits?" - GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]

2912 "I'm a ragey asshole. Nothing new there." [Super Fighting Robot]
2913 "Why... Why jump in bird? I am dumb." [Super Fighting Robot]
2914 "Mojo Man: "Scorch Wheel is useless, isn't it?" Dr. Mojo: "No, you can use it to burn down the forest, didn't you listen to your brother?"" [Mega Man 7]
2915 "If we follow Futurama logic, we just gave Auto his penis." [Mega Man 7]

2916 "Brains are optional, right guys?" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]

2917 "Don't ever assume I have a brain." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]

2918 "Ok, I'm an idiot, thank you." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]
2919 "Teleport bitch-slap I can get behind." [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]
2920 "And now, by the power of a naked little boy, let there be peace!" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]
2921 "I lied, it wasn't the power of a naked little boy, it was the power of my friends!" [Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel]

2922 "Who hasn't wanted to be molested by a monkey? Am I right? Am I right?" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2923 [SARCASM] "I've never had so much fun in my life guys." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2924 "At this point, I think I'd rather play Star Man Upgraded." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2925 "A robot that attempts to saw off your testicles every hour." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2926 "MegaMan X6 level design is better than this." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2927 "He'd be like, 'Feed me, I'm hungry,' and I'd be like, 'Shut up, I'm playing a video game!' That's why I'll probably never had kids" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2928 "I like how I cheat and Lady gets called out for cheating. See, even if you did blame me, I'd tell you to go eat a dick." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2929 "Best jumper jumper jumper everrr...x100" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2930 "OH, there's spikes up there! Huh, now I know!" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2931 "Oh yeah! I keep forgetting those spikes are up there!" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2932 "Here we go....Fucker McFuckerson!" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2933 "Stupid headbonking SON OF A DOUCHEBAG!" [Rockman 2 ONN2]
2934 "Air Hammer, I want a divorce." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2935 "Yess, we're save stating the fuck out of this. Anyone who doesn't like it can stick a cactus up their ass." [Rockman 2 ONN]
2936 "Oh my god. So Tight!" [Rockman 2 ONN]
2937 "I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!" [Mega Man 2 ONN]
2938 "I know. I would die too if I had to look at my junk" [Mega Man 2 ONN]

2939 "I have in fact peed. My pants are wet." [Quint's Revenge]
2940 "I guess since Lady's not here yet, Air Hammer is the Dorkette." [Quint's Revenge]
2941 *Whispering* "I am whispering into your ears....." [Quint's Revenge]
2942 "Did I get booby gropage?" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2943 "I am not your Weepinbell, Altima. Maybe your porcupine, but not your Weepinbell." [Quint's Revenge]
2944 "The internet is for corn." - GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]

2945 "Vengeful I like you, but not enough for you to give me a lap dance." [Mega Man]
2946 "That's alot of nuts!" [Mega Man]
2947 "I need to convince at least 3 Snupsters to do it with me." [Super Fighting Robot]
2948 "I can get behind that." [Mega Man III]
2949 "I have brains!" [Mega Man III]
2950 "Don't go mourning for Suzy, Suzy is a Bitch!" [Mega Man III]
2951 "Wha- What was I even thinking there, what?!" [Mega Man III]
2953 "I'd rather consume the assholes of a thousand babies." [Mega Man III]
2954 "Altima, would you do it with me?" [Mega Man III]
2955 "Forsaken, would you do it with me?" [Mega Man III]
2956 "Goku and Sonic just showed up out of nowhere" -Daiszx [Terraria]

2957 "Welcome to the Stream, Shitface!" [Hard Hat: The Rebellion]
2958 "Fuck horses! And ponies too!" [Hard Hat: The Rebellion]
2959 "Nice fucking jumps Met! Nice FUCKING JUMPS!" [Hard Hat: The Rebellion]
2960 "Hardy har har har, funny funny, joke joke, silly silly." [Hard Hat: The Rebellion]

2961 *lost 13sec on boss rush* "What am I doing? I am...I'm throwing this away. RIP my entire fucking run. Fucking christ goddamn all of it was thrown away in fucking boss rush in the shittiest fucking boss rush known to man. HOLY FUCKING FUCK!! That was bad. Uhhhhhhh... That was atrocious....nauseatingly bad." *a minute later* "Generally infuriating....I hate you Taso." [Quint's Revenge]
2962 "Blllllblpblpblpblpblp!" [Quint's Revenge]
2963 "I don't want Altima anywhere near my dick and I don't want to play Mega Pony!" [Quint's Revenge]
2964 "Hey guys. Did you know that in Dr Wily's Revenge, also known as Rockman World, you can bite your finger off like a carrot? - Greatwighthope" [Quint's Revenge]
2965 "Hey Lady, have you ever considered being good?" -GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]
2966 "Goddammit GreatWight put your headset on!" [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2967 "Now you don't choose the one you wanna fuck!" [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2968 "The whole time as you're making sweet love to Bass, he's going "What?!?! What?!?!"" [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2969 "No Clefairy, stop slapping me please!" [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2970 "I am not Altima's sex toy, for the record." [Pokémon Revolution Online]

2971 "I hate my life!" [Hard Hat: The Rebellion]
2972 "Fuck Mark." [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2973 "What did I tell you about talking?" - Mojoric "BARFK BARFK!" - Altima [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2974 "Put Luigi in your butt, I don't care." [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2975 "Time to get naked, guys!" [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2976 "Oh god, somehow I took my clothes off!" - AltimaMantoid [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2977 "How would you rate the S.S.Anne as a butt plug?" - Mojoric "Quite filling!" - Altima [Pokémon Revolution Online]
2978 "I am a pretty awful streamer." -RedTrollinhowser [Pokémon Revolution Online]

2979 "I don't wanna kiss a pirahna!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace]

2980 "Not my internet balls! Those are precious to me!" [Quint's Revenge]
2981 "Thaaaat's racist!" - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
2982 "No I don't want the pogo stick mommy." [Quint's Revenge]
2983 GreatWightHope: "I just got gold Wood." Mojo: "That sounds like the most expensive and frivolous of dildos." [Quint's Revenge]
2984 "A 'wipe your ass with a controller before every stage run' is an any% run." [Quint's Revenge]
2985 "Oh my god that duck has a flexing arm coming out of it's ass." [Quint's Revenge]
2986 "Shut up Tango, shut up Tango, shut up Tango, shut up Tango, shut up Tango!" [Quint's Revenge]
2987 *telling all the death lasers in Top Man's stage on Quint's Revenge to "Shut up, Tango" every time one is heard* [Quint's Revenge]
2988 "Don't get hit by the cocks!" [Quint's Revenge]
2989 "Never miss a beat, never miss a beat." [Quint's Revenge]

2990 "Get on your ass! Sit down, be lazy, play some Quint's Revenge!" [Dr. Wily's Revenge]
2991 *Gets hit* "Blader pls" *Gets hit again* "Blader pls *Gets hit yet again* My own retardedness pls" [Dr. Wily's Revenge]
2992 " I REGRET NOTHING!" *dies to spikes* "I Regret That!" [Mega Man V]
2993 *Nearly Dead* "No more fucking around!" *Dies* "I fucked around" [Mega Man V]
2994 "I haven't read any Harry Potter fanfiction in ages. Whisper it to me." [Mega Man V]
2995 "What? What!?! WHAT!?! ... I died." [Mega Man V]
2996 "I hate seagulls. Also I am dead." [Mega Man V]
2997 "How do? How do?! HOW DO!?" [Mega Man 4]
2998 "I'M A GENIUS!" [Mega Man 4]

2999 "What's that, you're a tranvestite? Don't care!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace]
3000 "You saw it, I exploded into grass!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace]
3001 "My follower alert went off? FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!" [Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace]

3002 "If you guys think I'm racing this you're full of fucking shit!" [Quint's Revenge Buster Only]
3003 "I hate you Lady. I hate you Greatwight. I hate you Air Hammer. I hate you...everyone. If you exist, I hate you." [Quint's Revenge Buster Only]
3004 "If I said it and you understood it, then it's a word. But if I said 'shmargulnarfle'..." [Quint's Revenge Buster Only]
3005 "Balls first." [Quint's Revenge]
3006 "GreatWightHope is losing to us again, all is right in the world." [Quint's Revenge]
3007 "Since when did someone have two 27-inch dicks?" [Quint's Revenge]

3008 "All right, this is the one where we're going to win. Or at least make it farther than we've ever... nope, never mind." [Green Biker Dude]
3009 "And on the 7th game.....some joke about X7, I'm lazy." [Green Biker Dude]
3010 "WHAT AM I RIDING FOOOOR!!!" [Green Biker Dude]
3011 "We are Tits McGee, the transgender anime character who dreams of tentacles." [Stardew Valley]
3012 "I kinda like Dick Spurt." [Stardew Valley]

3013 "Gettin' hard for Candybars" [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3014 "This music fills me with irritation." [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3015 "WHAT AM I DRINKING FOOOOOOOOOOOR?" [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3016 "Crack. Crack. Crack's what I was looking for." [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3017 "The game designer is a fucking DICK and hates fun!" [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3018 "I'm disappointed in how stupid I am". [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3019 "This is Dick Move: The game!" [Rockman 3 Stalker Attack]
3020 "Fear me ostrich, for I have four tiny leaves to block all your damage." [Quint's Revenge]
3021 "Have we had this conversation before?" - Mojoric "Probably" - GreatWightHope[Quint's Revenge]
3022 "If you can't stand the heat... Get out of the Lady!" - GWH [Quint's Revenge]


3023 "Get equipped with Needle Dick!" [Mega Man]
3024 "I'm not saying anything about Lady fucking hard, OK?" [Mega Man]
3025 Quackin- "I used to like sticking a finger up my bum" [Quint's Revenge]

3026 "Cloudmonkey is a dirty liar." [Mega Man 4]
3027 "I hope you don't get fired. There's too much potential pee jokes from your current job. Also, that would suck." [Mega Man 4]
3028 "Onwards to suicide! *gets 1UP* NOOOOO!" [Super Fighting Robot]

3029 Altima- "My love shall spread like hot butter" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3030 "I TOLD YOU NOT TO WALK OFF THE PATH!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3031 "Yes, Lady, me and Mojo are literally on top of each other!" -AltimaMantoid [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3032 "Shut up, tango! What a putrid Mess!" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3033 "My love shall spread like butter" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3034 "Hello Black Altima!" - Altimamantoid [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3035 "Alright, time for spiral titties." [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3036 "Jeez, how much life do you have, Spiral Titties?" [Mega Man Sprite Game]
3037 "Nononononononono *Explodes* - Quackin" [Move or Die]

3038 "Blah Blah Blah Friendship is Magic Bullshit." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar]
3039 "Don't judge me Picard, don't judge my facecam. I'm not wearing any make-up today." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar]
3040 "God, guys, why does everyone insist on commenting on my face cam? I just didn't put on make-up guys." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gergar]

3041 "That is not an anti-bee pattern... That is a get wrecked by bees to the face pattern." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar]
3042 "I have the power of the rainbow!" [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar]

3043 *insane laughing* *giggling* "Life... Aura" *more laughing and giggling* "My god....." [Mega Man Battle Network 6 Gregar]
3044 "Cock grew to level 7." [Pokémon Volt White 2]
3045 "The cock was unaffected." [Pokémon Volt White 2]
3046 "I think I'm attached to Wang now." [Pokémon Volt White 2]
3047 "GOOOOOO COCK!" [Pokémon Volt White 2]

3048 "Oh my god! He's beautiful! He's fucking beautiful!" [Commander Keen Robot Invasion]
3049 "Are you weak to Sperm Beam?" [Commander Keen Robot Invasion]
3050 "Oh shit, it's a Hot Dog. What are we gonna do? Throw Sperm at it." [Commander Keen Robot Invasion]
3051 "You're a Hot Dog Dragon." [Commander Keen Robot Invasion]
3052 "Sperm in the eyes. No one likes sperm in the eyes, nope." [Commander Keen Robot Invasion]

3053 "All of us need to fill Lady's scrubby position today." [Quint's Revenge]
3054 "I wasn't talking to you two fucking fucknuts!" [Quint's Revenge]
3055 "Quack...." - Quackin [Quint's Revenge]
3056 "I like dick cream better" - Quackin [Quint's Revenge]
3057 "You know what? I think diarrhea is the antithesis of sprinkles." [Quint's Revenge]
3058 "What!?! If you put diarrhea in your chocolate, you wouldn't notice it!?!" [Quint's Revenge]
3059 "Chronicle all our diarrhea talk, please!" - VengefulNemesis [Quint's Revenge]
3060 " Come for the Quint; stay for the moist pubes!" [Quint's Revenge]
3061 "I love pubes!" - Quackin [Quint's Revenge]
3062 "Penguins, walruses, same fucking thing!" [Quint's Revenge]

3063 "Long story short: kind of a dick" -Mojo on Impliedkappa [Mega Man IV]
3064 "Quint, I'm sorry! You had to use your pogo stick. If you hadn't shown up on your pogo stick I would've let you survive, but you showed up on it and you're an embarrassment. Stupid fucking pogo stick. No one likes the pogo stick." [Mega Man IV]

3065 "Tonight on Snupsters our challenge is to put the controller up our ass and play buster only with only our sphincter muscles." [Mega Man 4]
3066 "All I heard was Taso flavored dick spins." [Mega Man 4]
3067 "When I grow up, I wanna be a Quackin!" [Mega Man 4]
3068 "No one else can fill your spot, ImpliedKappa." [Mega Man 4]

3069 "Oh my God, I'm CONSTIPATEEEEEEED!" [Mega Man Star Force Pegasus]
3070 "If there's any one thing in this world I can count on, it's Kappa" [Mega Man Star Force Pegasus]
3071 "Fucking Bitchy McBitcherson here." [Mega Man Star Force]
3072 "The developer asked me to say this out loud!" [Move or Die]
3073 "Nonononononono *Explodes*" [Move or Die]
3074 "You killed us both you bastard!" [Move or Die]
3075 "whoever keeps picking random things is -- SHIT!" - Release_The_Quackin_Matey [Move or Die]

3076 "Doesn't everyone play with themselves three times daily?" [Mega Man 3D]
3077 "Oh wow!" *rocket booster noises* [Mega Man 3D]
3078 "This is a good segue into Metroidvania Mania." [Mega Man 3D Fangame]
3079 "I'm destroying some of his tentacles, or appendages..." [Mega Man 3D Fangame]
3080 "Did he just teleport everyone by touching his crotch?" - DaisZX [Toon Tuesday]
3081 "So he got struck by lightning to become almost naked and steal someone's armor? Okay just making it clear." [Toon Tuesday]
3082 "Totally not phallic." - Air_Hammer [Toon Tuesday]

3083 "DON'T GET TOUCHED! I got touched." [Mega Man]
3084 "I got touched in my secret place." [Mega Man]
3085 "Donkey keep your dung away from my video games." [Mega Man]
3086 "ASS BERRY" - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man]
3087 "And this is the part where I'd awkwardly piss in a bottle... if I had one." [Mega Man]
3088 "Mojo can you unban me?" -GreatWightHope "No." - Mojoric [Mega Man]
3089 "Please don't rip my balls. They don't get much use right now, but I like them." [Mega Man]
3090 "Picards Against Humanity." [Cards Against Humanity]
3091 "It's between 'queefing' and 'being a terrible mother.'" - Lady_Smaell [Cards Against Humanity]
3092 "But... the pornography. *longingly*" [Cards Against Humanity]

3093 "Brain, why you no function like a normal person?" [Mega Man 3D]
3094 "Thank you spikes!" [Mega Man 3D]
3095 "How do I get off?" [Mega Man 3D 2]
3096 "Look, it's actually Heat Man this time, or should I call you Flame Man...HI LAVA!" [Mega Man 3D 2]
3097 "I do a lot of things for you guys.... however I'm not willing to shit myself!" [Mega Man 3D 2]

3098 "That death is on Nico. Death #45242, that one." [Revenge of the Fallen Abridged]

3099 "Remember this night when I showed my true stupidity. None of the others, just this night." *Mega Man Nightly #464 [Rokko Chan]
3100 "I threaded the needle! I'm like Taso right now... sewing!" [Mega Man Zero]

3101 "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah". [Mega Man X7]
3102 "Oh. God. Please. Will you shut up!" [Mega Man X7]
3103 " *In regards to Tornado Tunion* UUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Why is this a thing?" [Mega Man X7]
3104 "I hate you. I hate you. I legitimately hate you." [Mega Man X7]
3105 " You think mirror shield reflects ejaulated fire? That shit only reflects light." - DaisZX [Superfight]
3106 "My weakness is dildos!" - Tasoittaja [Superfight]

3107 "How come you have so much life, fat fuck?" [Mega Man X7]
3108 "Fuck you Chuck and Paul, you're worthless." [Mega Man X7]
3109 [To Alia after "CAN YOU HEAR ME, ZERO?" eight thousand times in 4 seconds] "What do you want you stupid whore?" [Mega Man X7]
3110 "That Reploid's name is Beat. Beat sure looks different." [Mega Man X7]

3111 "Thank you, Air_Hammer; you took away money from charity." [Quint's Revenge]
3112 "You're NOT sucking off my boyfriend. Fuck OFF." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
3113 "It's cool. When I see tits, I wanna break out some ketchup." [Quint's Revenge]
3114 "Do you think Lady likes peanut butter on her tits?" [Quint's Revenge]

3115 "I just wanna touch Polar Bears and their junk and then blow up! is that so much to ask for?" [Mega Man ZX]

3116 "Ook ook your spirit is fart. Haha thats great" [Mega Man ZX]

3117 "The fear of the spikes is killing me more than the spikes!" [Mega Man II]
3118 "Chat... not even once!" [Mega Man II]
3119 "I totally did that legit, on purpose. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!" [Mega Man II]
3120 "What's the world come to? A man can't even get up to get some yogurt without dying." [Mega Man III]
3121 "Give me my arm back you asshole!" [Mega Man V]
3122 " I don't know why I went to Lonley Frisby Man." [Mega Man V]

3123 "2 hours and 10 minutes. That's 2 hours and 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back." [AVGN vs. Dr. Wily]
3124 "Hey, man. Want to watch me suck balls?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3125 "Nah im just concentrating, it's a hard game. I don't want to that!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3126 *dies* "Hi there dude! Nice to meet you. That was my face." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3127 "Shut up, Dogmobile." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3128 "I choose megaman six slide physics, because I'm an asshole." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3129 "No, he wants the dirty buttplug, he wants it." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3130 "I mean, Inafune could say that Mega Man spends the rest of his days licking assholes." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3131 "I have the right to fucking...." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3132 "I caused a disastrous chain reaction and lasered myself in the face, if not helpful, it was at least amusing" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3133 "I like to think of him as Those-Green-Boxes-From-Crash-Bandicoot-But-Orange-Man, but that's a mouthful so Trinitro works" [Mega Man Unlimited]

3134 *gets extra life* "What is this MegaMan: Unlimited 5?" *gets another* "What the fuck!?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3135 "I have no brain power!" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3136 "I beat Lady." [Mega Man Unlimited]
3137 "RUSH! Why you have to kill me?" [Mega Man Unlimited]
3138 "DAMN YOU MEGAPHIL!" [Mega Man Unlimited]

3139 "I think I'd rather lick the asshole of every living thing on the planet before I play this again." [Minus Infinity]
3140 [Rush Search sends a big health into a pit] "Okay Rush that was kind of impolite and mean." [Minus Infinity]
3141 "You got me on this one Beat? *bounce* How about this one? *bounce* And this one? *dies* Beat, you just murdered me! How do you feel about being a cold blooded robot murderer? Is that how you get your kicks?" [Minus Infinity]
3142 "I'm sorry to tell you Starsims, but someone beat you to Yoku Ladders" [Minus Infinity]
3143 "RIP Spark Chaser." [Minus Infinity]
3144 "Power Rangers protecting the fried chicken." [Super Mario World]

3145 "Please don't fuck my nose. It'd be painful for me, and awkward for you." [Quint's Revenge]
3146 "IIIIII am Lady SMAEEEEELL, and IIIII have the biggest dick!" - GreatWightHope [Quint's Revenge]
3147 "Vengeful just turned into Tim Allen." - Lady_Smaell [Quint's Revenge]
3148 "Keep your fist away from my wiggling worm." [Quint's Revenge]
3149 "I have never taken a piss and thought of ImpliedKappa, but to be honest, now I probably will!" [Quint's Revenge]
3150 "You vant to suck my dong?" - Lady_Dracula [Quint's Revenge]
3151 "We had 6 people in here but Lady is a chump, Vengeful needed sleep, Quackin had to work, and Enigma is Irish." [Quint's Revenge]
3152 "I do know a way to wake up the pig. It's a very British way." - GWH [Quint's Revenge]

3153 "My favorite Mega Man game is Shit." [Mega Man & Bass]
3154 "It's rare follower alert man." [Mega Man & Bass]
3155 "I'm not going to be paying attention to chat. I'm going to be Captain Bad-Streamer and you all are going to have to forgive me." [Mega Man & Bass]
3156 "Yeah, e-tanks! That's some potent shit!" [Mega Man & Bass]
3157 "I e-tanked my way through a game with no e-tanks!" [Mega Man & Bass]
3158 "Fucking jump, you stupid bitch!" [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
3159 "Creepy crab chemical reaction!" [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
3160 "Dunked a little girl in the hole. Two points!" [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
3161 "I can fist Shade." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
3162 "Hi Pit-Hopper! My name's Roll! You killed me! That's not nice..." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]
3163 "Did Somebody just tag 'Every other Asshat in Mojo's chat'? ... Oh its just lady's original tweet." [Rockman 7 Famicom: Roll]

3164 "Scene missing... great!" [Rockman 2 NETA]
3165 "I'm not commenting on Doomie's sexual goat woman." [Tabletop Simulator]
3166 "I'm not sure Enigma knows how to count to 15." [Tabletop Simulator]
3167 "Get your dick out of your butt. But I applaud your flexibility and length." [Tabletop Simulator]
3168 "Listen to the drunk" [Tabletop Simulator]
3169 "I also like that the back of the cards are pussies." -Quackin [Tabletop Simulator]
3170 "I'm coming on your ass" [Tabletop Simulator]

3171 "Stop scripting, Altima!" [Mega Man X2]
3172 "Nah, the sun is lukewarm at most." [Mega Man X2]
3173 "Fuckin BRUUUUUUU... KU-KAW!" [Mega Man X3]
3174 "Spikes, my best friend." [Mega Man X3]
3175 "That was a good splooge man." - DaisZX [Tabletop Simulator]

3176 "You're not j-whatever-the-fuck-that-is, you're Candybars!" [Square Root of Negative One]
3177 "MILK! SAVE THE DAY!...........Milk sucks..." [Square Root of Negative One]
3178 "The British like skull-fucking pigs, not antelope!" [Square Root of Negative One]
3179 *Sings* "Boobeam is, lactose intolerant.." [Square Root of Negative One]
3180 "Remember that time when I could hit the enemy? Neither do I." [Square Root of Negative One]

3181 "Activate this key before Ule does." [The Walking Dead]
3182 "God dammit, Quackin!" [The Walking Dead]
3183 "Doug. You don't even have colored text. Doug is so dead." [The Walking Dead]
3184 "Oh god, the piss hosts!" [The Walking Dead]
3185 "It's like how my dad always put it. 'The extra N is just a waste of ink.'" [The Walking Dead]
3186 "It was like, POW POW POW! And Super Dinosaur was toast! But then... he WASN'T!" [The Walking Dead]
3187 "I really am a bad parent." [The Walking Dead]
3188 "RIP Chuck, RIP Chuck and his Hobo wisdom" [The Walking Dead]
3189 "Just don't cut off his leg and eat it. Please?" [The Walking Dead]
3190 I don't give a fuck if their Make-A-Wish was a fucking boat ride. [The Walking Dead]

3191 "I Think I'd rather almost play Star Man Upgraded at this point" [Rockman & Forte 2]
3192 "That was my death. That was me falling to my death." [Rockman & Forte 2]
3193 "Maybe... and maybe this is a stupid idea -- *Tango meows* -- Shut up, Tango." [Rockman & Forte 2]
3194 "It's like saying debris is the liquid form of wall." [Rockman & Forte 2]

3195 "Quackin's actually a cat? Strangest duck I've ever seen." [Mega Man 10]
3196 "Bwoot, bwoot, bwoot, bwoot." [Mega Man 10]
3197 "Shit! You're a necrophiliac sheep fucker? That's even worse." [Mega Man 9]
3198 "This is the four hundred and eighty oneth.... oneth..." [Mega Man 9]
3199 "That wasn't an elephant; that was just a very squeaky fart." [Mega Man 9]
3200 "I can't say incredibly stupid things ALL the time!" [Mega Man 9]
3201 "I don't really consider the devil that bad anymore." [Mega Man 9]
3202 "We can do it. We can put Wily in the White House this year." [Mega Man 8]
3203 "I was riding a fucking dog turned into a motorcycle on top of a train! How badass was that? Pretty fucking badass. Bet none of you have done that." [Mega Man 8]
3204 "Shut up Dogmobile." [Mega Man 8]
3205 "Now time for other follow alert..." *AstroMan Follow Alert goes off* "Thanks for the follow and thanks for hanging out Radar_Detector, that was amazing, that was probably the most relevant follow alert ever" [Mega Man 8]
3206 "What part about not sucking don't I understand?" [Mega Man 7]
3207 "*Tiny elephant noises*" [Mega Man 6]
3208 "God damn! Fisting Shadow Man! That's a bunch of bullshit!" [Mega Man 3]
3209 "You need to remember the hedgehogs go down with one Gemini Laser." - Air_Hammer "You need to remember to shut the fuck up." - Mojoric [Mega Man 3]
3210 "I just realized I did that entire thing without commentary because..." -munch munch, gulp- "... I was eating chips." [Mega Man 2]
3211 "Dongs wiould be in there probably!" ~ Lady [Mega Man 2]
3212 "Lady said, 'Some guy's playing every Mega Man game,' and I said, 'At once?'" - BagelThief [Mega Man 2]
3213 "If I was a girl..." - Lady_Smaell [Mega Man 2]
3214 "The man! The legend! The suckage!" [Mega Man]
3215 "I haven't had crack in a long time." [Mega Man]
3216 "I... frickin... got 'em." [Mega Man]

3217 "Which tit deos he have left, the left or the right tit?" [Final Fantasy X]
3218 "His one pant leg being shorter or missing, it's in memory of his other tit." [Final Fantasy X]
3219 "LADY THAT'S BEASTIALITY!" [Final Fantasy X]
3220 "Ooga Booga, tiny dick." [Final Fantasy X]
3221 "She will DEFINITELY see that money. We're not going to spend it on hookers at all.' [Final Fantasy X]
3222 "Uno, Dos, Tres, I'm too lazy to count now. Four?" [Final Fantasy X]
3223 "I sure like my breasts fresh!" [Final Fantasy X]

3224 "We're just standing here chit-chatting over Auron's corpse." [Final Fantasy X]
3225 "So maybe THAT'S why people don't like Kimahri? One of his friends dies and one of them falls asleep and he just runs away." [Final Fantasy X]
3226 "Hit Wakka, hit Wakka *Boss hits Wakka* SWEEEET!" [Final Fantasy X]

3227 "Hi lightning bolt, nice to meet you." [Final Fantasy X]
3228 "Hurt me bad! Hurt me bad! Hurt me bad Altima! Altima?" [Final Fantasy X]

3229 "Fuck you, douchey, punchy, Fuck McFuckit." [Final Fantasy X]
3230 "I'm no Doctor, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have an asshole on your chest." [Final Fantasy X]
3231 "I can't stop hearing an annoying cunt!" [Final Fantasy X]
3232 "I'm annoying, huh?" [Final Fantasy X]
3233 "Stop touching me, kinky dog collar man." [Final Fantasy X]
3234 "You've won the wrastle!" [Final Fantasy X]

3235 "Yuna *is* a better black mage than Yuna!" [Final Fantasy X]
3236 "3234 quotes showcasing my stupidity wasn't enough, I needed an extra 1." [Final Fantasy X]
3237 "One moment, I have a random cat in my house." [Final Fantasy X]
3238 "Here we go attempt number one! *Takes three steps and runs into a random encounter." [Final Fantasy X]

3239 "You are not giant birds." [Final Fantasy X]
3240 " That do dodo dodo do do dooooooo, do dodo dodo do do doooooo is starting to get annoying." [Final Fantasy X]
3241 "This next battle is going to be a bird and I'm going to kill it and it's going to say your capture limit has been reached and it's going to be aweso- no." [Final Fantasy X]

3242 "GreatWight, I demand you eat, choke on, and die, on a dick." [Final Fantasy X]
3243 "I won't boo boop boo boo boo." [Final Fantasy X]
3244 "I just realised these chicks are playing Pokemon with the dreams of dead men, it's a bit fucked up isn't it?." [Final Fantasy X]

3245 "Is pie a whore?" [Final Fantasy X]
3246 "Sometimes you just gotta sit there and hump the wall." [Final Fantasy X]
3247 "Are you this kid's dad? *shortly later* Are you this kid's dad? Are you this kid's dad? Are you this kid's dad?" [Final Fantasy X]
3248 "Fuckin' son of a mother fucking fuck fuck." [Final Fantasy X]
3249 "I must reward myself with a pinch of Dorito crumbs." [Final Fantasy X]
3250 "Mmmm, more Dorito crumbs." [Final Fantasy X]
3251 "Fucking son of a fucking f-- ... mmmM!" [Final Fantasy X]
3252 "12 is kinda like 200! They both have a 2 in the number!" [Final Fantasy X]
3253 "There's totally a dong here." [Final Fantasy X]
3254 "The goal is to get hit by 200 lightning bolts in a row, right?" [Final Fantasy X]
3255 "Doesn't matter because I'm a fucking retard! Goddamn mother fucking sonofafucking bitch!" [Final Fantasy X]
3256 "I should not be allowed to talk." [Final Fantasy X]
3257 "I wanna be on the dong." [Final Fantasy X]
3258 "Fuck you game! Eat a giant bird shaped dick!" [Final Fantasy X]
3259 "That magical space behind a chocobos ass which makes it flinch. I'm glad my ass has no such space." [Final Fantasy X]
3260 "Take that Turbo Ether and shove it up your ass." [Final Fantasy X]
3261 "I didn't think I'd say this, but I miss Thunder Plains music." [Final Fantasy X]
3262 "Not all tits are birds!" [Final Fantasy X]
3263 "I thought these birds would be on team chocobo, they're both feathered.....creatures?" [Final Fantasy X]

3264 "After the last few weeks... Tornado Tonion, Donald Trump, and Wakka, are all intrinsically linked in my mind." [Final Fantasy X]
3265 "Blyah sneeze sneeze sneeze blyah" [Final Fantasy X]
3266 "I didn't get into weird goalie humping position fast enough!" [Final Fantasy X]

3267 "The Al-Bhed bombed Titus becuase they were looking for Rikku's.....magic....fucking.....didlo." [Final Fantasy X]
3268 "You should know, my mother is a hippopotamus." [Final Fantasy X]
3269 "Hey Wakka do me a favor and... attack Auron. -Wakka attacks Auron.- Thank you." [Final Fantasy X]
3270 "I'm out of wasabi peanuts." [Pokémon Volt White 2]

3271 "I suck at everything." [Move or Die]
3272 "I'm being gangbanged by Twitch and Satan!" - Quackin [Move or Die]
3273 "Contrary to popular belief, the yellow character does not taste like lemon." [Move or Die]

3274 "Who ever thought ambushing Malboro's that can instantly spell your doom was a good idea needs to be kicked in the nuts, over and over and over again, over and over and over again" [Final Fantasy X]
3275 "Who the hell punches sliced cheese?" [Final Fantasy X]
3276 "We're counting arrrrr shut up." [Final Fantasy X]

3277 "Baby time!" [The Walking Dead: Season 2]

3278 "L2, not R2, failing right out of the gate, I should learn to read instructions" [Grand Theft Auto V]
3279 "Mistakes were made, but you know, we survived" [Grand Theft Auto V]

3280 "I have a small attention span SMAAAAASSSHHHH" [Grand Theft Auto V]
3281 *Gets run over* "Yeah, you just signed your death warrant buddy" *Pulls out pistol and misses a few times* "Ok I guess not" [Grand Theft Auto V]
3282 "The answer is not very well, nope, I'm done, I don't want to do this." [Grand Theft Auto V]

3283 "Butt lovers!" [Grand Theft Auto V]
3284 "This mission sucks all the balls! Like, every fucking testicle in this universe: this mission is sucking it!" [Grand Theft Auto V]
3285 "Goddammit, there's not even any hostages to take." [Grand Theft Auto V]
3286 "I didn't even want the bus, there were no hostages. We'll wake up in the hospital and it will all have been just a bad dream." [Grand Theft Auto V]

3287 "Let's see how offroad this thing is. Works pretty nicely. Hm- OH GOD OH GOD!" [Grand Theft Auto V]

3288 "I can make it fit." [Grand Theft Auto V]
3289 "Fifteen Japan." [Grand Theft Auto V]
3290 "Watch out for that cactus." - GOGZero [Grand Theft Auto V]
3291 "I was practically on top of you, any closer and i'd be up your ass." [Grand Theft Auto V]
3292 "I hate when I poop myself." - Quackin [Grand Theft Auto V]
3293 "I'm not your mom!" [Grand Theft Auto V]

3294 "I! Am so! Terrible!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3295 "KA-BLOOM!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3296 "Don't touch the meatsack, they don't like it!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]

3297 "stupid fuckin' cackgoblin.....SONOFABITCH!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3298 "Oh god.... I think I blew up my pet." [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3299 "They're aimbot using sons of dickholes. They're way better than Stormtroopers, they can actually hit me." [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3300 "I don't understand the timing on deactivating this damn mine. I push it when the red light goes off and the green light is about to turn on, to try to preemptively do it, I blow up. I push it while the green light is actually on, Abe takes too long to put his hand up there, he fucking blows up. If I fucking look at it, I blow up. If I fucking exist, anywhere within a little couple of feet of it, I blow up. If I fucking think about it, I blow up." [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3301 "Is this death?" *falls down pit and dies* [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3302 "I don't understand the timing on deactivating this damn mine. I push it when the red light's off and the green light's about to turn on, I blow up. I push it while the green light is on, Abe takes too long to put his hand up there, he fucking blows up. If I fucking look at it, I blow up. If I fucking exist, anywhere in a couple of feet of it, I blow up. If I fucking think about it, I blow up." [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3303 "Let me in, LET ME IN, LETMEIN!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3304 "Impatient douchebag gets himself killed... Today in Oddworld news!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3305 "I am King Asshole! I need to learn to wait!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3306 "1...2...3...*BOOM*. 1, 2, 3, Explosion!" [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]
3307 "If Oddworld had never been created there wouldn't be global warming.... If Oddworld hadn't been created there would be no hunger, there'd be no murder, there'd be no rapes... It's all Oddworld's fault." [Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty!]

3308 "I'd rather play a Zelda CD-i. I'd rather play Mega Man DOS. I think they're better games." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3309 "I'm fully aware that I'm a moron" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3310 "You want an extra life in real life? You wanna live again?!? You just gotta lick the asshole of every single person in New York. You don't have to just lick their assholes, you have to lick their assholes 30 seconds after they last took a shit." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3311 "Must. Resist. Urge. To. Fucking. Throw. Controller. Through. Monitor!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3312 "Spikey fucking whatchamafuckits!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3313 "This is legitimately one of the most unfulfiling games I have ever played... and I've played X7 [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3314 "God dammit why did I have to be born? Son of a fucking bitch!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]

3315 "It wasn't as bad as fucking your parents" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3316 "I'd rather watch Rob Schneider and adam Sandler 69 than play this game" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3317 "I don't give a fuck anymore! You can keep your MacGuffin!" [Sonic The Hedgehog]
3318 "The viewers are my cat." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3319 *sing song voice* "I killed a douche-bag!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3320 "I am very cow-like. I mean, I'm pretty fat... I don't give out milk, but I'm pretty fat." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3321 "Get up the hill, you fucking blue idiot! GET UP THERE!" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3322 "summon a bitch" [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3323 "Shut up Taso, you're an idiot." [Sonic the Hedgehog]
3324 I'm glad I'm dead [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]

3325 "Fuck off mantis" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3326 "This is Boobeam Trap of Sonic 2." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3327 "Oh man, I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten in 15 minutes guys." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3328 "Sonic: Don't go fast. That's the rule of the game." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3329 "The title of this stream should be: 'Fuck Sonic! Let's be orange!'" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3330 "Welcome to Super Bullshit Land! A land full of bullshit mantises, starfish, and crabs!" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3331 "This is the bluest game ever! Everything is fucking blue!" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3332 "You're not even a proper fox, you're a mutant." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3333 "Hello viewers, I'm Impatient Douchebag!" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3334 "...nuts in asshole. firmly planted." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3335 "Foxes aren't real people" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3336 "COINS! COINS! They're fuckin' rupees" [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]
3337 "Orange Sonic, spin your tails! Don't let yourself die! ....oh, Blue Sonic saved you." [Sonic the Hedgehog 2]

3338 "Just gotta get not touched..." *gets hit by spike* "YAY!!!" [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3339 "Altima may not be a doctor, but he sure does specialize in penis." [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3340 "Oh my god, is it Big Pets? Is this Big Pets? It's not Big Pets but I thought it was Big Pets for a moment." [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3341 "Someday I'll learn my lesson." [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3342 "I'm Red Sonic, I do whatever the fuck I want." [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3343 "I didn't get a single ring back? That thing was basically inside of me" [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]
3344 *glitches Knuckles into a wall* "Welcome to my new house!" [Sonic the Hedgehog 3]

3345 "I'd rather eat my own testicles..." [Sonic & Knuckles]

3346 "I found my first thing then got killed by every fucking thing in existence." [Metroid]
3347 "What did I learn? Fuck the Right Path!" [Metroid]
3348 "I don't have to kill you, but I'm going to chase you down and kill you because you're a dick." [Metroid]
3349 "If I play Dick Tracy, his gun will be a buster. Don't judge me." [Metroid]
3350 "You don't wanna drink anything that came from me." [Metroid]
3351 *grumbles* "This better be fucking worth it." *E-Tank At The End* "Ok, I say that's worth it." [Metroid]

3352 "I don't know where the fuck I am." [Metroid]
3353 "Why can't Metroid crawl?" [Metroid]
3354 "I don't stab anyone anymore!" [Metroid]
3355 "Oh, woops. That's a hole." [Castlevania]

3356 *speedily mocking the Castlevania death tune* [Castlevania]
3357 "Don't ever look at chat. I understand now, duh. Why couldn't I think of that?" [Castlevania]
3358 "Quackin.....Asshole isn't your summon word, it's nipples. Get your own lore right." [Castlevania]
3359 "There are some things that are just common sense. Lighting your balls on fire: not a good thing to do." [Castlevania]
3360 "Why do I even have a jump button there? Why not just have a big, flashing button that says 'Hey, your jump button doesn't work'!" [Castlevania]
3361 "Yayyyy! That super valuable thing fell through me instead of letting me collect it! Super awesome! YAYYYY!! DansGame " [Castlevania]
3362 "Do I have a brain? What are brains? Something I don't have." [Castlevania]
3363 "I am the dumbest of butts! I know butts are dumb, but I am on another level of stupidity." [Castlevania]
3364 *Inarticulate yammering of hatred.* [Castlevania]
3365 "You just enlightened me, GreatWhiteHope." [Castlevania]
3366 *Lengthy tirade of anger.* [Castlevania]

3367 "I am Cole Phelps, bullet sponge!" [L.A. Noire]
3368 "Hey thanks for the air, Host." [L.A. Noire]

3369 "Instead of being funny and hilarious and having Bill Murray, it'll be sad and pathetic and have only me." [Castlevania]
3370 "I did not try to stick holy water up my ass. I forgot that." [Castlevania]
3371 "Hey PBR, thank you for the host and welcome to my own fucking hell" [Castlevania]
3372 "I would probably play Mega Pony" [Castlevania]
3373 "Turn around you stupid doofus!" [Castlevania]
3374 "I didn't want to climb the stairs, I wanted to fall to my death." [Castlevania]
3375 "You fucking dirty ass asshole skeleton." [Castlevania]
3376 "I hope the fucking ending shows fucking Dracula fucking choking to death on a fucking giant cock." [Castlevania]
3377 "GG thats the end of the stream tonight!" [Castlevania]

3378 "I'm Proto Man! I'm a really bad Proto Man!" [Vampire Killer]
3379 "OohhhhhhWAUGH!" [Vampire Killer]
3380 "I take it back! Sonic is not the worst game I've ever streamed! Okay, I'm sorry!" [Vampire Killer]
3381 "I don't know why I play this shit. I'd be better off going outside, doing hard drugs and eating fucking glass than playing this shit." [Vampire Killer]

3382 "This is Flea-Fuck, the level." [Castlevania]
3383 "I guess I'd rather be pissed on than shit on." [Castlevania]
3384 "Can we all agree it's not here?" *key appears* [Castlevania]
3385 "Oh the game wants me to play again? Yeah fuck you game!" [Castlevania]
3386 "Lady is a sub-par Quackin" [Quint's Revenge]
3387 "Did I fuck up Air Man skip? Am I a Greatwighthope? *Is teleported to start of Air Man stage* I'm a Greatwighthope *Sounds defeated*" [Quint's Revenge]

3388 "Let's fuck that." [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3389 "What a horrible night to have a curse." [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3390 "This cursed night needs to be fucking over" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3391 "McDonald's strikes again, man. I feel like I was about to shit myself." [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3392 "Haa Haha, Holy Water I love you!" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3393 "NOT THE MOMMA!" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3394 "Your house doesn't have anything useful to me, it gets burned to the ground!" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3395 "What a horrible night--shut the fuck up." [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3396 "Fuck slow and steady wins the race. Slow and steady gets thrown in pits over and over again." [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3397 "How do you use garlic?" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]
3398 "My feet are reflective!" [Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]

3399 "He has a lot of experience walking with a buttplug in." [Haunted Castle]